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Airport Road Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is a City that offers business places, agriculture land, picnic points while the atmosphere of City makes it a good residential place to live and to earn livelihood from business activities. The city offers a complete and comprehensive living plan, i.e. complete infrastructure, entertaining points, playing grounds and International Standard Airport as well. Airport Road is located around Islamabad Airport and several housing units are located around Airport Road.


The area around Airport is fully developed and populated. Airport Road is located between two major roads of City named Islamabad Highway and G.T. Road while Airport Road is located around the Islamabad Airport which connects G.T. Road and Islamabad Highway. Fatima Jinnah Women University is last place around Airport Road Rawalpindi.

Airport Road:

Several housing schemes are located around Airport Housing Scheme, Fazal Town, Dhoke Raja Muhammad Khan Muhalla while the area around Airport Road is mostly occupied by Defense Forces like Air Force and Army. The Sectors of Askari Housing Schemes including Askari XII, Askari Villas, Askari III, Askari X, ASkari II, ASkari Iv, Askari V and Askari VIII. Others are Shah Khalid Colony, Chaklala Scheme 1, Chaklala Cantt, Raheemanabad, Maqbolabad, Jhanda Chichi, Police Lines, Civil Lines,

All of the above mentioned housing schemes, societies and colonies are well and fully developed in accordance to modern standards.

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