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Islamabad and Rawalpindi are twin city and both are now playing an important role for Pakistan in terms of trade, services, agriculture, and others. Rawalpindi is located on Southern part of Islamabad while a common Airport is also located in Rawalpindi used by Domestic and International movement while Military also use this airport for movements to other places of Pakistan. Airport Road Rawalpindi is developed and offers modern infrastructure and developments. This road connects two major roads i.e. G.T. Road passes from Western side of Rawalpindi and Islamabad Highway passes from Eastern side of City. Several Housing Schemes and Colonies are located around Airport Road including

Dhoke Raja Muhammad Khan Muhalla , Fazal Town, Airport Housing Scheme, Askari III, Askari IV, Askari V, Askari VIII  Asakri XII, Askari Villas, Chaklala Scheme 1, Chaklala Cantt, Maqbolabad, Raheemanabad, Police Lines and Civil Lines.

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