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Zero Point Islamabad

Zero point Islamabad consists of wide scale development and infrastructure projects made by well-known property companies. The most famous in this region of Islamabad is “The Centaurus”. It consists of four towers, which includes a 7 star hotel, residential tower and Shopping Mall and Office towers. Zero point Islamabad is known as the Doorway of the city which has a vast fly-over and also a series of intersections of roads which are well architecturally designed.

This point also measures the distances and locations of all the nearby cities, villages and towns, which are to and from capital of Pakistan known as Islamabad. This point is also known as the landmark of Islamabad as almost every person living in or outside of Islamabad comes across this point on daily basis.

Famous places in Zero Point Islamabad

Zero point Islamabad is covered with almost very popular places which people from all over Pakistan like to visit when they come to Islamabad. The famous places in zero point Islamabad are:

        Pizza Hut

Fun City Pakistan

National Defence University

Margalla Hotel

Gloria Jeans Coffee House

PNCA (Pakistan National Council of Arts)

Rock Bistro


Karachi Company

Famous Murree road

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