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Shad Bagh Lahore

Shad Bagh is a marked as Residential and Commercial Area of Northern Lahore City. Shad Bagh is an ancient area which has a mixture of traditional and new construction design. Some buildings inside the town reflect the constructions of Mughal and Akbar times, however the newly planned Shad Bagh has wide main roads, modern layout plan.


As mentioned earlier, Shad Bagh is located towards North of Lahore City, Misri Shah is situated on Southern side, Sadia Colony on West, Makhan Pura on East and Tariq Shaheed towards North of Shad Bagh.


Shad Bagh Developments include Main Gol Bagh Road, Food Street, Rajput Mohala, Akram Park Road, Iqbal Road, Tokkay Wala Road Amir Road, Lamba Bagh and Kasur Park. Abu Bakar Road connects Shad Bagh with Lahore Ring Road located towards North.

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