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Project Highlights

- A Modern Gated Community

- Located on Main Sharaqpur Road

- TMA and LDA Approved

- 3, 5 and 10.11 Marla Residential Plots

- Booking starts from 200,000

- 3 Year Monthly Installment Plan

- Great Investment Potential

Al-Jalil Garden is the most aesthetic, peaceful and advanced gated community in Lahore West offering immense residential and investment opportunities to all. Located on Main Sharaqpur Road, this housing scheme has so much to offer to those who want to safely invest for the higher future returns. This TMA approved project fulfills all the legal requirements and provide everyone with a chance to invest in the best value and remarkable profits.

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Facilities and Features

Lahore real estate is gaining huge success as the top real estate developers have introduced the remarkable developments. Through these projects, people can gain great investment opportunities. With every passing day, more and more innovation and new ideas are introduced in various housing schemes. Because of the stable economy, advanced infrastructure and high investment yields make Lahore the best city to buy the property. By shifting its standards to more advancement and urbanization, Lahore Real Estate market is flourishing so much day by day and gaining a prominent position in the market. This place aims to make nurture and positive investment environment for investors from everywhere.

Al Jalil Garden is among the best real estate investments in Lahore and where a peaceful and advanced way of living is available to you. The unique approach and latest development concepts make this community top-class choice if you want to surround yourself with desirable features and new living standards.

Living here is a matter of great delights, comforts, and peace as this place is away from pollution and noise. Al Jalil Garden is the perfect amalgamation of modernity and natural aspects which doubles the joy of residing here. International standard infrastructure and latest community plan attract the buyers largely to own property with attractive prices.

The convenience of people is highly kept in view as the affordable properties for sale are available in different sizes. You can get different sizes of commercial and residential plots for sale with easy terms and conditions. From all the aspects, Al Jalil Garden is an incredible investment destination. This housing scheme assures the improved and better lifestyle while numerous options in residential plots for sale and commercial plots for sale are available.

Al Jalil Garden Lahore 

Al Jalil developers have managed everything very uniquely and the best opportunities are accessible to all. The living options are really bright as you can make your dream home in this gated community packed with exclusive amenities and features.

The latest community features add more to the charm and uniqueness of this place however it is attracting a large number of people. People can definitely acquire a first-class residence in Al Jalil Garden where everything is very well organized. This significant residential development is home to profitable properties for sale which you can buy with competitive prices and gain double returns in the coming time. The rich location, high-rise development, and advanced living concepts make Al Jalil the prominent housing scheme in Lahore which has great investment potential and amazing residential options.

All the important attractions are close while one can make booking easier with a certain down payment. This place is really worthy of investment as the society is structured on the best concepts to make sure a dream sort of living. The whole community is planned as per the latest ideas as well as the needs of people are kept in view with marvelous amenities and features.

The residents will also enjoy the golf course and other upgraded amenities to experience something distinctive every day. This economical and prestigious development is accessible to all as the demand for affordable housing is getting higher day by day. In this situation, Al Jalil garden Lahore is a perfect choice as you can be a property owner without burdening yourself.

The growing economy and value of this project indicate very well that it is the perfect time to invest today as the demand and worth of the plots will surely increase. We can easily recognize this project as the sustainable and best real estate development in Lahore which has the capability to fulfill the living and investment purposes of the buyers. For whatever reason you buy property in Al-Jalil Garden, it will certainly give you tremendous outcomes.

You will find Al Jalil Garden really suitable to fulfill all your housing and investment needs in the best possible manner. It is definitely an excellent investment hub in 2020 on which you can rely for best future outcomes and much more.

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Al Jalil Garden Lahore Plots for Sale

The best investment opportunity is knocking at your door! Al Jalil Garden is an offering the best options to interested clients. Al Jalil Garden plot prices are very reasonable and catching the attention of various investors. Al Jalil Garden residential plots for sale as well as Al Jalil Garden commercial plots for sale are excellent chances to earn profits. The following size Al Jalil Garden plots for sale are available from which you can choose according to your requirement. 

- 3 Marla 

- 5 Marla 

- 10.11 Marla 

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Al Jalil Garden Lahore Payment Plan

Al Jalil Garden is sharing a very convenient and easy payment plan for potential investors and buyers. Various size properties are available at competitive prices which you can book with a certain amount of down payment. You can also adopt easy and flexible installment policies according to your needs.

Such an affordable and attractive payment plan has attracted a large number of people where they can shift their lifestyle to new standards very easily. With its high demand and favorable investment opportunities, Al Jalil Garden is inviting people to invest in a secure environment. With today's easy investment, you can gain higher returns in the future. 

You can book your plot with a certain amount of down payment at the start to follow the 3 years easy payment plan. Currently, the booking of all the plots for sale is open! You can contact the expert team on the without any hesitation to get more information and payment details.

We are available all the time to provide you with the best assistance and guidance, which will lead you towards a lot of benefits. You will get the best return on investment as the current prices of plots are striking, which will increase after some time. The detailed Al Jalil Garden payment plan containing all the prices and installment details are available below for you. 

Al Jalil Garden payment plan 2021

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TMA Approved

Al Jalil Garden housing scheme Lahore is TMA ( Tehsil Municipal Administration) Approved housing projects which fulfill all the legal requirements and truly safe for investment. The authorities have approved the project even in the initial stages because of the legal land acquisition and proper community planning. No strange or unlawful activity is included by the developers by any means and one can invest in Al Jalil without any doubt.

As various private housing schemes are introduced in Lahore to cater to the growing housing needs of people. Before investing in any place, one must look for the legal status, whether the society is approved by the concerned authorities or not. Your investment has no worth if the society is illegally constructed and planned.

Al Jalil Garden Lahore

The land, town planning, dimensional and spatial regions are completely permitted by TMA while it possesses one of the best town plans in Lahore as per the latest notions.

Al Jalil has no such issue and the investors can freely buy any desired property as the whole project is based on accurate real estate laws and regulations. The project is spread over a large area of landing which is all legal and TMA granted all permissions regarding the plans. If you want to make your living standards high in a true sense, you must choose a secure, stable, and legal housing project so that troublesome issues can be avoided in the future. It is a trustworthy community with the best property prices to grab amazing options for potential buyers.

Al Jalil Garden Location Map

Al Jalil Garden housing society enjoys the supreme location of Al Jalil Garden Lahore as it is located on Main Shaqpur Road near Faizpur Interchange where the best developments are waiting for you. It is truly the prime location of Lahore West which is truly ideal for investment and living.

While buying any property, considering the location is an extremely important factor as it influences the property value and demand in the present as well as in the future.

This housing society is surrounded by important roads, schools, hospitals, and other options. The accessibility from all over Lahore is also ideal as the community is connected to various important roads through which you can reach this place easily.  

You can easily access this housing scheme from M2 Motorway while Thokar Niaz Baig and Multan Road are also closely available. The location of Al Jalil Garden Lahore is extremely developed while surrounded by all the important amenities and facilities.

Al Jalil Garden Location Map

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Project Plan

Al Jalil Garden is a master-planned community that is developed on global ideas. This housing scheme is one of the top real estate developments of Lahore where everything is fantastically arranged for you. The investors will find residential plots for sale and commercial plots for sale at competitive prices.

Spread over a large area of land, this housing scheme is a house to some of the best residential and investment opportunities. Being a vast community, it is divided into three main blocks which are beautiful and equipped with all facilities. The names of these blocks are Rose Block, Tulip Block, and Jasmine Block which are carefully crafted. Al Jalil Garden location in Lahore is also suitable for living and investment purposes.  

The development work in all these blocks is going on while remarkable work has been completed and people already have started living there. The land and all the town planning are officially approved and permitted by TMA and LDA after which it has become the safest investment hub in Lahore for futuristic values and higher returns.

Different size properties are available in Al Jalil housing scheme which all are equipped with all the basic utilities. 3, 5 and 10.11 Marla plots for sale are there to cater to your residential and investment requirements. You can book your desired property with an extremely easy payment plan and installment policies. Moreover, you can build your dream home according to whatever design you like. You will surely enjoy a stunning and exclusive lifestyle while packed with nature which will fill your mind and heart with peace.

Al Jalil Master Plan

The ideal plots are ideal for building your home as well as perfect for advantageous investment. Ongoing development and innovations in this housing project are continually increasing the worth and demand for the property here. The booking is open and taking place of all the plots and it is the perfect time to own your plot to secure and expand your money. Because of the huge response from the investors, it can be indicated easily that all the plots will be sold out soon.

The commercial plots are also there in this development which is suitable for business and investment. Packed with the advanced facilities and lush green environment, you will find this community really perfect for family living. Various entertainment and recreational options allow you to enjoy an active lifestyle while it is regarded as a family-friendly project. The vibrant, serene and advanced setting where the utmost calmness, privacy, and relaxation are accessible to the residents.

Al Jalil Garden master plan

Fool-proof security and CCTV cameras are everywhere to assure safe living however the best educational and health opportunities are present within the society. All these features make Al-Jalil Garden a coherent and appealing living hub in the midst of comforts and conveniences. Best water, sewerage, and electricity features add more to the facilities of the residents. The roads and other infrastructure are truly amazing while it is regarded as a self-sufficient gated community that truly embodies the concept of urbanized lifestyle.

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Why Invest in Al Jalil Garden Housing Scheme?

Al Jalil Garden is a project which stands very prominent in Lahore real estate market for its supreme location, high investment yields and much more. Many other factors also contribute to the success and appreciation of this venture while making it one of the best investments in Lahore.

With the urbanized approach and latest development shift the status of Al Jalil Garden into the most promising and beneficial investment hub.  A positive and innovative environment is provided to people so they can gain huge profits. These are the main reasons to invest in Al Jalil Garden however there are also some main components that make this project the top choice of modern buyers and investors.

Latest Development Plan

Al Jalil Garden Lahore is developed innovatively by Al Jalil Developers as everything is planned and managed sustainably. The work progress and development are set as per the latest demands to fulfill all the requirements of urban planning.  The roads, plots cutting and everything else are managed in a remarkable manner which gives an amazing glance of the overall society. The innovative features are made part of this project so that people can enjoy the living of extreme comforts and luxuries.

Modern Infrastructure

After approval by the concerned authorities, Al Jalil Garden housing scheme Lahore presents the best and advanced infrastructure which defines the new pioneering Lahore. The roads are internationally developed with underground wiring and pipeline connections as per the latest requirements. Other buildings’ design and development are also done outstandingly. A sustainable and devastating environment is available to the buyers where future growth is definite. The developers aim to encourage more and more investors towards this place.

Finest and Affordable Living

Al Jalil Garden Lahore is a place of your settled vision where family living is full of charms, delights, and comforts. This society is built on fabulous development concepts where the residents can enjoy, safe and futuristic living. The prices of all the properties are very reasonable with a lot of advantageous investment opportunities. The people will get the best returns because of the ongoing demand for this housing scheme as it enjoys the best location, auspicious living environment and much more. Al Jalil elaborates on the concept of finest and affordable living in Lahore very well!

High Future Returns

Most importantly, your investment in Al Jalil Garden Lahore is safe and promising. Higher future returns of your today’s investment are absolutely very high as the society is developed on sustainable development trends. The prices of all the plots for sale will increase in the coming time and this assures the best value of your money. The resell value will also be very high however you can also be made a home of your dreams to live ideally. This place is beneficial from all the perspectives and boosting as one of the best housing schemes in Lahore to live and invest.

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Al Jalil Garden Developers

Al Jalil developers have established this project and gain an immense response from the mass because of Al Jalil garden location, development status and futuristic approach. The developers have always shown the excellent and advanced ideas in their real estate projects and now Al Jalil Garden defines their sincere efforts. 

The developers have planned and arranged everything appealingly because of which this project stands among the best housing schemes in Lahore where the living and investment is favorable in a true sense. You will find this project the real illustration of luxury, high quality and affordability as developed keeping in view all these factors. 

Facilities and Features

Al Jalil Garden is a well-planned community which is enriched with all kind of facilities and features. This place has all which you can desire to lead a convenient and facilitated lifestyle. Al Jalil developers have developed this community with the aim to improve the living quality of people. Everything is managed accordingly in this housing scheme and you are available with the excellent community features which make your life remarkable.

From social, residential and basic features to recreational options, Al Jalil Garden has all. You will get more than you expect as the community has really unique amenities so that elevated living standards can be provided to people. All the basic utilities are also available in this housing project while some advanced amenities are also introduced in order to add more charm to one’s everyday living.

Residence in Al Jalil Garden is truly a dream which is going to come true for all. The families will surely have quality time in the midst of a clean, peaceful, and lush green environment. The days, evenings, and nights become pleasant and your whole family can acquire a quality and standardized lifestyle which is a need and demand for the modern-day.

The basic utilities in the best form are available in Al Jalil, however, the advanced features are no less. You will get everything here which is essential to lead a quality life and everything that meets international terms and standards. This approach makes this housing project the priority buy the property and build a dream home in a secure and nourishing environment.

These facilities are essential to upgrade the living style as well as to lead a contented life. This is also a concept about various new housing schemes that you have to go far away to access daily needs or other amenities. You will find nothing like this in Al Jalil Garden as this housing scheme is developed in a sustainable area where numerous facilities are closely available. Moreover, the residents will be able to access all the necessary things within society.

This place also lets you enjoy the recreational options and beautiful green atmosphere in the community without going anywhere else. You can spend quality time with your family however the availability of amazing facilities and features increases the worth of this housing scheme. The progress work is still going on and we expect various new features to be introduced in the future. At that time, your property value and price will definitely grow and give you the best value.

Al Jalil Garden is definitely the promising and auspicious housing scheme, very ideal for living and investment as the incredible features here contribute very well to make it among the top projects in Lahore. The following are some of the most remarkable facilities available in Al Jalil Garden Lahore!

Advanced Security System

Being a modern housing scheme, Al Jalil Garden has the best security system based on innovative techniques. A safe, secure and non-violent environment is guaranteed to the people in this gated community. It is a place where you can invest to give a secure living to your family without any compromise. CCTV cameras are installed everywhere to monitor all the circumstances. Only authorized persons can enter the society however the equipped guards are also available 27/7 on the entrance. The cameras are fixed not only at the entrance but also all around the community so that unpleasant incidents can be avoided.

Educational Facilities

Al Jalil Garden is home to some of the best educational institutions that assure quality education to children. You did not need to be worried about the schooling and good education of your children as various high standards schools are available within the society as well as close to it. Primary as well as high schools are there in the society while your children will definitely get the proper environment and education here. All the schools have the best staff and assure the bright future of your children's studies.

Gated Community

You will have the most beautiful interaction with the gated community of Lahore. This is going to be a life-changing experience when you will find a residence in this housing scheme. The beautiful entrance is completely gated and only relevant persons are allowed to go in. This adds more to the safety and peaceful living of the community various crimes and mishaps can be avoided in this way.

Commercial Areas and Shopping Centers

The most important aspect of a residential place is the shopping centers which are near it. All the resident of Al-Jalil Garden seems very lucky in this perspective. They have the best shopping areas near their home. This is also good for those who like to live in a place where shopping centers are very close as they like crowded areas. There is a huge commercial area which is present in almost all sectors of this housing scheme. You can shop for groceries for all the types from these commercial stores. This is the best feature that all the things are provided to you in front of your doorstep. You don’t need to travel all the way just to buy stuff of daily necessities. 

Community Center

There is a community center that is developed so that the residents could manage the functions which are not allowed to be held inside the house. This is the reason why community centers and halls are developed so that you can arrange things properly and enjoy them as well. This place is very beautifully arranged and people will surely be able to have the best dinners, wedding functions, and parties.


The most important thing is the need of playgrounds in most of the societies in Lahore is that they did find it important to arrange the facilities in a proper way, we all know that playground is the very important aspect of the urban development. This is the reason why Al Jalil Garden has a playground which is another major attraction. The playground has a swing and green grass for creating a cool ambiance.

Jogging Tracks

All the parks and playgrounds of Al Jalil Garden come with the jogging track for fitness lovers. The jogging tracks are developed within the playground, parks and these are also built inside plus outside the grounds. This is the reason why everyone uses these tracks that the structure is constructed after proper research about the fitness aspects of the human body and the material which will help the people to reduce weight more effectively, without affecting their health routine

Community Mosque

There is a central mosque which is present in this project. Al Jalil and all its features are specially designed for the best and the convenient lifestyle. This mosque is for all the residents to pray five times a day. This is to show the unity of the Muslim community overall. The mosque is accessible easily from all parts of the society however it is designed aesthetically. The interior and exterior of the mosque indicate the modern infrastructure very well.

Proper Electrification

This is a very major issue in Pakistan nowadays. There are many areas where there is no electricity when a single rainfall happening monsoon. We know that load shedding might be an issue but the wiring should be done in such a way that due to weather conditions the supply of electricity is not at all affected. That is the reason why all the electricity is supplied through underground wirings. This is the facility that is provided to all the phases of Al-Jalil Garden Lahore.

Clean Water Supply

Then comes the water supply which is not provided in most of the areas. People have to wait for hours and days for the water and they have to store the water in containers which support many diseases as well. In these severe conditions, Al Jalil has provided the proper water supply through the tube well and the storage through the proper water storage tanks which are present for each lane and sector separately. The availability of clean drinking water is truly a blessing as one can avoid various diseases in this way.

Advance Sewerage System

The sewerage system is also made to create a neat and clean society. That is the reason why there is not even a single time when the situation was out of control or any problem was encountered. All the sewerage systems and pipelines are installed and managed properly while the residents will not face any issues even in the rainy season.

Sui Gas Supply

Then comes the Sui gas supply. This is also a very important aspect of Al Jalil Garden. There is a proper pipeline system that has been placed underground so that there is not even a single home where the Sui gas supply is not proper. This is a very big initiative as many housing schemes still do not have proper Sui gas connections.

Carpeted Roads

All the roads of Al Jalil Garden are 30 FT to 150 FT, fully carpeted, neat, and wide which makes the society's view really pleasant. The green belts around the roads add more to the beauty and one gets a delightful sight when enters a society. The walking and driving tracks are different however the main boulevard is also very wide.


In case of emergency, the residence won’t need to be worried. Al Jalil has a modern and high-standard hospital where the best health care services are available to people. The hospital has modern equipment and staff who are capable of providing the best services to people.


Al Jalil Garden is your best investment and living choice. The place is offering an ideal living environment, exclusive amenities, and a top-class location of Lahore, all at the most attractive prices. Al Jalil Garden booking is currently open so contact the expert team of wall real estate now to be a part of this best housing scheme in Lahore! 

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