Pearl City Multan

Multan is an ancient city with rich historical history. So many famous Muslim Saints preach there while its history also belongs to some of the brave Muslim warriors. With traditional and historical life style and infrastructure, and availability of traditional and modern resources makes the City attractive. Multan is making progress and it is one of the main cities of Southern Punjab as well. The peaceful environment and a mix economy based society are now converting the City to a modern area. The real estate sector of Multan City is now more responsive for investors. That’s why Multan City is now also getting some modern and well planned Housing Developments. Pearl City Multan is also one of the Multan’s modern and well planned Housing Society, which offers a comfortable living style to its residents. It is like an Oasis which increases the value of its surroundings by providing the aiding stuff.


Hashoo Group is a famous Business Group which has invested in various fields in Pakistan including Tourism, Hospitality, Minerals, Real Estate and IT. The group holds following famous companies includes Pearl Continental Hotels, Marriot Hotels and Orient Petroleum. Pearl City Multan is also owned and developed by The Hashoo Group.

Pearl City Multan:

Pearl City Multan is like an Oasis which brings comfort to the life of its residents by providing them with proper and world class living facilities. The gated community offers a comprehensive and luxurious way of living style in Multan City and suits best to elite class of Multan and surrounding areas. The luxurious life style at Pearl City Multan includes lush green landscapes, parks and amusements developments, wide and carpeted boulevards and beautiful fountains that presents glorious look and adds beauty to life style at Pearl City Multan.

What makes project really unique in Multan City includes PC hotel, Shopping Mall and a Corporate Office Tower. All these projects at Pearl City Multan offer a unique and luxurious life style which no one other offers in Multan City.

Following Housing plans are available at Pearl City Multan.

1 Kanal IMPERIAL Spaciously Luxurious Bungalows

1 Kanal Majestic Comfortably Commodious Bungalows

1 Kanal Platinum Comfortable Bungalows

10 Marla Royal Villas

10 Marla Crown Superior Indulgence

10 Dynasty Graceful Exotic Villas


Pearl City Multan is located at Askari Bypass. Sui Gas Road and Multan Industrial Estate link road is also located around site. The Main Boulevard connects Askari Bypass road and Sui Gas Raod. Cantt Cottages are also located nearby it. Overall location of site is West-South of Multan City.