Plots for sale in Royal Orchard Multan is a great opportunity for every property lover who wants to buy his dream home. Or, is an investor who is looking to invest in the best housing project.

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Royal Orchard Multan

Multan, City of Saints is fastest growing urban center of the country, has launched many developed societies. Royal orchard is one of the Multan’s unique and developed housing society and one of the largest municipal schemes to be built in Multan. This significant housing society provides modern luxurious, peaceful and decent life style.

Royal orchard is an unrivaled housing society with outclass structural planning, design and civic facilities. This housing scheme shows a master piece of modern construction and unique features of international standards. Each home is surrounded with lush greenery that gives a delightful atmosphere.   

Royal orchard Multan is located at the most prominent and ideal location of Multan at main Multan Public Road near Northern Bypass, just 9 minutes drive from Multan International Airport and 2 minutes drive from Boson Road.

The major developments around Royal Orchard Multan are Bahauddin Zakariya University, Pak Arbab Fertilizer, Women University, Multan Public School, Wapda Town Multan, and Model Town Multan.

Royal Orchard Multan Plots

There are different types of plots in Royal orchard with specific size aspect. All plots are arranged according to block pattern. The details of all plots are given below:

  • Block A

  • Block B

  • Block C

  • Block E

  • Block F

  • Block G

  • Block H

Royal Orchard Multan Plots Size

Both commercial and residential plots are available in Royal Orchard Multan. Each block has specific number of commercial and residential plots. In the front face of the each block there is location for commercial then residential plots starts. But there are wide roads in front of each residential plot like commercial plots. Sizes of plots details are as follows:

  • 2-kanal (residential)

  • 1-kanal (residential)

  • 12-marla (residential)

  • 10-marla (residential)

  • 8-marla (residential)

  • 5-marla(residential)

Block A

Dear reader I am going to show a picture of residential and commercial plots in of Block A. There is a park in the center of the block A. At the corner of the park, there is a mosque. When you are going to right side of the mosque there is a main road on which commercial plots are located. Total 17 commercial plots are available in the Block A. Around the park, there are 8 roads, that are ways to go residential plots.  At the corner of the commercial plot you can see a school that is grand opportunity for Block A members. There are only 1-kanal residential blots are available in Block A.

Block B

When you are going to Block B, you can take a direct way from Block A to Block B. because both blocks are located in front of each other. At the main road of Block B there are commercial plots, near these commercial plots there is also a parks on main location. Total 18 commercial plots are available in Block B. When you are entering into the Block B from main road you can see all residential plots in front of you. Almost all sizes of plots are available in Block B.

Block C

On the way to Block C, there are 18 commercial on the main road that is way to Block C.  In the center of Block C, there is a park, and around the park main roads goes to residential area of Block C. There are 10-marla and 1-kanal plots available in Block C.

Block E

Block E is little bit different than other blocks of Royal Orchard. In this block limited offers of commercial and residential plots are available. At the main corner of Block E there is a beautiful mosque. Near the mosque there are commercial plots on the main road.  There are only 5, 8 and 10 marla, and 1-kanal plots available.

Block F

Block F has a wide area for residential areas, educational institutes, and commercial plots. There are 5,8,10,12 marla or 2-kanal plots available. Block F is very famous due to its specialties like it has mosque, parks, hospital, schools, college, commercial center. Near to commercial center there is another park.  There is wide area for Graveyard.

Block G

In G block both commercial and residential plots are available. On the main road of Block there are commercial plots.  Block G offering 5,10,12 marla and 1,2 kanal residential plots. There is also a wide area for graveyard. A beautiful mosque is located on the main corner of Block G.

Block H

In Block H 5,8,10,12 marla and 1, 2 kanal residential plots are available. On the other side there are also commercial plots at the front face of Block H.  lavish parks are symbol of beauty in Block H. there is also a mosque in Block H.


-240’ wide main Boulevard


-Underground electricity

-Water filtration plant

-Sewerage system

-Schools and colleges


-Food courts

-Sports complex

-Car parking 

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