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DHA Lahore Phase 5 is designed to provide the quality residency to public. The Phase offers a comprehensive life style to its residents by providing all living facilities in same location. Easy approach from all side of city makes the Phase 5 appealing as getting on Lahore Ring Road, one can easily approach any part of Lahore city within a few minutes. The Phase 5 is divided into Sectors and the sectors are and include Sector A of Phase 5, Sector B of Phase 5, Sector D of Phase 5, Sector J of Phase 5, Sector E of Phase 5, Sector L of Phase 5, Sector K of Phase 5, Sector G of Phase 5 etc.


DHA Lahore Phase 5 is located around the Lahore Ring Road and Bedian Road towards east and south side of it. Bedian Road is attached to its eastern side while Lahore Ring Road is attached towards south side of Phase 5. HBFC Society is also located towards the south side of Phase 5. LUMS is located towards its northern side.

DHA Lahore


DHA Lahore Phase 5 offers a modern, secured and complete life style that attracts the public to be a part of it. Like all other Phases of DHA, the Phase 5 also has dedicated resources which include Parks and landscapes for every Sector. The complete infrastructure includes roads, street lights, and availability of all utilities. The commercial area fulfills the needs of residents and it offers all national and international brands. DHA Sports Complex provides the entertaining and healthy activities while parks are also there to provide the space for healthy activities. Lahore Grammar School has also a branch in DHA Phase 5 which is well known for its quality education with extra curricular activities.

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