Sitara Laal Center Faisalabad is a place full of business opportunities which provide you benefits from the advanced infrastructure development. In this state of the art commercial building shops, entertainment and office spaces are available. This place has come up with a much privileged and unique position in the commercial sector. Situated in the city’s developed and strategic location, this project is at par excellence in form of future growth. Surrounded by commercial and facilitated spots it is a place where you mix business with pleasure.

Here you will find the most suitable and desirable environment which meets all your needs and desires while packed with enormous facilities and features. You will find this place a perfect commercial hub which caters to your specific needs in terms of location, type of development, best future profits and budget. With world-class amenities and outclass location, you will be able to have an ideal place where you can start your own business with the best returns to you. Let’s go through some other important details which you may want to know about this venture.

Sitara Laal Center Faisalabad

Sitara Laal Center Faisalabad Location Map

This project enjoys a prestigious business address with beneficial surroundings. It is located on Jiang Road in the womb of the commercial sector. The ideal location always plays a vibrant in the success of the project, and Sitara Laal Center is quite lucky in this regard. It is located on one of the prime locations of Faisalabad where it enjoys the connectivity to many important places. The proximity to the commercial area and other facilities make it more desirable and increase its demand for its bright future.

Sitara Laal Center Faisalabad Location Map

Buying a property here is really beneficial for you in all the aspects where you will enjoy a very suitable connectivity. This location is very appealing to modern investors or people who want to start a new and profitable business. It is really a best and ideal place which provides a best commercial or business environment both within the building and outside. The surroundings are really advantageous and suitable for a commercial plaza. With an easy access from all over the city, Sitara Laal enjoys a very premium address for a range of business entities.

Sitara Laal Center Faisalabad Payment Plan

Bright business opportunities are available here at this project to you. What about the prices of properties here? You will be pleased to know that the payment plan for this place is organized exactly according to your needs and desires. You can buy a property here with much affordability with the promising or profitable returns in future.

Flexible instalment policies with minimum down payments are available which add much to the convenience of people. The prices of properties vary according to their type, size and location i.e. floor. You can buy according to your needs without being troubled about high rates.


With high determination and hard work, Sitara Group of Developers has established this project. It aims to make itself a market leader in the field of building and construction. With professional excellence and unbeatable quality, this group has earned a valuable experience running businesses devoted to providing high quality in all their services. With a remarkable success in the commercial or real estate market and especially in Sitara Laal project, they are on the way to become more and more prominent.

They aim to provide high-quality business opportunities in this project that delivers the best value to people in every way. The highest level of quality construction services and market competitive prices make it desirable among the modern property buyers. To ensure customer satisfaction in all the aspects is at the core of this project. To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness are maintained very well in this project.

Features and Facilities

You will get enormous facilities and features here which are essential for this type of project. This modern architectural project gives you the most suitable and desirable business space. It beautifully completed with all the premium facilities and interior work, here you can own well-designed and facilitated properties at an affordable price range.

Located in one of the most premium locations it enjoys the connectivity to many important places and surrounded by commercial area. Sitara Laal is offering affordable and luxurious business spaces where you can start your business with modern amenities and facilities. This place is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and modern design. The detail of everything is given below:

Luxurious Office and Shop Spaces

A very suitable and luxurious living space is available where you can start your business. Offices, shops and all the other types are well equipped with every facility.

Security Servellience

CCTV and other smart cameras are fixed everywhere to keep an eye on every circumstance. Here you can work in the most secure and peaceful environment. The checking at the entrance is very strict while all the security staff and system are high alert and active.

Spacious Parking Space

You can park your vehicles here with much ease in the parking area which is established according to global trends. The parking area is highly secure where you can park very easily without any mess or problem.

Elevators and Lifts

Modern elevators and lift facilities are available to people. The maintenance staff maintains the lift functions on daily basis to avoid certain problems.

Continuous Electricity Supply

You will not have to face load shedding issue here as it is free of it. People can work here without being troubled about electricity failures or load shedding issues which are really beneficial.

Firefighting System

In case of an emergency or unfavourable circumstance, there is a firefighting system to avoid a big loss.


You have really a great chance to start your business now in a very favourable environment with this project. Faisalabad is a city known for its textile industry and provides bright business opportunities to people. Sitara Laal is a place which fulfils all your cravings about a profitable and best business. At the top location of this place, you will be able to enjoy a fruitful and successful business chance.


Sitara Laal Center Faisalabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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