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Taramrri Islamabad

Taramrri Islamabad is a residential area of Islamabad located on Lehtrar Road. Ali Pur is located very next to it on same Lehtrar Road. Park Road ends in front of Taramrri on Lehtrar Road. Taramrri is an old residential area and has a typical residential plan to offer to its residents. Located towards eastern side of Islamabad is located at a distance of 6 KM only while one can easily approach all part of Rawalpindi and Islamabad by approaching Islamabad Highway. Taramrri residents are provided by all facilities that any area that falls in cantonment area, like water treatment, sewerage, drainage, electricity, gas, street lights, hospitals, mosque, banks, markets and government schools. The homes at Taramrri are mixture of new and traditional style which makes the life style at Taramrri moderate.

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