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Zeenat Block Iqbal Town Lahore is located on the front of Main Multan Road and is opposite to the Shah Farid Town. Huma Block is located very next to it towards eastern side, while Kashmir Block located towards southern side as well. The Zeenat Block is said to be the house for several Lollywood Stars while Bari Studio and Bari Film and TV Studios Pvt Ltd is also located in Zeenat Block of Iqbal Town Lahore. Zeenat Block is a residential Block of Iqbal Town Lahore. All plots have been converted into developed homes. Files of Zeenat Blok Iqbal Town Lahore are available. You can post your home of Zeenat Block for auction online on our site, while those who are seeking home can get updates of Zeenat Block Iqbal Town Lahore.

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