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Multan is known for the spiritual energy it holds and the composed for of culture it has which represents our country and religion. We don’t figure out this fact that this is a very weird reason that doesn’t let Multan get the massive success and get developed. Even though this should be the reason for more development and popularity of Multan. But most of the people done understand this calculation but now many famous builders and construction companies are paying massive attention towards this side of Punjab as well. The biggest example is a new project of Wapda town phase 1 in Multan. Now, this housing scheme is also making its way in the heart of Multan, creating a real and major difference between the actual and the fake urbanization standard. Everyone can get the dream home and the best investment chances with Wapda town phase 1.

Houses for Sale

Here the main and the detailed information will be provided on the Wapda Town Multan Phase 1 so that all those who want to the purchaser a dream home or want a secure investment in Multan won't feel ambiguity finding their perfect destination which meets their all the requirements.

Wapda Town Multan Phase 1 Location Map

Now let me tell you that Wapda Town Multan Phase 1 is on the most ideal location in Multan. This location is specially devoted to providing the people with proper education and the occupational convenience. The easy access to all the parts of the city. It is present on the Multan bypass road. This road is the centre point, through this road you can travel all the parts of Multan within minutes. Wapda town bus stop is so near that you can easily travel in the public transport and save your money.

Houses for Sale in Wapda Town Multan Phase 1

There are houses for sale in Wapda Town Multan Phase 1. Houses that are made to give you the best living standards. Houses that can be available to your upcoming generations too. But, it's up to you whether you are going to avail them or not. Find wapda town multan phase 1 houses and see what's in them for you.

Plots for Sale in Wapda Town Multan Phase 1

Wapda Town Multan Phase 1 Map

Wapda town multan phase 1 map is what can tell you about how this extension is created. What are the number of plots you are getting, and what are the facilities you are going to get.

Essentials in Wapda Town Multan

Chugtai labs, one of the most popular libraries in Pakistan in right in front of the Wapda Town Phase 1 Multan.

Wapda town administration office is 5 mins away from Phase 1 Multan.

Cafés and Restaurants

Moreover many important places of Multan including the famous restaurants and cafés are also near to Wapda town phase 1 Multan. Dewaan is the best restaurant in Multan and it is next to the Wapda Town Phase 1. This is a place where you can go and enjoy your family time. Spicy bites are the best place for hangouts with family and friends. Your residence in Wapda town phase 1 will be 5 mins away from this restaurant.

Wapda Town Multan Phase 1 Features

There are many places in Multan which lack the proper facilities. There might be many societies which are providing the extraordinary features but there are very few which provide them for all. Wapda town has the aim to facilitate all those government workers in Wapda which don’t have a proper place to live in any other place of Multan. That is the reason why all the major facilities including even the minor features have been included in Wapda Town Multan Phase 1

Let’s get towards the features which are provided to the residents in Wapda Town Multan Phase 1.

Modern Infrastructure

This phase of the society is blessed with the best infrastructure overall. You can design your home the way you want to design it. One thing is kept in mind while designing the map of the homes that every home has the proper room and space for the entire essential component which is required. This is the reason why this phase represents the best example of the modern infrastructure overall.

Wide Roads

During the construction, one thing was kept in mind that all the roads are developed in such a way that traffic does not get jammed. All the roads are designed properly and accurately after keeping in mind the relevance and need for properly developed roads. Not only the main roads but this thing is also kept in mind that all the roads in the streets and in front of the homes are enough wide that people won’t face any ambiguity at all.

Health Care Clinics

There are many pharmacies and the healthcare units which are working in the society. These healthcare units include Yashfeen Pharmacy. There are many important hospitals which are very close to Wapda town Multan phase 1.

Shopping Centers

The most important aspect of a residential place is the shopping centres which are near it. All the resident of Wapda town Multan Phase 1 seems very lucky in this perspective. They have the best shopping areas near their home. This is also good for those who like to live at the place where shopping centres are very close as they like crowded areas.

Commercial Areas

There is a huge commercial area which is present in almost all sectors of Wapda Town Phase 1. You can shop grocery for all the types from these commercial stores. This is the best feature of phase 1 that all the things are provided to you in front of your doorstep. You don’t need to travel all the way just to buy stuff.

Central Mosque

There is a central mosque which is present in Phase. This phase is specially designed for the best and the convenient lifestyle. This mosque is for all the residents to pray five times a day. This is to show the unity of the Muslim community overall.


The most important thing is the need of playgrounds in most of the societies in Multan is that they did find it important to arrange the facilities in a proper way, we all know that playground is the very important aspect of the urban development. This is the reason why every sector of the Wapda town has a playground as a compulsion in it. Moreover, these playgrounds have the swing and the green grass for creating a cool ambience.

Jogging Tracks

Then comes the jogging track for the fitness lovers. The jogging track is developed within the playground, parks and these are also built inside plus outside the grounds. This is the reason why everyone uses these track that the structure is constructed after proper research about the fitness aspects of the human body and the material which will help the people to reduce weight more effectively, without affecting their bones in a negative way while running.


This is a very major issue in Pakistan nowadays. There are many areas where there is no electricity when a single rainfall happening monsoon. We know that load shedding might be an issue but the wiring should be done in such a way that due to weather conditions the supply of electricity is not at all affected. That is the reason why all the electricity is supplied through the underground wirings.

Water Supply

Then comes the water supply which is not provided in most of the areas of Multan. People have to wait for hours and days for the water and they have to store the water in containers which supports many diseases as well. In these severe conditions, Wapda town Multan Phase 1 has provided the proper water supply through the tube well and the storage through the proper water storage tanks which are present for each lane and sectors separately.

Sui Gas Supply

Then comes the Sui gas supply. This is also a very important aspect of the Wapda town Multan phase 1. There is a proper pipeline system which has been placed underground so that there is not even a single home where Sui gas supply is not proper. This is a very big initiative as many areas in Multan are still striving for this facility.

Wapda Town Multan Phase 1 Developers

There are no specific names of the developers r company which is behind this mega project. This is developed for the workers of Wapda by the government of Pakistan. There are many aims which are linked with this project and few are mentioned below.

This project has been a very important aspect to provide the proper residence to the workers of Wapda in Pakistan.

This project includes all types of the homes which are available in a very small instalment and easy to pay payment plans.

There is reserved plots which are present for the workers of Wapda

These plots could be given the people if the worker who has a plot creates a reference.


The most important thing is the proper development in the city of Multan. There are many societies which are providing many things but they lack the location proficient 0of the fluency in the facilities. This is the reason why people move towards the more expensive areas. The person who has a very low income and works in a department of Wapda can’t afford their own home in other areas. That is the reason why this initiative was taken by the government of Punjab so that every worker will have a secure future. It depends s on the investor that either they get settled or use their plot as a source of good investment. The concessions in the prices are done only for the workers of the Wapda. Moreover, this is an ideal living place for all the citizens of Multan. If your not worker of Wapda then tries your luck with us! We at are here to facilitate you in all the conditions because your location is our destination!

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