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Kahna Nau is a suburb area of Lahore City located on Main 23 KM Ferozpur Road Lahore. In past, Kahna Nau was used as Check Post between Lahore and Kasur Cities, residents of Kahna Nau are mainly relating to agriculture cultivation. However various developments project including Lahore Metro Bus and availability of resources are improving the life style of residents of Kahna Nau, now people of Kahna Nau can approach North-West Lahore via Metro Bus in just 40 minutes travelling via Metro Bus at low and subsidized cost. This is a good breakthrough for them. Several Commercial Banks are operating their branches, while cellular networks are also providing their services as well. Other facilities and amenities include education, health facilities, railway station and bus stop etc are causing increase in Kahna Nau Real Estate and know about the availability of Khana Nau Properties, Khana Nau Houses, Khana Nau Plots, Khana Nau Agriculture Land, keep visiting this page, you can also list your property at Khana Nau on this page if you are planning to sell it.

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