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The smart, innovative, and advanced living is no more a dream when Smart Villas are here. It will be Pakistan's most significant and very first smart home project where new technologies will be applied in every aspect. The capital smart city is Pakistan's largest and top-class project, which is developed on the excellent and innovative ideas. People who choose this place either for living, investing, or business purposes gain incredible profits from all the perspectives.

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Community Features

Because of excellent response and appreciation, this place is offering something exceptional in the form of Smart Villas for those who want to raise their living standards to a new level. The launch of smart villas is a matter of very proud and success, which is offering advanced and global standard facilities to people. These well-constructed and uniquely designed villas are planned to developed according to the global concepts.

smart villas

New and smart technologies and development ideas are used in these villas to provide people something unusual and auspicious in its real sense. The project is especially for those who want to maintain their living standards high and enjoy each second of their life while surrounded by excellent amenities. The project is going through the development where the work is going on a rapid basis.

smart villas

This futuristic project will change the face of real estate in Pakistan by introducing new living standards rich with advancement and innovation. The smart homes will provide people with a sense of satisfaction, delight, and comforts all the time. Here life will get a new meaning packed with appealing features and high quality.

This project is a remarkable development which highly presents exclusivity, smartness, advancement, and luxurious residential concepts. You will get to know that what a luxurious and smart living means while life becomes full of delights and comforts during your residence here.

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Project Plan

This new and classy project is offering well-designed villas in the following sizes:

  •          660 sft Villa Apartments

  •          856 sft Villa Apartments

The villas are further divided into the two main categories according to interior designing, development status, and accommodations. From these options, you can choose the villas which are suitable for your family. These low-cost flats are suitable and ideal for families who want to enjoy luxurious lifestyle.

smart villas plan

All these villas are well-equipped while stylishly and elegantly designed. Because of the high and auspicious development where all the latest and tremendous concepts are applied in the best possible manner. As the name prevails that the homes are designed smartly where all the appliances and systems can be controlled with your mobile device.

smart homes plan

The sensors, room temperature, security system, and many other things will be in your control where you can manage all very easily. You will get a real and significant sort of living experience having all the facilities close to you.

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Smart Villas Islamabad Payment Plan

The developers and management of the smart villas have announced its initial payment plan. Booking has started already, and potential buyers have begun occupying properties here. Easy installment policies of 4 years are available through which you can own your dream home packed with all the latest amenities and facilities.

Harmony Park Block Apartment Villas Payment Plan

Harmony Park is a newly developed block in Capital Smart city which is offering the most affordable investment opportunities to people. You can book low-cost apartAfter paying the 10% down payment, you can book your place here quickly as the rest of the booking procedure is very easy. The 10% confirmation charges are also applied after one month. The first installment will be 10% of the total amount while the rest of the installments will be 7%.

In Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block, you can selct villa of your own choice after paying 25% of the total amount. As we have already discussed that there are villas available in different sizes and categories, so the price plan for the villa apartments are as follows:

Harmony Park Block Capital Smart City Islamabad

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Smart Villas Payment Plan

This new and classy project is offering well-designed and smart houses in the following sizes:

  •          5 Marla Smart Villas
  •          7 Marla Smart Villas 
  •          10 Marla Smart Villas
  •          12 Marla Smart Villas 
  •          1 Kanal Smart Villas 

The villas are further divided into the two main categories according to interior designing, development status, and accommodations. From these options, you can choose the villas which are suitable for your family. The 5 Marla villas are divided into the following categories:

  •          5 Marla Abbey villas consist of 3 bedrooms which are ideal for small families.
  •          5 Marla Strand villas consist of 4 bedrooms, which are perfect for those who have a little large family and want more space.
  •          As the 5 Marla villas are divided into specific categories, 10 Marla villas are also distributed into the following options:
  •          10 Marla Harley villas consist of 4 bedrooms suitable for large families
  •          10 Marla Regent villas consist of 5 bedrooms too perfect for large families where they can live excellently.

Smart Villas Capital Smart City Payment Plan



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Smart Features of Smart Villas Islamabad

Smart villas is a unique and exceptional living place where all the homes are established while keeping in view the current advancements and technologies. Each and everything of the villas is built smartly and efficiently where you can control everything digitally. You will be surprised to see such an innovative place where everything is so advanced to catch the attention of people easily.

smart features of smart villas

The primary and significant features are as follows:

  • All the home appliances, lights, and switches you can manage with your mobile phone. You can also maintain the air-conditioner and many other appliances in this way as they all are smartly maintained and have sensors.
  • You can manage all the door systems, either opening or locking the door with your phone even if you are not at home.
  • There are sensors fitted in all the appliances through which you will be alarmed whenever there is any problem i.e., gas sensors which alert you in case of gas leakage.
  • The security and safety features are advanced so much where the sensors are fitted in the doors and windows with alarms. In case of emergency or intrusion, you will get alert on your phone. The CCTV comers are also launched in all the parts which allow you to keep an eye that what is going on your home.
  • When the temperature goes high outside, it won't affect the indoor environment of your smart home as water cooling system will be launched to provide you cooling effect by keeping the heat low.
  • The windows will be closed automatically through the sensors in case of rain, and the rain water won't come in.

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Smart Villas Islamabad Location Map

This project is located in the heart of Capital Smart City Islamabad's overseas block, which is developed excellently. The crystal lake is available at one side of this place while the golf course is on the other side. As we know that the Capital smart city enjoys the best location of Islamabad close to all the facilities. The main highways and roads are closely connected while Islamabad's scenic views can be enjoyed very well all the time.

Smart villas being ideally located at the primary sector of Capital Smart City is enjoying a very high value and appreciation by the potential buyers. The Capital smart city is a whole city in itself where the residents of smart homes will be surrounded by basic and advanced amenities all the time. They do not need to go out for the requirements. While living here, you will not only surround by facilities but also with the lush green and serene environment, which will be a source of great relaxation and peace. The location of Capital Smart Villas is evident in the following map of Capital smart city:

Smart Villas Location

Smart Villas Islamabad Developers

The smart villas is a renowned and top-class project which is developed by RBS in the Capital Smart City Islamabad. It is a masterly planned and state of the art project which is offering the best living standards to people. The developers work with unique concepts and aim where everything is organized and planned according to the latest trends.

The developers of this project understand the demand for contemporary living, and that is why they have introduced exceptional quality and class to people. This project, even after the completion, has become so much famous and appealing where people want to live exceptionally.

Community Features

The developers of the project aim to provide comforts and convenience in the best possible manner to the residents. That is why they not only plan the exclusive villas features, but also the best community facilities will be available to the residents. The place will have the following facilities and features for people who choose this place to live.

smart villas community features

High Alert Security

The CCTV advanced system, the staff, will maintain peace in the community and check all the happenings.

Green Spaces

The parks and playgrounds are planned to be there to provide a beautiful and peaceful outlook. These will be maintained and managed highly by the management of this community.

Wide Neat Roads

The wide carpeted roads, jogging and separate driving tracks will be available for the ease of people.


Advanced Disposal and cleanings systems will be there to keep the environment favorable.

Water Treatment Plant

There will be a community's water treatment plant to ensure the provision of clean water to residents.


The beautifully central architecture mosque will also be established here.

Swimming Pools

The swimming pools will also be available for the entertainment of people.

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Smart Villas Islamabad is a place of your dreams and desires from all the aspects. It is a place which will provide you the sense of exclusivity, quality, delight, and comfort. You will meet international living standards here very well. The booking of villas has started, so you need to be very quick to be a part of this fantastic and advanced residential place which is planned to developed outstandingly for modern buyers.

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