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As you know that SA Garden is promising housing society, that is facilitating their clients more than their expectation. A clear picture of SA Garden is visualizing view of both residential and commercial plots. Basic facilities are same in commercial and residential plot but due to location arrangement commercial plots are arranged on the front of society. At this time, as per details, there are many slots that are free in commercial or residential areas. But in few months it possible that you may have limited choices because bookings process is continue at high speed. Here I have some block details that are as follows:

  • Furqan Block
  • Sohail Block
  • Faris Block
  • Sher Afzal
  • Sher Azam

Wait! I have some more details about all blocks, listen! I am now updating you about residential and commercial plots in each block. By visualizing these details, you can get idea that how much fast development is start in plots. You have never seen that people are doing blind trust on management of SA Garden because they are very kind to their clients from all aspects.

Block details of Plot for Sale in SA Garden Phase 1 is as follows:

Plots in Furqan Block

There are both residential and commercial plots available in Furkan Block. The details of number of available plot is that there are 40 residential plots available and 1 commercial plot available.

Plots in Sohail Block

SA Garden Phase 1 is fastly filling it’s all slots. There are only few plots available in commercial and residential areas, numbering 4 commercial plots and 21 residential plots.

Plots in Faris Block

In Furkan Block, there is possibility that in few days no plot will be remain for sale. Here is information about remaining commercial and residential plots, numbering 1 commercial plot and 3 residential plots.

Plots in Sher Afzal Block

In Sher Afzal Block almost all slots are filled, only residential plots are available that may filled up in few days. Commercial and residential plots details are, no commercial plot is available and 5 residential plots are available.

Plots in Sher Zaman Block

There is many space available in Sher Azman Block, it’s a golden offer for you. Available commercial and residential plots details are, 40 residential plots and 3 commercial plots are available.

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