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- Well-Planned Housing Scheme in Islamabad 

- Located closely to CDA sectors I-14 & I-15

- NOC Approved by RDA

- Offering Residential & Commercial Plots 

- Luxury Villas for Sale 

- 1.5 & 2.5 Year Easy Installment Plans

- 20% Down Payment 

- Equipped with all Facilities 

Taj Residencia Islamabad is an ideal living and investment destination. This housing scheme comprises residential plots, commercial plots, and villas. The Sardar Group of companies has developed this project at an ideal location in Islamabad. Located on Lakho Road, this project enjoys proximity to Islamabad sector I-14 and I-15.

You can easily access Taj Residencia location from all parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Taj Residencia housing scheme is a dream project that is exclusively developed to give a high-standard living to people. Furthermore, the best investment opportunities are available here to secure your future. With affordable rates, you can book a plot in Taj Residencia. This place delivers the best to you while ensuring a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

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Facilities and Features

Islamabad real estate has seen a sudden rise in the past few years. There are many best housing schemes in Islamabad to live and invest in that offer great value of money. The stunning gated communities and ventures aim to fulfill the residential needs of people according to advanced standards. Each society comprises modern amenities, features, and an ideal ambiance.

Taj Residencia Islamabad

Taj Residencia is a master-planned community that is a significant addition to Islamabad real estate profile. Here, you can enjoy a pleasant, luxurious and eco-friendly environment. Along with exclusive residence, the society is best for investment. Society offers all that you have dreamed of.

Offering a refreshing and beautiful view of green hills, this well-planned community offers incredible living full of peace and luxury. Spread over a large land area, the society is comprised of many blocks. Taj Residencia plots for sale ensure high-future returns on your investment today. Hence, the development work is going on at a fast pace.

This housing scheme has a lot of investment potential thus the living facilities are also incredible. People who desire to upgrade their lifestyle while enjoying peaceful, clean, and fresh surroundings will find Taj Residencia housing society Islamabad a great choice. The project aims to be splendid at highly competitive rates.

Taj Residencia Islamabad

Being one of the best real estate developments in Islamabad, Taj Residencia offers a matchless level of style and quality. The developers have planned everything excellently according to international trends. Along with luxurious amenities, you can enjoy lush green surroundings full of refreshment. However, a healthy and comfortable lifestyle is guaranteed along with high-end security.

Among all other Islamabad housing schemes, this project is enjoying a great reputation because of its ideal location, top-notch development, and world-class facilities. Also, Taj Residencia payment plan is extremely convenient making it easy for everyone to own a property in this sustainable and luxurious venture.

The investment prospect is high in this society that is the cause of its high demand in the market. Plots for sale in Taj Residencia Islamabad can be booked in easy installments. Hence, the potential investors are very inclined to buy commercial plots, residential plots, or villas here. All the property types ensure the best value of money.

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Taj Residencia Approved by RDA  

Taj Residencia Islamabad is RDA approved housing scheme in Islamabad. This approval was long-awaited by the investors however it is now officially announced by Taj Residencia owner and management. Taj Residencia Islamabad NOC has been issued by RDA thus the society is accomplishing the development work according to the legal rule and regulation. The project plan, extension, and design have also been approved by the authorities. Hence, this place is a secure and beneficial investment hub with a legal status that is an extremely important aspect to consider for investors.

Taj Residencia Islamabad Plots for Sale 

Being one of the best housing schemes in Islamabad, Taj Residencia is offering exceptional residential and investment opportunities. Society is planned exclusively at the most ideal location. However, various residential plots for sale are made part of this project. The plots are available at various locations within the society including regular, corner, or Main Boulevard. Park-facing plots for sale are also available. 

Taj Residencia plot for sale offers the best value of money. You can book your desirable property with an easy installment plan. Hence, quick possession is guaranteed after which you can start constructing your home. The investment potential is also high here because of top-notch development and ideal location. Taj Residencia 3.5 Marla plots are among the hot properties. By investing today in Taj Residencia Islamabad, you can encounter huge benefits in the future. The project is offering residential plots in the following sizes!

- 5 Marla

- 8 Marla

- 10 Marla

- 1 Kanal

- 2 Kanal

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Taj Residencia 3.5 Marla New Booking

People who are looking for affordable yet fruitful investment must consider Taj Residencia Islamabad. This is a place offering incredible opportunities to potential buyers. According to Taj Residencia latest news, the long-awaited 3.5 Marla plots for sale are now available in this society. These plots are limited thus possess high market value and demand. As compared to other properties. 3.5 Marla is a low-cost plot in this housing society. This is a limited-time offer thus few plots are left.

Taj Residencia Houses for Sale

Live remarkably in the midst of luxury with Taj Villas Islamabad featuring the best amenities. With the use of advanced technology and resources, Taj Residencia Islamabad villas are the epitome of luxury. These Dream Villas are set at an ideal location from where you can enjoy incredible scenes of surroundings. Hence, the modern and classical arrangements of villas are worth noticing. All the residential spaces are planned to be designed exceptionally to ensure a dream living full of comforts and convenience.

Taj Villas are matchless in terms of structure with high-end interior and exterior. You can buy Taj Residencia house for sale in different sizes and the best construction styles. With the advanced construction approach and best material, these villas are available in Modern, Eclectic, and Mediterranean styles. You can buy Dream Villas here according to your family's needs. These villas are available in multiple sizes. Hence, all of them embody true style with comfort, luxury, and innovation. Hence, prices vary according to the villa sizes. This society offers villas in the following sizes!

· 10 Marla Villa Mediterranean

· 10 Marla Villa Eclectic

· 10 Marla Villa Modern

· 14 Marla Villa

· 1 Kanal villa

· 1 Kanal Model Villa

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Taj Residencia Islamabad Payment Plan

For a secure and futuristic investment, Taj Residencia is the right place. Society offers advantageous opportunities to enthusiast buyers. Whether you want to start living ideally or looking to secure your future, this project has so much to offer you. Hence, Taj Residencia Islamabad payment plan is highly flexible and convenient. This allows people to book a plot in this place without any burden. Because of the ideal location and top-notch development, the property prices here continue to increase. However, this is a great time to invest here as Taj Residencia payment plan is attractive. Hence, the society offers 2, 5-year installment plans as well as 1.5-year plans. People can choose the payment plan at their convenience.

Taj Residencia commercial plots payment plan, as well as a residential plots payment plan, are appealing. You can book residential plots with 20% down payment. Hence, the down payment for commercial plots is 25%. After the payment, the plot possession will be provided within 90 days. You can choose Taj Residencia installment plan of 2.5 years or 1.5 years. 6% discount will also be granted on full payment. Taj Residencia villas payment plan is also flexible. You need to pay 10% down payment for villa booking. 10% extra charges will be applied on the park-facing plots, corner plots, and boulevard plots.

Taj Residencia Installment Plan 2021 (2.5 Year)

Taj Residencia payment plan

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Taj Residencia Installment Plan 2021 (1.5 Year)

Taj Residencia payment plan 2021

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Taj Residencia Villas Payment Plan

Taj Residencia Villas Payment Plan

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Taj Residencia 3.5 Marla Payment Plan

Taj Residencia payment plan 2021 is designed very appealing while keeping in view all the requirements of the clients. With a certain amount of down payment, you can book a plot or villa here for the high future returns and idealist sort of living. The prices of properties are different according to their size however all of them are priced favorably for the ease of customers. Taj Residencia Islamabad installment plan 2021 offers immense flexibility to buyers so that they can own property without going out of budget. 

The current prices of plots are convenient which will increase with the passage of time making it a safe and secure investment for all. The easy installment policy is introduced which makes buying easier for the interested buyers. From all the perspectives, this project is the most secure and profitable investment for all which has the potential to comply with the real estate market varying conditions and requirements.

Taj Residencia 3.5 Marla Plots Payment Plan

The sustainable approach and high value make it an ideal choice for everyone who wants to improve the quality and standards of living. There is no need to be worried about complicated booking procedures or high prices as society has made it easy for you to be a property owner without facing payment difficulties. Your investment here will remain completely secure as long as you want however the resale value of the properties for sale will be very high. The worth of plots and villas will be multiplied in the coming years indicating that it is the most suitable time to invest in this project. 

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Taj Residencia Islamabad Project Details

Taj Residencia is in the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi Development authority thus spread over almost 1907 Kanal land. CDA sectors I-14 and I-15 are closely located. However, the major Islamabad points are easily accessible from this society. Taj Residencia project plan includes many Blocks including A, B, C, and D, Block E and F will also be launched soon.

In the developed block, the booking is open for plots. Taj Residencia houses for sale are also under construction to provide the best living opportunities to people. The developers are also going to make Centaurus II part of this housing scheme that is a commercial as well as a residential hub.

Here, the luxury lifestyle along with natural and beautiful surroundings give you peace of mind. Recently, the project has also been approved by the concerned authorities. Taj Residencia Islamabad payment plan is highly convenient thus allows you to be a property owner at the most strategic place.

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Where is Taj Residencia Located?

Like all other factors, the location of Taj Residencia Islamabad is incredible. The society is strategically located in Islamabad near CDA sector I – 14 & I – 15 at the crossroads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The society is easily accessible from Thalian interchange, I-14, and I-16 sector. The accessibility will further increase after the construction of Ring-Road Rawalpindi. Moreover, Islamabad International Airport is just a few minutes away from Taj Residencia.

Taj Residencia Islamabad map is designed excellently that make this society well-connected to all the major attractions. All the basic and advanced facilities are closely available to this housing scheme. The surroundings are peaceful and beautiful.

Taj Residencia location map

This is the most prime area where many remarkable projects are established and gaining high value with every passing day. Many important highways and roads are connected with this community increasing its linkage to the city. This project is enjoying a great appreciation in the market because of its ideal location. 

Taj Residencia location is also attracting a large number of potential buyers and investors. This place is very well connected to all the important parts of the city while all the necessities are enclosed to make one’s living convenient. The central location of this project makes it vital and worthy of living and investment purposes where the price values will surely increase in the coming time.

The investors and buyers will get higher returns and value of their money because of the developed location and accessibility. Residents will find the address very favorable to live in due to seamless connectivity and proximity to all the necessities. From the living as well as from investment point of view, this society enjoys the best location. 

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Taj Residencia Master Plan

Taj Residencia development plan is excellent aiming to create a uniquely designed place close to Islamabad International Airport. Hence, this society covers almost 1907 Kanal land. Being developed exclusively according to the latest trends, this place offers a lifestyle you always craved for. Taj Residencia housing society comprises several blocks and sectors.

The modern infrastructure and beautiful landscaping are made part of this project. Hence, all the architectural work is being carried out by experts and professionals by using innovative techniques. In Taj Residencia Islamabad, the modern infrastructural development is very well combined with natural surroundings. This allows residents to enjoy peace as well as a facilitated living.

The urban infrastructure of this society is something exceptional where attention is given to each and every detail. The road structure is excellent with an extensive main boulevard. Jogging, walking and driving tracks are different for the convenience of people. Hence t, the whole environment of the society is peaceful, secure, and eco-friendly. Taj Residencia development plan makes this society an ultra-modern living hub.

Taj Residencia Master Plan


Here, residential plots for sale, commercial plots for sale, villas, and apartments are available to fulfill the living and investment needs of people. Taj Residencia phase 1 has been announced by the authorities. Hence, Phase 2 will also be launched as the work on it has already started. The developers aim to extend this project while making it the mega real estate project in Islamabad.

This luxury project is offering high-end living standards hence this is also a new commercial hub. The Centaurus Mall – II is also a part of this project thus various other surprising facilities are also there. The clubs, theme parks, gym, shopping centers, and many other amenities are made part of this housing scheme. Taj Residencia master plan is designed by an expert where everything is exceptional to fulfill all your concerns.

Along with the state of the infrastructure and architecture, natural beauty significantly influences the overall design. All the roads have green belts thus various other landscapes, parks, playgrounds, and green spaces are made part of this community. All the plots and residential units are very well-connected with the major parts of the society. This makes all the facilities and amenities easily accessible to all. From the society, you will be able to enjoy incredible scenic views of rolling hills and green areas.

This gives you a sense of peace and satisfaction in a real sense. Taj Residencia facilities are truly amazing that include a graveyard, hotel, mosque, restaurants, shopping mall, commercial center and so much more. Also, this gated community is fully secure and private where you can enjoy a sense of freedom while surrounded by exceptional natural beauty. From all perspectives, Taj Residencia Islamabad is a remarkable project with a world-class development approach.

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Taj Residencia Development Status

According to Taj Residencia latest news, the development work is going on at a fast pace. This is a mega housing project offering top-notch living and investment options. However, society is planned innovatively to cater to the needs of modern investors. This large project comprises eleven blocks. Hence, the four blocks including Block A, B, C, and D are under construction. The expert engineers, designers, and workers are giving detail to each and every part.

People have also started building homes in these blocks. Also, the major infrastructural work is going according to the advanced standards. The developers aim to speed up Taj Residencia development work despite the growing investment and residential demand here. Even in the development phase, society is offering the best value of money. Taj Residencia plot prices will increase after the completion of construction work so this is the right time to book your plot here.


Taj Residencia development update

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Taj Residencia Islamabad Developers

This is a project of Sardar Group of Companies, the same developers of The Centaurus Mall. After the success of Centaurus Mall, the developers initiate the top-notch residential project in Islamabad named Taj Residencia. The developers are also going to develop Centaurus Mall 2 within this housing scheme.

Taj Residencia Islamabad is a remarkable development that is going to change the living standards of people by providing exclusive ways of living. The developers are very much concerned about the living standards, quality, and affordability of the clients and they have gathered all this in this remarkable development which will change the living concepts by offering exclusive amenities to the residents. 

Sardar Developers always maintained the international standards and modern approach in all of their projects because of which they enjoy a valuable reputation in the market. This place provides the best residential and investment opportunities to people. Hence, this is the epitome of luxury and a symbol of excellence that defines the unique ideas of the developers.

Professionalism, honesty, integrity, and high quality are the core elements because of which people find it safe to invest in the projects presented by Sardar Group of Companies. This top-class project is the best choice for those who want to alter their living style. Also, you can get a higher investment return in the form of resale value which will continue to increase. Taj Residencia developers have kept in mind the advanced standards and concepts while planning this project.

For everyone who craves to attain something exceptional for their family and future, you must invest in Taj Residencia plots for sale. Taj Residencia houses for sale are also worth investing in. Sardar Group is a proud developer that aims to exceed excellence with top-notch construction, architecture, and infrastructural development. Surely, this housing scheme is a remarkable development in Islamabad providing exceptional living and investment opportunities. 

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Taj Residencia Islamabad Facilities & Features

Taj Residencia Islamabad aims to raise the living standard of all the people. Moreover, the proper project plan is to increase the demand for such homes and provide more urbanization to the clients as this is the demand of today’s world. You can book your dream property here which will not only prove to be the best residential scheme but also the best future investment.

Taj Residencia facilities and features are exceptional. The developers want to give you an exceptional and convenient living. Despite this, all kinds of features and amenities are made part of this society. This will elevate the living quality and standards as the whole project is incredibly planned. Living here is a matter of great comfort while having the best options around. With the passage of time, this place is developing even more while the best villa living is ensured here because of the following communal and social amenities. Let’s discuss them in detail!

Perfect Location

This project enjoys the city’s best and ideal location close to your heart and all the main attractions and facilities of the city. Hence, it enjoys access to all the major attractions. Such a strategic and prime location provides the availability of every convenience to the residents while the future value of such a connected and developed location is also very high.

Serene and Peaceful Surroundings

Taj Residencia provides you with an opportunity to live a serene and peaceful living while surrounded by an amazing environment. This project is positioned among green hills and beautiful landscapes that allow you to take a deep breath and feel the real meaning of calmness. The overall environment is highly appealing, healthy, and delightful to live in. 

High Alert Security 

Your safety and security come first and this place considers this factor with great care. This gated community assures a higher level of protection to the residents with the dedicated surveillance team, security guards, and latest CCTV monitoring. All the areas and surroundings are completely secure and reliable to live while no unauthorized persons can enter the place without checking or permission.

Modern Infrastructure

Taj Residencia Islamabad has the most attractive, auspicious, and advanced infrastructure that fulfills all the global requirements. All the roads are carpeted and clean around the villas or plots with green belts. Hence, Taj Residencia houses for sale feature incredible exterior and interior designs. The modern and secure infrastructure of this project increases the worth of properties here in the present as well as in the coming time.

Clean Environment

A clean, peaceful and hygienic living environment is guaranteed to the residents of this society. There is a proper management staff that looks after the cleanliness of the surroundings and keeps the environment clean all the time. There is an advanced sewerage system with underground pipelines.  

Well-designed Villas 

This project hosts some of the most stylish and designer villas for sale, where living would be an incredible experience in the midst of world-class luxuries. All the villas have advanced specifications, well-designed bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and other areas while having the best interior and exterior.

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Parks and Landscapes

This is the most beautiful living community where a serene and calm living in the midst of greenery is available. Many small and large parks, botanical gardens, and safari parks are made part of this project. People can have quality time with their friends and families by spending time in the company of nature while close to their homes.


The residents of Taj Residencia Islamabad will find the place much appealing as they will find all the basic necessities of life close to their residents. People will find the best health care and medical facilities. 

Royal Club 

To spend quality and entertaining time with your family, a Royal club is a part of Taj Residencia development plan. Hence, a lot of fitness and health opportunities are also there so that you can spend a relaxing time at the pool, restaurant, cinema or spa. 

Electricity & Clean Water 

The residence of this society will have continued access to all the utilities including electricity, clean water, and gas, however, uninterrupted living is guaranteed with the availability of all the basic as well as advanced facilities. 

Grand Mosque 

There is a beautiful and grand mosque with spacious space. Almost 600 to 700 worshippers can offer prayer here at the same time. The mosque is easily accessible from all parts of society. 

Commercial Hub

The society is a great residential place thus also a home to various commercial activities. Taj Residencies commercial sectors, shopping malls, and other places add more to the worth of this society. Here, commercial plots for sale are also available with future value. Centaurus Mall 2 is a major attraction in Taj Residencia Islamabad that offers the best shopping and retail opportunities. 

Mini Golf Club 

For golf enthusiasts, there is also a mini-golf course available for entertaining time to spend with your friends or family. A sports complex is also made part of this community. 

Eye Park 

Eye Park is the most interesting and appealing part of Royal Residencia project plan. This is an international standard park that will be formed in the shape of a human eye. Here, you can spend quality time among different flowers, trees, and greenery for a relaxed time. 

Taj Residencia Islamabad is an ideal living and investment hub offering incredible opportunities to potential buyers. Here, you can buy residential plots, commercial plots, and villas as per your requirements. Contact the expert team of wall.pk now to book your plot in Taj Residencia with a flexible payment plan. 

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