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Kahna Nau Lahore

Khana Nau is a part of Lahore District located on main Ferozpur Road Lahore. Kahna Nau falls under NA 129. Before independence, Kahna Nau was used as Check Post between two cities i.e. Lahore and Kasur. Kahna Nau mainly focuses on the production of agriculture products, however latest developments have played an important role to upgrade the area and life style of people.


Kahna Nau is a suburb area of Lahore city located about 18 KM away towards south from Kalama Chowk Lahore. It is located around main Ferozpur Road. It is located 4 KM of Rohi Nala.


Kahna Nau is a small village located on main Ferozpur Road Lahore. Kahna Nau has Hospitals and Rural Health Center to provide health facilities to residents. Government Schools and Private Schools exists, while Commercial Banks, Franchises of Cellular Networks also exists. Launch of Lahore Metro Bus has made it easy for the residents of Kahna Nau to access Lahore City at minimum cost.

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