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Dera Ghazi Khan which is now abbreviated as D. G. Khan is known as the central city of the Pakistan as it is situated at the junction of four provinces of the country. The city covers an area of 5,306 meter square and it is a long narrow strip of country.

Population of DG Khan mostly speak Punjabi while major amount of population speaks which shows a great combination of North and south Punjab.

Dera Ghazi Khan is located at 30 degree north and 70 degree East. The climate of the city is dry throughout the years with little rainfall few in months. The weather remains very hot in summer and reaches till 46 degree while in winter temperature reaches till 4.

Sangh Mela, is a Vaisakhi fair during March and April, is celebrated in Sakhi Sarwar by people coming from Jhang and Faisalabad for centuries. This festival is celebrated by Hindus and Muslims especially at the time of wheat harvesting. In some places it is known as Basant. Throughout history, a large number of followers coming from different religions became the followers of Sakhi Sarwar. 

Total Developments in Dera Ghazi Khan: 1