People say that Multan is the city of Sufis, but what is ignored here is the most important thing. Multan lacks the urbanization and this is the main issue why most of the people want to settle away from this city. There are very important industries which are working in Multan. That is the reason why people shift here. But they can't bring their families along with them.

Sakina Villas Multan Location Map
Sakina Villas Multan Payment Plan

The reason behind it is the undeveloped housing schemes and the issues of standards in Multan. That is the reason why Sakina Villas Multan is a new initiative by the developers to concentrate on this part of the country as well. There are many things which are related to this project and this is going to be the largest project Multan has. Moreover, every person will be able to find the dream home and investment here in Sakina Villas Multan.

Al-Sakina Villas Multan

Sakina Villas Multan Location Map

Talking about the location of Sakina Villas we see that the important areas are there. You can shift from the village to this place which is really a key location connecting the Bahadurpur and Multan. This way many people can shift, then get connected with the city and be a part of an urban yet rural atmosphere at the same time.

This is very suitable for the feudal lords which want a good and gated social residence. This is the reason why this location is considered the best location for those who want to develop and a new standard of residence.

Sakina Villas Multan Location Map

Sakina Villas Multan Payment Plan

The payment module is very accessible and easy there are several types of homes and villas which you can purchase for the residence of investments. There are small 3.5 marla and 5 marla homes for the best residential experience of middle-class people. You can buy a home in quarterly instalments also. 50,000 for the 3.5 marlas and 75,000 for the 5 marla plot is required.

Payment Plan No. 1

Size Booking Advance 10% Next Month 15% Quarterly Installments Total Price
3.5 Marla 50,000 4,30,000 7,20,000 3,00,000 48,00,000
5 Marla 75,000 6,05,000 10,20,000 4,25,000 68,00,000
5 Marla (Corner) 75,000 6,52,000 10,91,250 4,54,600 72,75,000

Payment Plan No. 2

Size Booking Advance 10% Next Month 15% Monthly Installments Total Price
3.5 Marla 50,000 4,30,000 7,20,000 1,00,000 48,00,000
5 Marla 75,000 6,05,000 10,20,000 1,41,600 68,00,000
5 Marla (Corner) 75,000 6,52,000 10,91,250 1,51,562 72,75,000

Payment Plan No. 3

Size Booking Advance 10% Next Month 15% Monthly Installments 6 Monthly Installments Total Price
3.5 Marla 50,000 4,30,000 7,20,000 52,000 2,88,000 48,00,000
5 Marla 75,000 6,05,000 10,20,000 73,666 4,08,000 68,00,000
5 Marla (Corner) 75,000 6,52,000 10,91,250 78,812 4,36,500 72,75,000

A+ Category Luxury Villas

There are the best-designed villas for those who want to cherish urbanization within their city Multan. These villas also have different payment plans with 36 month easy instalments. Whereas 10 percent cash back could be availed on the cash payment.

Sakina Villas Multan Features

There are very few housing authorities in Multan which specially provide the feature like Sakina Villas Multan.  Following are the features which are included in the Sakina Villas Multan. These features are very important hence they are for facilitating the residents of the Housing Scheme.


When we talk about the architecture, Sakina Villas are the best known for the best and suitable form of architecture. This is the significant feature of this society that the best form of architecture is available for all the houses. Whether the size of the home is big or small the structure should be according to the requirement of the clients. This is the reason why client dairies are filled with the positive comments about the architecture and the style of their home.

Professional Interior designer

The interior is also decorated by the specific designer. This facility has been provided to all the residents that they can redecorate their home whenever they want by the same decorator who started doing this initially. This is a special feature which has not been yet introduced by any other housing scheme in Multan.


Many areas of Multan have the issue of sewerage. This issue is due to the negligence of the admin of several housing schemes. But this won't happen here in Sakina Villas Multan. All the pipes and the sanitary or the sewerage system is properly constructed under the earth. That is the reason why no issues are created because the proper maintenance check is done by the administration on regular basis.


Multan suffers from extreme ignorance and carelessness on this one facility too. There is the specific timing of load shedding but most of the time due to climatic conditions there are many issues and the electricity supply is disrupted. But here in Sakina villas, high-quality wrong has been done so that residents won't have the fear of remaining without electricity when it rains or storm arrives.

Sui Gas

Sui Gas in another very important thing, this is the best feature of any society in Malta. There are many areas where there is no Sui gas supply. Those areas have no development yet they have big names in the development and construction still many houses don’t have a proper Sui gas supply till now. Sakina Villas Multan is proud to present all the homes which are designed with all the variety of facility of the essential components of the urbanized lifestyle. Sui Gas has to be provided to all the homes in the housing scheme. Even in the winter, this supply of Sui gas doesn’t get interrupted.

Water Supply

Water supply is also very much proficient in the housing scheme. There are special water tanks which are present in the society to store the water. These are specially cleaned and maintained by the workers so that all the residents could have a pure and clean water supply in there home. Not even a single complaint has bees shown of received regarding the water supply too.


The location is ideal for the nearby educational complexes. There is another plan of constructing schools within the society. This is the new initiative by the administration and developers. This way all the children will be able to study in their nearby school. This is the best thing that will provide the international standard to the society and residents.

Health Care units

Many small health care units are there in the society, which are working for the betterment and the first aid of the residents. These are spread across several sectors. Although the location of this housing scheme is remarkable in a sense that many important hospitals are also just a few mins drive away from Sakina Villas Multan.

Central Mosque

The central mosque is present for showing the unity and the prosperity of the Mulsim Umah. This Mosque is regulated by the Imam Masjid. Due to the maintenance and architecture, all the residents feel the ambience is very much refreshing and sacred. Five-time prayer is been offered at this central Mosque

Wide roads

All the roads are made in such a way that they seem wide. The main road is constructed after considering the factor of traffic. Not only the main road but the roads in several lanes where the homes are constructed are also wide and they have enough capacity to handle the traffic too.


If you are resident of Multan and want to shift your living standard, still you haven't found even a single proper housing scheme than Sakina villas Multan is the destination you are looking for. This is the best location for those people who want to settle in Multan with their families but they fear the degrading standards of living and urbanization that is the reason why they hesitate. Sakina Villas Multan has solved this issue too, now they can also book the plot and built their home at the dream location in Multan. Book your plot now with because your location is our destination.


Sakina Villas Multan Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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