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Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan is a region that is located towards the North of Pakistan. The area is governed by Self-Governing body controlled by Federal Government of Pakistan. Government of Pakistan has appointed a Governor and a CM to look after the affairs of that region. It is equal to KPK Province in terms of total covered area as it spans over 72000 KM2 of land area. Gilgit Baltistan accounted for 1.8 million of People with lowest population density of 25 KM2. With 9 districts, Gilgit Baltistan now has a stauts of Facto-Province.
Gilgit Baltistan meets Xinjiang autonomous region under the control of China, KPK towards its West, Wakhan Corridor Area towards North, while Azad Kashmir is located on South of Gilgit Baltistan.
The economy of Gilgit Baltistan relies mainly on Traditional Silk Route using which people of China and Pakistan can approach the concerning areas. The Silk Route is manly used for Barter Trade, other sector involve Tourism and agriculture (production of wheat, corn, barley) etc. Gilgit Baltistan has an operational Airport used for private and military usage and is a prime source for moving to other areas of Pakistan in bad weather condition. Some of the famous and known residential areas include Mujahid Colony, Arabshah Colony, Nagar Colony and Nagaral Colony, however there is lack of planned and organized housing community according to modern life style.

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