Enjoy the privacy, space and luxuries at the fully furnished and beautiful villas in the Sahar Villas society Multan. As the real estate sector of Multan has revolved very much in the previous few years and numerous significant residential projects have become part of this city. The living standards of people are becoming high with the enormous developments in the residential sector. Sahar Villas is the most prominent and attractive among the places which offer upscale and standardized living to people. It has introduced a totally new and effective modes of living with various size villas in the place.

The villas are designed very uniquely and incredibly where living would be a source of comfort and delight. A fully secure and quality living is available to people at the hottest location of Multan within an affordable range. Live while surrounded by more than enough amenities and features which make the life more enchanting and commendable.

High-class luxuries and services are obtainable very easily to you with this tremendous project. Just visit this place once and you would fall in love with all this place has to offer its residents. Here you would get all that you have desired for in the best manner. This place aims to satisfy the customer’s needs and desires at the best level by offering quality properties.

Appeals highly to your dreams and requirements, Sahar Villas Multan is an ideal place to live in an ideal way. You cannot say that this place does not grab your heart or attention after knowing or visiting this place. It is your destination to live in an advanced and meaningful way where living is not just simply a matter of spending life but here you can experience an enjoyable and quality existence at the best.

Project Plan

Choose according to your family needs and desire among the various size properties this place has. The place commits to provide comfortable living with the best-designed villas. This vast project includes constructed and well-furnished villas of following Marlas:

  • 5 Marla

  • 8 Marla

  • 10 Marla

  • 1 Kanal

Sahar Villas Multan Location Map

Where this project is located? This is the most important and considerable question while deciding any place to live happily. Come and enjoy the prime and esteemed location of Multan with this project. Off to Bosan Road, it is located on Multan public School Road where you are connected to all over the city through many important roads this location linked with.

Sahar Villas Multan Location Map

Easy access to important schools, hospitals, universities, airport and transportation spots, makes the location very appealing to the clients. Surround yourself with benefits and conveniences here where you will find all the important spots ina very close proximity. Benefits of living in this place are vibrant and offer an exciting lifestyle to you.

The best location is demanded by the people highly to enjoy a comfortable existence. Sahar villas understand this need and offer an impressive site. Get pleasure of the greatest living with the top location of this venture.

Sahar Villas Multan Payment Plan

Just forget being troubled about the high payments of residential places where you actually want to live. Yes, with the establishment of Sahar villas, you are highly facilitated to turn out your dreams into reality with much ease. Find a dwelling which will not kick you out of your budget with this project. Suitable accommodations are available to you and now quality lifestyle is not just a matter of desiring or dreaming. It’s time to make your dreams true with affordability. The villas are highly luxurious and desirable and the payment plan is attractive also.

The booking is open and you can avail the opportunity to be a part of this place either in form of cash payment or through instalments. The instalments strategies are very flexible which grabs the attention of people at large. You just need to make up your mind to live at this place and pick up the property with easy and understandable terms and conditions. The buying process with the Sahar Villas is ambiguity-free at large. The payment chart is given below:


This project is developed by Sahar Developers which is a name of reliability and excellence in the real estate world. Approved by all the concerned authorities, it is developed on higher standards. Each and everything is organized and established with professional excellence and special public concerns. The state of the art planning, modern infrastructure, safe environment, luxurious facilities and easy payment are at the core of this project.

The developers aim to provide a desirable and significant lifestyle to the inhabitants of Multan where life would be more presentable and delightful. Quality building material and exclusive ideas made this project a centre of attention to people which appeal to everyone. The development is done with great attention and sincerity to provide a place of one’s settled vision. The best location with the best kind of facilities is available to you where memorable stays are waiting for you.

Features and Amenities

Envelop yourself with more than enough facilities and features with Sahar Villas Multan. This place is offering world-class amenities to give you a life of credibility and comforts. It does not compromise on anything to provide a fully secure and facilitated sort of environment with the best of services. From a modern architectural designing to a completely managed and luxurious amenities you are blessed with the best living at this place.

Have a surreal and outclass living experience here in a luxurious environment. Get your dream home or dream existence at this land of opportunities, luxuries and reliability. The aim is settled to provide to the quality properties to people who are concerned about this place which assures the best living in every way. Come and have a look in detail on everything this project has to offer.

Carpeted Roads

The best kind of infrastructure is developed at this place. The extensive and advanced road network is spread all over the society where walking and driving is really delightful.

High Alert Security System

Sahar Villas have a high alert security system and the team which monitor all the circumstances very carefully and assure a terror-free environment for the residents.

Modern sewerage

Sewerage and drainage system of this place is very maintained and modern where people would not face problematic issues regarding this aspect.

Electricity Supply

Through the underground electrification system, you can enjoy the continuous electricity supply and can avoid breakdowns arise from climate change.

Clean Water Supply

Clean and pure water is very necessary to lead a healthy life. Sahar Villas care for you and supply filtered water all the time for its residents.

Lush Green Parks

Come and enjoy the scenic beauty and lush green environment at this place where much land is alloted to landscapes, parks and playgrounds.

Lake and Waterfall

A beautiful lake and waterfall are made part of this project where people can have a relaxed and quality time. It is really a source of delight and peace.

Commercial Sector

This gated community has its own commercial sector where shopping mall and grocery stores are established. People do not need to go out of the society for the basic necessities.


What a marvellous place to live! Doesn’t you have the same conception about this place after knowing everything about it? Of course, you have right? It is established on such trends and modes which make this society a perfect place to start living in a relaxing way. You are welcome to live happily and enormously with Sahar Villas Multan which is a destination of your dream house in every way. Do not miss out on this place where you can have the best living experience within the best environment. Just visit this place once and your heart will desire to start living here. Avail this golden opportunity as soon as possible before its too late!


Sahar Villas Multan Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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