The Islamabad city is the city of beauty and nature that holds thousands of colors of nature and tranquility of serenity. The city hosts the combination of different cultures and heritages and also holds an ideal and strategic position into the map of Pakistan. Islamabad is also the capital of Pakistan and ranked as the 2nd most beautiful capital in the world. The city is also considered as the secure and has been divided into different safety zones. Moreover, the city is one of the developed city and has all the excess life facilities including health, best education, better job services and also the best entertainment facilities.

These are the few reasons why individuals from all over the world like to stay and dwell in Islamabad. Because people are developing so fast and by every passing day they are getting more and more advanced, so they want everything perfect and superior. Even they want to live at the place that is full of luxuries and conveniences and has an outstanding outlook. So, to fulfill all the above requirements and provide an ultra-luxury package at one of the most prestigious locations of Islamabad at Bahria Enclave.

The Centrium is an eye-catching and unusual project that has been beautifully designed with stunning and sustainable architecture. The project is a fantastic apartment complex which has been remarkably constructed to provide living spaces for different family sizes. The project will be an excellent and perfect for you to live in Islamabad which has an ideal location, a perfect architecture, and state of the art amenities.



The project has been developed by one of the most prestigious and idyllic construction group of Pakistan by Eaglegate properties. The developers are the most recognized developers which have presented many multi-purpose including both the commercial and residential projects. They are the pioneer in constructing and developing commercial projects in residential areas to give people convenience for their business needs. They have a team of highly experienced professionals, architectures, designers and engineers who work with full devotions and commitment. They work with high dedication and fulfill all their commitment to quality standards and timely delivery.



Now coming to the most important factor of the project that is the place the project is situated at Bahria Enclave Islamabad near Galleria Mall. The location chosen for the project is ideal as it is the major commercial hub of the city which gives a convenient access from Kashmir Highway, Islamabad Highway, and Lehtrar Road. The Most famous and convenient roads of city Chak Shahzad, Kuri Road, and Park Road are also found nearby the project.


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Project Plan

The project has been masterly designed, and each and every detail of the project has been outstandingly finished and integrated. The project will be offering state of the art and fantastically architected apartments and duplexes of 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bedrooms. The Centrium provides a range of spacious 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, thus giving the destined owners an extensive range to choose according to their family. The every apartment of the building reflects a beautiful and marvelous execution of function and flexibility. Each and every detail of the rooms of the apartment from the ceilings and walls to heightened furniture and artwork you will find a blend of elegance and simplicity which will suit all the requirements of individual spaces and lifestyles. Different room settings each with its collection work in harmony to provide the ultimate comfort in premium condominium living.


Booking details

The developers have provided a comfortable and convenient payment plan for the interested investors, and they can purchase flats both on cash and installments as well. For the reservation of apartment, the investor will have to pay the 25% down payment. And the remaining 75% amount will be payable in 16 quarterly installments.


The Centrium Islamabad Payment Plan
Apartment Type  Size per sqft Rate Per Sqft Accomodation Booking Installment Total Installment On Possession Total Price
Suit             845           4,500  01 B            950,000           150,000                   2,400,000             450,000          3,800,000
A-Emerald           1,828           5,000  3 Bed         2,350,000           375,000                   6,000,000             950,000          9,300,000
AA-Sapphire           1,932           5,000  03 Bed         2,400,000           400,000                   6,400,000             900,000          9,700,000
B-Ruby           1,529           4,500  02 Bed         1,700,000           275,000                   4,400,000             775,000          6,875,000
B-Ruby           1,529           5,000  3 Bed         1,900,000           300,000                   4,800,000             950,000          7,650,000
65-Opal           1,655           5,000  4 Bed         2,100,000           350,000                   5,600,000             600,000          8,300,000
61-Pearl           1,242           4,500  5 Bed         1,400,000           225,000                   3,600,000             600,000          5,600,000
82-Amber           1,347           4,500  6 Bed         1,500,000           250,000                   4,000,000             575,000          6,075,000
83-Zarcon           1,238           4,500  7 Bed         1,400,000           225,000                   3,600,000             575,000          5,575,000
84           1,326           4,500  01 Bed         1,500,000           225,000                   3,600,000             875,000          5,975,000
65-Crystal           1,093           4,500  02 Bed          1,200,000           200,000                   3,200,000             525,000          4,925,000
C           1,001           4,500  01 Bed         1,100,000           175,000                   2,800,000             600,000          4,500,000
CC           1,108           4,500  2 Bed         1,250,000           200,000                   3,200,000             650,000          5,000,000
XL-Diamond           2,448           5,000  03 Bed         3,050,000           500,000                   8,000,000           1,200,000         12,250,000



-High-Speed Elevators

-Backup Generators

-Movie Theater

-Community club

-Security office

-Health Center

-International Standard School

-24/7 CCTV Installation