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The ancient city of Gujrat is 20th in the list of most populated metropolitan areas in Pakistan. The city of Punjab, lies between two famous rivers of Jhelum and Chenab. Gujrat is known for its traditional handicrafts all over the Country. It is center of Mughal Heritage. Woodworker shops and furniture show rooms are popular about Gujrat. The steel manufacturers in Gujrat are very attractive for visitors. The city of Gujrat has ordinary climate, ordinary in summer as well as winter. Many historical places are in Gujrat like, forts, mosques, castle, buildings and roads. Gujrat Fort, Baouli Well and Akbari Hammam are famous tourist places of Gujrat.


Bhimper Road, Court Road, Faisal Gate, Faisal Town, Fatu Pura, G.T Road, Gharib Pura, Gulshan Colony, Gulshan-e-Rehmat Colony, Jalalpur Road, Jinnah Road, Khawaj Ghan Road, Marghzar Colony, Norpur Sharki, Qamar Sayalvi Road, Ramtalyee Road, Rehman Shaheed Road, Rehmat Colony, Sabowal, Shadman Colony, Shah Jahangir Road and Shaheen Chowk are the residential areas in Gujrat City.

Total Developments in Gujrat: 3