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The top most investment destinations in Allama Iqbal town are the houses in College Block Iqbal Town Lahore. In the days of financial crisis people are still investing in the real estate, as they want to have a reasonable earning of their investments. The people who want to make their money double in a short period of time can invest in the Iqbal town properties. Allama Iqbal town has amazing natural locations which people from all over the world like to visit and have a dream to own a house in one of its blocks. Many people from outside the city of Lahore are moving in Allama Iqbal town to have a house of their own, so by this reason we can say that the College Block of Iqbal town is the best area of investment for the investors. The College Block Iqbal town houses are not like those houses for which the people have to wait for the properties prices to raise and they can take their investment in the form of double.

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