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There is a very important point that the more your progress is the better your result will get eventually. This is the reason why every development authority which has a very nice repute concentrates on the relevant development. This relevant development includes the spreading of the proper housing scheme. So Multan previously had the major housing schemes but now these housing schemes will have the major and minor phases which will be included in the development. This is the reason why Wapda town is the most famous society of Multan because it has been declared the pioneer in the creation of new phases within the tag name of Wapda town. There are many reasons why societies develop several phases.

  • To provide the convenience to all the citizens equally.

  • To ensure every Wapda worker has a home and plot in this scheme. No matter where they are appointed.

  • To enable the good quality of residence and increase the standards overall.


Wapda Town Multan Phase 2 Location Map

This area is one the Northern Bypass. There are all the important banks and the commercial areas which are required to declare this location one of the best location in Multan. All the nearby places are used for the residents. That is the reason why this location is the choice of many people who want an urbanized and more developed lifestyle. So you can have all the following places,

Allied Bank

There are many top banks which are present really close to the Wapda town phase 2 Multan. Allied Bank is also present near this area. You can achieve this destination just after 3 mins from the phase 2.

Central Mosque

There is a central mosque which is present and it represents the unity of the Muslim community in Wapda Town Phase 2. There are many mosques which are developed near each block so that residents won't feel any ambiguity in offering prayers five times a day. All of these mosques are design to show the peace and the preaching of Islam.

Restaurants and Café

There are men restaurants and cafés which are present near the residence in Wapda Town Multan Phase 2.

Bundu Khan is just 5 mins drive away from Wapda town Phase 2 Multan

London Street is one of the most well know food point in Multan. This is known for the international cuisine and the ambience. This restaurant is 6 to 7 mins away from phase 2 Wapda town Multan.

Salt and pepper did not need the introduction. This is also 5 mins drive away from Wapda Town Multan Phase 2

Moreover, other restaurants like Mc Donalds and KFC is also present nearby.

Hospitals and Healthcare Units

From Nishtar hospital to city hospitals all the great health care units are near Wapda Town Multan Phase 2. This is the coolest and the most comforting thing which could happen to the residents that health care units are so near to their residence.

Educational Complex

There are many famous educational complexes which are pretty close to your residence in Wapda town Multan Phase 2. These schools are City School Multan, Bloom field hall and Multan central school. Beacon house is also 5 to 10 mins drive away from your residence in Wapda town Multan Phase 2.

Wapda Town Multan Phase 2 Features


-Lush Green Parks 

-Carpeted Roads 




-Proper Electrification 

-Clean Water 

-Sui Gas 

-Ideal location  

Wapda Town Multan Phase 2 Developers

This housing scheme as the name is suggesting is the program of providing the comfortable residence to the workers of Wapda. These plots are provided to the workers of Wapda who want to construct their home or want the investment for the future.

The basic aim of the housing scheme is to provide the residence to the workers of Wapda. They won't have any problem in building their house after retirement.


There are much reasons which will force you to join this residential scheme and be a part of it. The biggest reason is that there are very less amount of frauds which are found here in Wapda town Multan. Because this society is organized by the government itself. There are many plots which are sold by the residents to their relatives and known people only. This creates a big difference. That is the reason why only trusted people can have the golden chance to buy a property here at Wapda Town Multan Phase 2. Book your plot now from your site, as we are also a trusted source. Because your location is our destination.

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