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PECHS Islamabad

As we know that, PECHS Islamabad is trust worth brand in residential market. You will be surprised to see that PECHS Islamabad started its booking in K block but the developer are continuously working on enhance development of M block on PECHS Islamabad. PECHS Islamabad M block is a symbol of nature because it has beautiful architecture of scheme. All plots arranged in residential scheme has dominant land, wide front on main road. The location of PECHS Islamabad is not very difficult to approach because it is located on fateh  jhang road. The new step of M block has same location like K block, both are situated in front of each other. The prices of M block would be same as K block of PECHS Islamabad.

Plots Prices in PECHS M Block

PLOTS OF k Phase in PECHS has efficient payment plan that is easily effort able by all clients.

A Block

As I already update you that PECHS Islamabad has very low prices as compared to other residential schemes in Islamabad area. Block A has 2 kanal plot in 60 to 75 lac.

B Block

In B Block of PECHS Islamabad, you can get 1-kanal plot only on 35-lac to 45-lac. But you don’t worry about payment, PECHS Islamabad plan very flexible structure of installment for your ease.

C Block

14 marla plot price in C block price= 25 to 30 lac rupees.

1-kanal plot price in C Block = 30 to 45 lac rupees.

2-kanal plot price in C block = 60 to 80 lac.

C Extension Block

  • 300 yard plot

  • 10-marla plot price = 18 to 25 lacs

D Block

  • 1kanal residential plots prices = 28 to 35 lacs

  • 2 kanal residential plots = 60 to 80 lacs

E Block

Only 2 kanal residential plots are available in E block.

  • 2-kanal residential plot price = 55 to 70 lacs

F Block

F Block has 5, 10 marla plot, and 1-kanal limited plots are also available in F Block.

  • 5-marla plot in F-block price = 12 to 14 lacs.

  • 10 marla plot price in F Block = 22 to 25 lacs.

  • 1-kanal plot price in F Block = 28 to  40 lacs.

G Block

  • 1 Kanal G Block = 28 to 35 lacs.

H Block

Here 1 kanal and 2 kanal  residential plots are available.

  • 1 kanal plot price in H block = 25 to 35 lacs.

  • 2 kanal plot price in H block = 40 to 60 lacs.

K Block

  • K block has 9 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plots.

  • 9 marla plot price in K block ranges from 18 to 25 lac rupees.

  • 1 kanal plot price in K block ranges from 32 to 40 lac rupees.

  • 2 kanal plot price in K block ranges from 65 to 80 lac rupees.


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