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Zone 5 Islamabad

Islamabad city is divided into five zones, which are developed and constructed by following the rules of CDA (Capital development authority). The Zone 5 Islamabad is located near the zone 4, which is in its north side. In the south is the capital boundary.

There are many development societies in this zone. The most famous is the Jammu Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society. The covered area of zone 5 Islamabad is 39,029.45 acres. There are many schools, colleges, hospitals and parks in this zone. In zone 5 Islamabad the most famous Islamabad Park is located and it also consists of the rural areas of the city. The famous Soan River also flows inside the city from the zone 5 Islamabad. There are also community centers and gyms in this zone of Islamabad.  The most famous places in the zone 5 Islamabad are Jinnah gardens, Canyon Views, DHA, DHA Valley, Bahria Town, Anchorage, River Gardens and Al-Hamra. The residents who are living in these societies are very happy as they are able to enjoy fresh air and lush green views of Islamabad city.

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