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Project Highlights 

- Eco-Sustainable City 

- Located on Main Chakri Road, Islamabad 

- Spanning Over 7,000 Kanal of Land 

- 5.5, 8, 10, 14, 20 & 40 Marla Plots 

- 3.5 Year Easy Payment Plan

- Safe and Beneficial Investment 

- Smart and Digital Technologies 

- Dynamic Town Planning 

MIVIDA City Islamabad is the first eco-sustainable development in Pakistan that will change the living standards of people. The project truly defines exclusivity, modern lifestyle, and advanced infrastructure. The potential investors and buyers will find the best properties for sale here to gain enormous benefits in the coming time. Ideal living is guaranteed in an eco-sustainable and facilitated environment.

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Facilities and Features

Developed by Khanial Builders and Mivida Development Company, this place introduces an innovative concept of residence. The main focus of this new development is to provide an array of modern features and amenities that assure a desirable living and significant returns on your investment. Mivida City Islamabad plots for sale are available in different sizes which you can book with an attractive payment plan.

Islamabad's real estate sector is already hosting the best housing schemes to live and invest. All these developments are highly valuable and ideal assuring the best value of your money. Investors from all over the world show interest to buy property in Islamabad. Foreign investors also find profitable investment and residential options as the economic and real estate value of Islamabad are high.

Mivida City Islamabad

Mivida City is emerging as one of the top real estate developments in Islamabad. Luxury, innovation, sustainability, and exclusivity are some of the key factors on which the project is based. You will get a desirable living ambiance as well as higher investment returns by becoming part of this housing scheme.

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Indulgence in luxuries and comforts provides you with a sense of relaxation. Being one of the bigger and sought after projects, it is offering the vast amenities to its residents. All of them are attractive enough to choose this place as your living community. The appealing payment plan, high development approach, and ideal location add more to its value and attraction among the buyers.

MIVIDA City Islamabad

If you want to have the best and exclusive lifestyle, be a part of this place. It is the very best place to live and invest while having all the facilities around. This housing society is a mega project which enables one to live with class and style while picking the new and advanced ways. Here all the things are arranged and designed according to the requirements of you.

This dynamic community is planned very well on advanced concepts to present a living place full of potential and amenities. The modern approach with state of the art development in every sector shows how wonderfully everything is managed. International community design with an urbanized approach has made this place a very desirable and appealing one even in the initial development phase. For families, investors, and professionals, this place is a suitable destination offering more than you expect. You will find here an international standard living full of comforts and luxuries because of the elevated development approach.

Facilities, features and conveniences will be available to the residents of this society in every sphere of their lives. This place is providing a massive chance to potential buyers and clients to pick up the best land for commercial or residential purposes in a reasonable payment plan. You will find excellent solutions for your property demands as this housing scheme is becoming one of the top real estate investment and living hub.

Every little detail is given proper attention to meet the standard and elegant living, offering a distinctive sort of existence to people. It is the perfect time to invest in Mivida City, which has the potential to meet all your investment and living cravings. It is worth considering a society with attractive rates where you will get maximum future returns and high value of your money. So it’s time to live your dreams by becoming a part of this place which has some high aims for you. 

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Mivida City Islamabad Plots for Sale

Mivida City is offering residential plots for sale in multiple sizes. Commercial plots for sale and other retail options will also be there to fulfill the investment cravings of potential buyers. Mivida Pakistan is an ideal community where all the plots are available at a competitive price. The smart and sustainable approach of this society indicates that the future value of your today’s investment will be very high.

This large and master-planned community has so much to offer to those who want to gain real benefits from their investment. Currently, the prices are reasonable for all the properties however as the development will progress, the price of plots will also increase. People can buy their desired plot with 3.5 years easy payment plan. The excellent location, smart technological development, sustainable construction ideas, and modern amenities make this place one of the top names in Pakistan real estate. You will find plots for sale in the following sizes with much attractive payment plan!

- 5.5 Marla

- 8 Marla

- 10 Marla

- 14 Marla

- 20 Marla

- 40 Marla

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Mivida City Islamabad Payment Plan 

Mivida City Islamabad is one of the biggest development projects which Islamabad has right now. This scheme is not only for the urbanization but for providing the best infrastructure to the citizens of Islamabad at the best price rates. This project defines the new way of modern urbanization with the meaning of full development on contemporary standards. This is an international level project, and this will change the future of living and investment in Pakistan. Mivida City Islamabad is the premium and the desired residential scheme.

Moreover, the Mivida City Islamabad payment plan will also tell you how much you need to invest in this society and let you invested money to get double with time. You can also buy the plot and then create your desired residence in the more precious places in Islamabad. This is the most valuable investment which will give you the best reward in the future and let your property’s worth more than you pay today. You won't regret your investment after hearing that there are the easiest installment plan and the payment plan which will give you access to your destination home and the dreamed investment. 



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MIVIDA City Islamabad Project Plan

Mivida Pakistan is a master-planned development in Islamabad city. MEINHARDT GROUP SINGAPORE town planners are going to shape an incredible living destination in Pakistan. Urban development, sustainable ideas, excellent architectural and infrastructural concepts are at the core of the MEINHARDT GROUP.

The company aspires to design a modern development packed with technical features. Mivida City is spread over almost 7,000 Kanal land and located ideally on Chakri Road Islamabad. This dynamic, smart, and safe housing scheme offers a flourishing living environment, surrounded by lush green landscapes. It would be a matter of great delight and comforts to live in such an innovative place.

People will be able to enjoy a modern ambiance that makes a perfect combination with nature. Smart technologies are planned to be introduced in every sphere without compromising on the lush green atmosphere. At Mivida, you will find both serenity and digital approach to improve the quality of life. Mivida Islamabad is currently offering residential plots for sale, commercial plots for sale however people can also enjoy the resort life, farmhouse lands, and apartments here.

Mivida City Islamabad Project Plan

This housing scheme aims to be the smart city of Pakistan by introducing sustainable and digital concepts in one’s everyday living. In this way, people will be able to acquire the more urbanized, healthy, secure and pleasant lifestyle that is the crucial demand of current time. Mivida Pakistan will be considered the most luxurious and high-end community offering the best investment opportunities.

The project’s location is set in the midst of beautiful hills and landscapes of Islamabad. A vibrant and unique ambiance opens new ways of living for people who wish to spend a quality way of living. Society’s own IT park, educational complexes, health care institutions, retail options, neighborhood Markaz, sports community and active commercial central district are the active components within the Mivida to make it the master-planned community.

High-quality infrastructure along with the world-class amenities makes it a desirable place to live and invest. People will be able to spend an ultra-modern lifestyle while enjoying a sense of belongingness and community. This smart and sustainable development will introduce innovations to the real estate of Pakistan. The hybrid space planning, improved quality of features, and functioning efficiencies open new doors of luxuries.

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MIVIDA City Islamabad Location Map

Mivida City Islamabad is located on Main Chakri Road that is the most ideal location of Islamabad. New Islamabad International Airport is close to this housing society. Various important roads including M-2 Motorway are also connected to this place. Rawalpindi Ring Road is also just a few minutes’ drive away however such excellent connectivity makes this place truly ideal to live and invest. One can easily access this community from almost all the parts of Islamabad. Various major real estate developments are located around this project setting its value higher in the real estate sector. Such a drastic and beneficial location is worth considering to buy property in the midst of conveniences.

It is a master development with a lot of attractive features. Mivida Islamabad location is the most appealing aspect that is inviting the buyers to buy property here. The most outstanding thing by the developers which needs to be appreciated is the perfect choice of location. A very prominent area is chosen to develop this top-class project that enjoys great links with the fastest route of different districts and areas of Islamabad.

Mivida City Islamabad Location is one of the most interesting factors that will surely make clients more interested to purchase property here because it is linked with many important roads. Another big thing about the location of this project is between the two major projects including Capital Smart City Islamabad and Blue World City Islamabad. This will surely increase the worth of property while making your investment more futuristic.


MIVIDA City Location map

The surroundings are not only beautiful but also beneficial where you do not need to be troubled to access the basic facilities of life. Here the buyers will get everything they want related to the location. You will find here all the factors of convenience to make your living remarkable. Living here is full of benefits and safe where the crime rate is controlled very much by the concerned authorities.

The inhabitants of Mivida City Islamabad will feel safe, and that is such excellent and advanced ways which can lead towards the best and most fantastic kind of things to you. It is a genuinely exceptional and fabulous location of this city to live while having the best facilities around.

Mivida location has a boost for investors because of its growing demand. It is the center of many attractions while the futuristic approach is also remarkable. The residents and investors will be able to enjoy substantial location benefits. The connectivity and other facilities have increased the value of this place already very high. With the high development status and continual, progressive work, the significant future of this community can be indicated very well.

All the primary, as well as advanced necessities of life, are close to you all the time. You will be able to have a peaceful life surrounded by the stunning views of mountains and hills. The beautiful landscapes and other features make the place appealing to live and invest in. The location plays a vital role to make your living facilitated and to give higher returns on your investment. From both the perspective, Mivida is the perfect choice for you.

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Why Choose MIVIDA City Islamabad?

Mivida city is emerging as one of the best housing schemes in Pakistan to invest in and live. This housing scheme is based on advanced development techniques. Among various real estate developments in Pakistan, this project is gaining the most prominent position. Potential buyers and investors will find this place very suitable for investment, business, and living purposes. Planned on smart and innovative ideas, this project will have an exceptional approach.

Are you looking for compelling reasons to invest in Mivida City Housing Scheme Islamabad? Here are described some of the top points which will elaborate very well that why investors are inclined to buy property here.

  • Mivida City is Pakistan’s first eco-sustainable city that assures affordable, smart, secure and healthy lifestyle.
  • Mivida City is an innovative investment and living destination. Modern buyers and clients are showing great interest in this place even in the initial stages. Remarkable investment, business, and residential opportunities are available to you at this place which enjoys a great investment potential.
  • Investing here lead you towards long-term and futuristic investment benefits.
  • Reasonable payment plan and easy booking procedure assuring higher returns in the coming time.
  • Smart digital technologies are introduced to redefine the meaning of urbanization. It will also improve the living quality of people.
  • The society enjoys an ideal location of Islamabad which is very well connected to the major areas and roads. Easy accessibility and well connectivity make this place worthy to live and invest.
  • Mivida City is planned by the best development company in Pakistan. People can gain huge profits and outcomes by becoming part of this place. All the infrastructural and development work is planned in a smart and modern way.
  • The real estate value and economic status of this project are very high and it will surely increase more over time.
  • You will enjoy upscale and premium amenities to enjoy sophisticated living.

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MIVIDA City Islamabad Developers

Mivida Islamabad is a project of Khanial Builders in association with Mivida developments PVT Ltd. This great venture is a result of the amazing combination of the two best development companies. The developers aim to work with remarkable collaboration to bring forth an incredible living community providing the smart, sustainable, and digital environment for the residents. Both business groups consist of the high-level professionals, experts and engineers who have the potential to meet the advanced town planning requirements.

The society is planned to be built on innovations and digital technologies so that a smart lifestyle can be provided to you as well as to the coming generation. Both development companies have already dealt with various major developments and gain a huge response from the client. They will surely earn more respect and trust of their customers through Mivida Pakistan.

This is the basic and major project Khanial Builders and Mivida Company which is under development right now. They have given the most successful development project in the past. With this project, they will create a new source of urbanization. There are many aims that are related to these projects but the most focused part is to develop the society within the given time. They believe in teamwork and focus is the key to success.

By keeping in view the best global standards and ideas of development, the developers have delivered such an out-standing living place. They already have shown much excellence and sincere efforts in their previous projects. They have mastered the real estate property and development. All the development procedure in Mivida City is done in the best way as the developers made contracts with the renowned construction companies to achieve a high level of success.

Because of such a powerful approach and struggles, Mivida City is enjoying high demand in the current time, which will inevitably increase in future. The developers are offering the best and most amazing living and investment conditions to people through this community. Everything about this place is planned and designed with much excellence to make it a desirable living place.

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Facilities and Features

Among many reasons for the popularity and admiration it is receiving, the facilities and features of this society stand very prominent. This place is enriched with such essentials and amenities, which make it the best choice for you.

All the requirements of people are fulfilled here in the best possible way. International and higher standards are set for people so that they can live according to the current time’s needs and demands. This place ensures a perfect and desirable existence.

It is emerging as a very sought after residential project where the best kind of living is waiting for you. Without any doubt, it is the very most significant and exclusive development. The best variety of facilities and features along with the ideal location of this city has made this project the finest living hub for all.

People in a large number are approaching this community to get a lifestyle and home of their desired vision. You will feel safe and facilitated all the time while living here. Best urbanization and modern infrastructure are provided at reasonable prices.

Everything here is attractive enough to grab your heart to choose Mivida City Islamabad as your residence. Here the accurate picture of luxuries and modernism represented by utilizing new and advanced concepts of development. The inhabitants of Islamabad are available with a golden opportunity to elevate their living standards by adopting what this society is offering.

This place is providing significant relief to people as they enjoy access to all the advanced and basic facilities of life efficiently. Everything here is so amazing so that you can enjoy your residence here surrounded by comforts and conveniences the entire time. You do not need to go far away from the basic facilities of life. This housing scheme is offering the following facilities and features to its residents:

Dynamic Community Design

Mivida Islamabad is a master-planned development for which international planners are hired. The development is in the initial stages at the moment and it is planned to be a smart, dynamic and innovative community. People will be able to enjoy residential, commercial, resort and farmhouse living served by premium amenities. All the requirements are fulfilled with the international standards and planning accordingly. Things are done and built-in coordination rather than building in segments. The builders carefully craft the place because of which it is enjoying a rich diversity.

Main Boulevard

This largest and magnificent housing scheme has a very unique and advanced approach. The whole community is excellently designed however the main boulevard is huge and amazing.

Smart & Sustainable City

Being a smart and sustainable city, this society will follow eco-sustainable infrastructural concepts during construction. A neat, lush green, digital, and secure environment packed with smart technologies will be provided to people. The society will produce reliable resources to generate energy and to reduce the wastage.

Effective Town Structure

The structure of this town is only relevant for those who want to avail of all the facilities which are being internationally proven by the builders.  This project will prove to be the best-planned project, and the effective town planning makes it more attractive for the investors.

Gated Community

The best part is the gated community, which is being provided in an ultra-modern way by the developers. In this way, a secure and safe environment is made available for residence.

24 Hours Smart Security System

There are strict arrangements of the security and all the gates in the area with guards. These are the trained professionals who are specially kept for the safety of the residents. CCTV cameras and smart intelligence systems are also installed everywhere to monitor all the circumstances. The strict checking at the entrance makes it sure that only an authorized person can come within the society.

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Parks and jogging tracks

For all the nature lovers parks and jogging paths are very important, and this is the reason why all the sectors have jogging track and the parks for childer and families to enjoy their quality time with nature.

Butterfly House & Zoo

For the entertainment of children, you do not need to go out of the society. There are community’s own butterfly house and zoo where people especially children can spend a great time.

Eye-catching Landscapes

The best part is the beautiful landscapes that grab the attention of the viewer in them. This is the mandatory part of the plan. Every view is different from another one to provide the ambiance of beauty more efficiently. Organic fruits and vegetable gardens in Mivida city allow you to make more interaction with nature.

Solar Trees

To ensure a fresh and green environment, the technique of solar trees will also be applied. People can live a better and pure living environment surrounded by trees and greenery which is important to enjoy good health.  

Green Belts and Ribbons

The developers are concentrating more and more on greenery along with the digital approach so that people can get a smart and peaceful lifestyle at the same time. Apart from the island, fruit gardens, vegetable gardens, parks and landscapes, there will be distinctive series of green belts and ribbons that will give an incredibly pleasant look to the overall view of the society.

9 Holes Golf Course

For those who think that golf course cant is a part of any society here, Mivida City Islamabad is proud to present you the best golf course. This PGA standard 9 holes golf course is spread over 40 acres. This is the next level of enhancing your standard and experience playing golf. You can spend q quality time here while playing this game in pleasant surroundings.

Water & Amusement Park

This is a source of great fun and thrill for all to enjoy in the amusement parks. You can have a great time of entertainment with your friends and family while enjoying the water rides and other fun deriving aspects here.

Restaurants and Cafes

You can enjoy the best cuisine and sips of coffee with your loved ones as there are amazing restaurants and cafes within the society. All of them have a classy environment and the best taste of food.

Sports Complex

Those who do not want to compromise on their fitness can go to the sports complex. People can enjoy playing different games here for entertainment as well as for fitness purposes.

Commercial Sector

There is also a plan to develop a commercial area going to have your grocery store and all the crucial shops in the market. This is amazing that this industrial area will also affect the rates of commercial plots. People can gain huge profits by investing in commercial properties.

Community center

There is a community center so that you won't have to arrange your event far from your home. Your essential activities, including weddings and parties, could be organized efficiently. This also gives a good impression. Neighbors are also not disturbed when you arrange your functions in a community center.


For all the actual fitness freaks, here you go to a gym with all the essential and more developed fitness techno.ogy and the trainer. This is just for you and your health, and you can avail amazing discounts on memberships.


There is a school which is specially designed for being the best educational complex in its’ very own way. This school will be by international standards. This is the requirement of the residents, which is the priority.

Wide Neat Roads

Mivida City is enjoying the best and most advanced roads network where the walking and driving tracks are different. All the rods are wide and carpeted having green belts on both sides. It makes the overall impact of the community commendable.

Central Mosque

For performing prayer, a central mosque is being developed. This mosque presents state of the art and the interior is specially designed to show the unity of the Muslim community.

Health Center

There is a healthcare unit with the housing scheme for your health-related queries. You will find the best health care facilities in the hospital and clinics that are part of this housing scheme.

Renewable Energy Sources

Being a smart and eco-sustainable city, this society plans to produce renewable sources of energy on its own. In this way, the growing energy needs can be tackled very well however various other digital technologies will also be used to fulfill such needs of people.

Pure Water 

For providing fresh and pure water, there will be a water purifying plant. People will be able to avoid many diseases and problems by using such clean drinking water. Every plot will have a proper water pipelines connection to get uninterrupted clean water.

Sewerage system

The sewerage system is planned to be based on international standards, and the best thing is that all the pipelines will be made in such a convenient way that they won't ever get damaged. All the properties and plots here will enjoy the best sewerage system installed on the latest concepts.

LED Street Lights

At MIvida city, streetlights are installed everywhere to ensure a good and safe living environment. It is very important to avoid accidents, and that is the reason that LED streetlights are being used everywhere on the roads for saving electricity and for better lighting source at night.


If you want to live in an ideal place proposing a quality and comfortable lifestyle, choose MIVIDA city housing scheme Islamabad. This place is very captivating because of the amenities and features it is enriched with. The luxurious and outstanding residence in forms of apartments, houses are waiting for you to start living a prosperous and facilitated existence.  Moreover, residential and commercial plots are enriched with excellent investment opportunities. Pick up your desired property here as soon as possible to start living ideally. Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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