Islamabad is a well-known city and considered to be the most developed city in Pakistan. Large-scale development and infrastructure projects are spread over the land of this city. The real estate sector is remarkably developed in previous years while developing more day by day. Rania Housing is a new and amazing addition to the real estate which provides a luxurious-apartment residence. The project is built according to the international standards to provide the best and standardized living experience to people. Many striking features and amenities are planned to be part of this project.

The apartments are available with the multiple room options according to different family needs. Building and apartments are designed according to modern trends, technologies and designs thus by expert engineers and designers. Living at this place is a source of ease and comfort as this project is ideally located on a serene and recognized location of Islamabad. One enjoys the modernism as well as naturalism at the same time while living at Rania Heights.

Ideal and standardized existence is promised by this project at an affordable price. The place is highly appealing to people because of the facilities and opportunities it proposes to people. The unique and global approach of this venture makes this place the centre of attention to start living at t place while enveloped with numerous facilities and services in every way.

Project Details

The project is being established according to advanced techniques and trends. The beautiful building of this project consists of 7 portions including basement and ground floor thus 5 portions are for a residential purpose. The flats are available in different sizes and with different room options according to the needs of buyers. The project has included many striking features and services for its residents.

Rania Heights Islamabad Location Map

Now let you know about the prime location of this venture. The project is situated in a most developed and esteemed part of Islamabad. It is located in Zaraj Housing Society which is a very remarkable housing project. The location is very important and peaceful because it is surrounded by a serene atmosphere.

Rania Heights Islamabad Location Map

It is closely connected to the main GT road and World Trade Centre is also in a close proximity to this place. Many important schools, colleges, restaurants, hospitals and transportation spots are very close to Rania Heights. This place is easily approachable from all over the city.

Rania Heights Islamabad Payment Plan

The payment plan for this project is highly affordable and flexible. Best kind of features and facilities are part of this venture and people can have them very easily. Apartments can be booked on cash payment on 25% down payment while flexible instalment policies are also available for the convenience of people. The attractive payment plan of this venture grabs a number of features to start living in this place thus surrounded by many facilities in the best way. Here is the payment plan for this project:

Rania Heights Payment Plan
Apartment Area  Added value  Rate per sqft Added Value  Total Price Booking Confirmation Quarterly
           964 7%           5,500              385         5,673,140      100,000         1,261,554 340,388
6          996 7%           5,500              385         5,861,460      100,000         1,306,750              351,688
7          990 7%           5,500              385         5,826,150      100,000         1,289,276              349,569
8        1,002 12%           5,500              660         6,172,320      100,000         1,381,357 370,339
9          804 7%           5,500              385         4,731,540      100,000         1,035,570              283,892
10        1,010 12%           5,500              660         6,221,600      100,000         1,393,184              373,296
11          958 7%           5,500              385         6,637,830      100,000         1,253,079 338,270
12          912 7%           5,500              385         5,637,120      100,000         1,188,109 322,027
13          958 7%           5,500              385         5,637,120      100,000         1,188,109 322,027
14        1,093 7%           5,500              385         5,637,830      100,000         1,253,079 338,270
15        1,018 7%           5,500              385         6,432,305      100,000         1,443,753 385,938


This tremendous project is launched by MGC Real Estate Builders & Developers, a company famous for its excellent and incredible projects. The exclusiveness and brilliance they show in their projects are commendable and appeal to a large number of people. They are well esteemed for master planning and standardized development. They plan their projects on high standards to provide the quality way of living to people in the best way. Expert engineers and designers are part of this company while quality and earthquake proof building material is used everywhere.  They consider greatly the needs and demands of people to live according to the contemporary time period.

Features and Facilities

A number of facilities and features are introduced in this project so that people could lead a happy living in every way. It is adorned with numerous amenities which are essential to living contentedly. The amenities are reasonable thus commendable. Here is the detail of things you need to know about!

1. Electricity, Water and Sui Gas

The place assures the proper supply of Sui gas, Electricity and clean water. It has a standby generator system to avoid load shedding and other breakdowns. The clean water is also supplied to people which is very essential to live a healthy life. Sui Gas is also supplied properly even in winter season.

2.  Modern Sewerage

This place has a modern sewerage and drainage system. Serious drainage and sewerage issues could be avoided through this advanced and modern sewerage system. The modern sewerage system is a source of great convenience as serious problems are not faced by people.

3. Safety and Security

The safe and secure environment is assured by Rania Heights to its residents. The central security system is very active and high alert organized with great care. The CCTV cameras and other smart cameras are fixed at different places so that people could live in a terror free environment. The checking at the entrance point is very strict while irrelevant persons are not allowed to enter in any case. The monitoring staff and system work very carefully to provide them with a protected sort of environment.

4. Nearby Places

The place is surrounded by many important and beneficial spots which are a source of convenience to people. Many important medical institutions, educational institutions, food points, entertainment spots and transportation spots are very easily approachable to this place. Living in this place is like to surround oneself with amazing services and facilities.

5. Other Facilities

There is society’s own gym where people can go in a facilitated environment to remain fit and smart. Modern elevators and lifts are available with the backup generator connections. Kids play area is also available while the maintenance staff is also very helpful and co-operative.  It provides a sincere guidance and helps to people who are in need of this.



Rania Heights Islamabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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