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Shad Bagh is a part of Northern Lahore City, it include Residential and Commercial area of Northern Lahore. Shad Bagh is located about 2 KM away only. Shad Bagh is surrounded by Wassan Pura, Chah Miran, Scheem No 2, Badami Bagh, Data Nagar and Makhan Pura. The Importance of Shad Bagh has increased due to Lahore Ring Road. Shad Bagh Commercial Sector includes New Shad Bagh Road and Main Road, while Gol Bagh Mini Food Street also attracts people. Moreover, various business including Bakers, General Stores, Traders, Financial Institutes and Bank Branches. Various parks are also part of Shad Bagh including Taya, Fawara Chowk, Akram Park, Tajpura Ground and Kasur Park.

Shad Bagh Properties include constructed homes including as small as 3 Marla and as long as in Kanals. This page lists Shad Bagh Properties, you can view these properties if you are interested in sale and purchase of Shad Bagh Properties.

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