There are plots for sale in shadman enclave housing scheme lahore perfect for residence. Sizing available of 5, 10, 14 and 20 marla.

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Shadman Enclave

Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme is the new residential project in Lahore by Shadman Developers.  There are different sizes of plots in Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme, like 5, 10, 14 & 20 Marla Residential Plots for sale. You can booked any size of Plot in Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme on cash payment and management is offering an easy installments of 3 years if you cannot pay all amount at a time. Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme is one of the top housing developments of Lahore due to state of the art planning, top location and provision of all general amenities.  Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme is ideal for living and property investment in Lahore, because it’s hard to find main location in multi city Lahore.

I have some more details of each plot size for you.

5 Marla Residential Plots

As you know that every residential society offer only basic needs in heavy amount but here Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme completely change the concept of living. In 5-marla plot you are not buying only place but you are also offering wide front and carpeted roads in front of your property.

    • Booking= 200,000

    • Allocation= 225,000

    • Confirmation= 225,000

    • 33-monthly installments= 660,000(20,000 * 33)

    • 6 half yearly installments = 600,000(100,000 * 6)

    • Possession = 290,000

    • Total= 2,200,000

10 Marla Residential Plot

If you are interested to buy 10-marla plot in Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme, then come I have capture a clear picture of all details for 10-marla plot for you. But limited plot are available in 10-marla option, if you are willing then as soon as possible visit Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme. Each plot of 10-marla has wide dominating location with proper carpeted roads that have direct way to parks and commercial area of Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme. Following details will give you more updation about 10-marla plots:

  • Booking= 400,000

  • Allocation= 400,000

  • Confirmation= 400,000

  • 33-monthly installments= 1,320,000(40,000 * 33)

  • 6 half yearly installments = 1,050,000(175,000 * 6)

  • Possession = 430,000

  • Total= 4,000,000

14 Marla Plot

In rare case 14-marla plots are offered for sale. But Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme map 14-marla plot on specific location of society. Here 14-marla corner plots are also available, If you are finding plot with these specification, then you should never miss the chance of Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme. I will also show you payment plan of 14-marla plot to more clear the views of property:

  • Booking= 500,000

  • Allocation= 550,000

  • Confirmation= 550,000

  • 33-monthly installments= 1,650,000(50,000 * 33)

  • 6 half yearly installments = 1,500,000(250,000 * 6)

  • Possession = 750,000

  • Total= 5,500,000

20 Marla Plot

In Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme maximum 20-marla plots size available for residence. If you want a wide area and prominent location for living in Lahore, then it’s the best opportunity to make choice of Shadman Enclave Housing Scheme. Because full lavish environment is ready to welcome you. Each 20-marla plot has extra essentials of broad front and main location in front of main road. Internal details of payment are as follows:

  • Booking= 750,000

  • Allocation= 750,000

  • Confirmation= 750,000

  • 33-monthly installments= 2,475,000(75,000 * 33)

  • 6 half yearly installments = 1,800,000(300,000 * 6)

  • Possession = 975,000

  • Total= 7,500,000


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