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Sihala Islamabad

Sihala Islamabad is a residential area that falls in ICT limit of Islamabad and is located towards south-east of Islamabad City with close proximity of DHA Phase 2 Islamabad. Sihala is marked a town and union council. Sihala Islamabad offers residential community with availability of living facilities.


Sihala is a town and is located on south-east of Islamabad and falls in the ICT limit of Islamabad. Kahuta Road flows from southern side of it where DHA Phase 2 is also located in same direction. Sihala Police Academy which is Pakistan’s biggest Police Training Center also located in Sihala Town.


Sihala offers all Union Council and Town level facilities. It has its own railway station, Pakistan’s biggest Police training center Punjab Police College Sihala, Army MES Center and a depot of PSO Pakistan State Oil. The town level living facilities and infrastructure include road network, water supply, police station, MAJU Muhammad Ali Jinnah University. UOL University of Lahore has also its campus in Sihala. The villages that are included in Sihala are Ladhiot, Pind Mughal, Chak Kamidar, Sandu Sayedan, Chitroh, Her-do-Gher, Jabi Gakhran, Kangota, Nara Sayedan, Sayedan, Jandala, Kangota Gujran, and Gagri. The area is getting development due to its strategic value.

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