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Balochistan is largest province of Pakistan with more than 43% of total area of Pakistan. The Capital of Balochistan is Quetta which is also the biggest city of Balochistan as well, however with 8 million population of population, Balochistan is smallest province of Pakistan in terms of Population. The Balochistan province is surrounded by Punjab and Sindh towards its East, Afghanistan towards North, while Iran is towards North-West and KPK towards North. Arabian Sea is located on South of Balochistan.
The economy of Balochistan mainly depends on natural resources including Natural Gas, Coal, fisheries and some other precious minerals. The Province has several beautiful places that adds beauty to it and so is a good place for tourism, however as the facilities are not sufficient, so this area is not in much charge as it should be. The famous cities include Quetta, Zhob, Sibi, Khuzdar and Gwadar.
Gawdar is a planned city which will boost up the economy of Pakistan as it offers 365 days of shipping and is a best option for Central Asia Estates and China. The Real Estate status in Balochistan is not very convincing one as people still living in traditional ways, however Quetta and Gwadar are getting development as both cities are counted as some of the main cities of Pakistan. Now the real estate developers are eyeing to provide housing schemes to Balochistan’s residents by offering them proper two planning, so that they can live with all possible living facilities and amenities.
If authorities can utilize the under cast resources of Balochistan, than Pakistan can make heavy profit from the resources of Balochistan, also it will boost up the life style of Balochistan residents. Aghaz-e-Aaqooq Balochistan Package is a step that the Government of Pakistan has taken to upgrade the life style of Balochistan’s people.

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