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If desiring to live in housing Society offering the perfect combination of business and leisure, then Capital Smart City Islamabad is the ideal one. It is also known as CSCI housing society shortening the complete name of the project. Being a part of this advance housing scheme, you will get many benefits. It is going to introduce first commercial center in the region that invites the world-renowned brand. The location of the Capital Smart City Islamabad has proximity to the new international airport which is one of the biggest Landmark. It is ideal living place in Pakistan that not only attracts the local investor but the international. While providing the international standard of living, the project also offers the variety of job opportunities through commercial and service sectors.

The infrastructure of the housing project has no comparison. It is supporting the regional growth. The transport infrastructure in the project is state of the artwork by the developer that is totally sustainable. Providing the pavements through the advanced planning of infrastructure to road users, pedestrians, cyclist and other future mobility needs.

The project perfectly meets the demand of international and local residents. Through unique identity and architecture, the project aims to become a new religious center. The features offered by the master plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad are iconic.The housing society is a good example of living standard and provides resilient social. Accessing to full range of facilities is easy here.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

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Newest Update

It is heard that Capital Smart City Islamabad is going to have a new name called DHA Smart City after the union with DHA. This is not done officially until now but it is expected to happen soon. The authentic details and information regarding this aspect have not come to the surface yet. Thus you will be updated more after the official break of some other information.


The Developers of Capital Smart City Islamabad are FDH. Their complete name is Future Development Holding Pvt Ltd. It is a sister company of Habib Rafiq Limited. Operating to provide luxury living in state of the art smart cities is the aim of developers. They have appointed the Surbana Jurong (SJ) as master planner of CSCI project. The Surbana Jurong (SJ) is the largest firms in Asia for consulting on industrial and infrastructure construction. They offer infrastructure services, creating spaces and shaping cities. Also, they are known globally for presenting one-stop consultancy.

Talking about the status of Future Development Holdings Private Limited, they are one of the leading real estate developers in the country. In the project, they provide luxury living with equal economic contributions. Through the previous project, they have earned the respect in the industry. Strategic investments, innovative urban planning, and lifecycle asset management are part of their core activity. With a strong commitment to quality, they have set international standards of sustainability.

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Development Status

This splendid and exclusive project is developing very rapidly and successfully in every sector. Considerable work has been done whereas the remaining is going on speedily to make a complete picture of luxury and quality. The infrastructural side is developing very highly and remarkably with an exclusive planning. Quality building material, modern equipment and an elevated designing are the foundation of this venture. Through a quality and urbanized arrangements a global level community is on its way with the reliable and sustainable living standards.


Project Plan

Capital Smart City Islamabad offers 20, 10 and 5 Kanal plots for farmhouses. For the residential purpose, they have 5 and 10 marlas and 1 and 2 Kanal of plots at the rates given below. The shops and offices offering by the authorities are also available in the project.

CSCI leads in providing advanced facilities of international standard. Living in the housing society will ensure a load shedding free environment. As the backup system is working, so that the interruption in supplying the electricity not happens. The master plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI) includes the business district, well-distributed sub-centers, and neighborhood centers on the outskirts.

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An integrated system in the project maintains the records of all the activities in the project. The society maintains the online-data of activities occurring in the community club, health center. Even, the timing and availability of public transport are all online. Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is the purpose of all disposals. Moreover, they are providing 18-hole, PGA-standard golf course, theme parks, walkways, several parks, and dedicated green areas. For safe drinking water, the authorities have established the filtration plant. The project ensures all kind of activity including Economic Zone, Health Zone, Education Zone, and a Commercial Hub.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Location Map

Reach easily and conveniently at the most ideal and recognized location of Capital smart City Islamabad. Surround yourself with benefits and facilities while living in this place.

The location of Capital Smart City Islamabad Housing Scheme is the best. It settles near Lahore to Islamabad M2 Motorway. The Thalian Interchange is very close to the project site that has only 9.2 KM distance from M-2 Toll Plaza. Also, Chari Road can be accessed easily from the location. Reaching to the Islamabad International Airport is very easy as it has proximity to the housing society.  Al-Haram City, CBR Town Phase 2  and FGEHF Thalian Housing Schemes surround the CSCI project. The location map given below describes the complete address of the Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Here you will enjoy the vicinity of many important places including schools, hospitals, transportation spots and commercial sector. The linkage from the main roads increases the value while makings the place easily accessible from all over the city. A remarkable lifestyle is waiting for you at this outclass location where living will be a source of much convenience and delight.

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Capital Smart City Islamabad Payment Plan

Now let’s consider the payment plan which is the most considerable aspect while deciding a place to live. Usually, the high-class and desirable living is not approachable to average people as the money comes between. This is not the matter with Capital Smart City. You will be pleased to know that the quality and dream living is available to people with a very easy and affordable payment and instalment policies. The prices of properties are highly affordable and appealingly attractive for the clients.

CSCI housing scheme sells residential plots, commercial plots, luxury villas, and farmhouses. But the payment plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad project currently shows the prices of 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal residential plots. It has installment plan consist of 3.5 years. The rates of the plots in Capital Smart City Islamabad housing Society is reasonable if comparing the provided features. Therefore, the contact number for the Capital Smart City Islamabad is 03116339844.

Sr. No Plot Type Dimensions Plot Size Plot Cost (Rs.) No. of Installments
1 Residential 125 Sq Yd 5 Marla 2,100,000 14
2 Residential 175 Sq Yd 7 Marla 2,740,000 14
3 Residential 250 Sq Yd 10 Marla 3,600,000 14
4 Residential 300 Sq Yd 12 Marla 3,980,000 14
5 Residential 500 Sq Yd 1 Kanal 5,400,000 14
6 Residential 1000 Sq Yd 2 Kanal 10,600,000 14

Facing Park/Corner/Main Road (Between 41' and 99') each contain 10% Extra of Total Price

In Addition to above Main Boulevard (100' and above) contains 15% Extra of Total Price

36 Months Schedule of Payment (Quarterly)

10% Saving on Lump Sum payment | 5% Rebate on 50% Payment

Rs. 10,000 at the time of Booking

 Installment No. Installment Detail  5 Marla Quarterly Installment  7 Marla Quarterly Installment  10 Marla Quarterly Installment  12 Marla Quarterly Installment  1 Kanal Quarterly Installment  2 Kanal Quarterly Installment 
1 Booking  210,000 274,000 360,000 398,000 540,000 1,060,000
Confirmation (30 Days) 210,000 274,000 360,000  398,000 540,000 1,060,000 
1st Quarter (After 90 Days)   140,000  185,000 240,000 270,000  360,000  710,000 
2nd Quarter 140,000  185,000 240,000  270,000  360,000   710,000  
3rd Quarter  140,000  185,000 240,000  270,000  360,000   710,000  
4th Quarter  140,000  185,000 240,000  270,000  360,000   710,000  
5th Quarter   140,000  185,000 240,000  270,000  360,000   710,000  
6th Quarter   140,000  185,000 240,000  270,000  360,000   710,000  
7th Quarter   140,000  185,000 240,000  270,000  360,000   710,000  
10  8th Quarter   140,000  185,000 240,000  270,000  360,000   710,000  
11  9th Quarter   140,000  185,000 240,000  270,000  360,000   710,000  
12  10th Quarter   140,000  185,000 240,000  270,000  360,000   710,000  
13  11th Quarter   140,000  185,000 240,000  270,000  360,000   710,000  
14  12th Quarter   140,000  157,000 240,000  214,000  360,000   710,000  
   TOTAL PKR Exc. Development  2,100,000 2,740,000  3,600,000 3,980,000 5,400,000  10,600,000
  (R/P/M/S Fee)   10,000 10,000  10,000  10,000  10,000  10,000 
  GRAND TOTAL (PKR)  2,110,000  2,750,000  3,610,000 3,990,000  5,410,000  10,610,000 

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Overseas Block

City of lights, sophistication and charm: Islamabad is giving you an opportunity to invest your money on your dream home and desired location. After the successful opening of the entire blocks, Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block is going to unleash with the best of residential facilities. The highlights of Overseas Block are: it has residential plots, residential villas, hospitality, food & beverages, health care, education and retail markets. Different blocks and phases of Capital Smart City Islamabad will be launched on month of April. The best time with best overseas block are offering you to invest for the betterment of future.

What this Project Aims & Reasons to Invest

Capital Smart City Islamabad is developed not simply just to provide a space where people can invest or have a home to spend a life. No, not at all! It has some other considerations and aspirations. It aims to update the living standards of people which are in need of development. It is developed on such trends and techniques where the new doors of ideal living are open for people.

This is what this project intends to provide people. A totally new and unique approach where they not simply just exist, but enjoy the living with the best of what this place has to offer. Its high intentions and aim to improve the lifestyle of people and facilitate them in every walk of life grabs the attention and heart of people towards this place. The splendid living is available to you within your budget as this project intends to advance the living standards of all not of the specific people.

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Why Choose Capital Smart City Islamabad?

Visit this place once and you will get to know that how much beneficial and attractive this housing society is. It is an amalgam of prime location, deluxe features, striking facilities, safe environment and flexible payment plan. All this is available in one place called Capital Smart City which offers a desirable place to star living significantly. People who are in search of upscale and updated version of living, there is no best choice other than this place. The investment and business opportunities are also very bright which add more to the favour of this project. So choose this place soon before it’s too late.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is good

Booking Procedure

Be a part of this place with much ease and convenience the booking procedure is free from all kind of ambiguities. This reliable project facilitates you not only during your residency here, but also before you start living here. Yes, you will face no problems during the booking process. It is really simple and understandable and you can have an ownership of the desired property very easily. You just have to fill a simple form and attach things which are given below:

  • CNIC Copy of Applicant

  • CNIC Copy of Nominee (Next to Kin)

  • 3 Photos of Applicant

  • Down Payment Amount

  • Membership Fee

Documents Required for Capital smart city booking for Overseas Pakistanis

  • NICOP Copy of Applicant

  • CNIC/NICOP Copy of Nominee (Next to Kin)

  • 3 Photos of Applicant

  • Down Payment Amount

  • Membership Fee


Health Zone

Commercial Zone

Educational Zone

IT Village

Community Center



Golf Course

Theme Park


Capital Smart City Islamabad Contact


Capital Smart City Islamabad Payment Plan | Location Map | Details
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