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Project Highlights 

- High rise residential development

- Located on Main Qarshi Lane, Gulberg III

- Round the Clock Security 

- Modern Infrastructure

- Booking with 20% 

- Luxurious Studio & 1-Bed Apartments for sale

- Complete Power Backup 

Parkhouse apartments Lahore is a new residential development featuring luxury furnished apartments. Located ideally on the Main Qarshi Lane, Firdos Market, Gulberg III, this place enjoys the best connectivity to all the major parts of Lahore. This project provides incredible living and investment opportunities. 

Moreover, you can enjoy a desirable lifestyle while surrounded by modern-day amenities. A secure, facilitated and pleasing residence is guaranteed by Parkhouse apartments. Here, the full-service apartments are equipped with spacious rooms, a modern kitchen, fully equipped bathrooms, a lounge, and more. The price of units is reasonable while the booking is open at pre-launch rates. 

Payment Plan

Project Plan

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Facilities and Features

The comfortable and contemporary spaces at Parkhouse offer a great level of sophistication with a choice of studio and 1-bedroom apartments. Surely, they are perfect for families who want a secure, pleasant, and convenient residence. Luxurious designs delights and exclusivity are everywhere that ensure to take your living standards to the next level. 

You can have affordable yet exclusive living here according to the new trends. Developed internationally, this new real estate development in Lahore is a great choice to live and invest in. Within the project, there are outstanding facilities and features for residents to take advantage of. 

Parkhouse Apartments Lahore

The Parkhouse apartments Lahore is providing various opportunities. You can expect guaranteed rental incomes, high investment returns, and luxurious living.  The residents will feel a sense of exclusivity and comfort here as the project is built exceptionally from all perspectives. Moreover, this is among the best real estate investments in Lahore that provide ideal investment opportunities to potential buyers. You can get luxurious apartments for sale with a flexible installment plan.


Hence, the world-class living standards let the residents enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. The Parkhouse apartments Lahore ensures that you enjoy upscale amenities with the best in location and comforts. At this exclusive destination, excellence has no limits. Hence, an extraordinary lifestyle awaits you with incredible architecture, high-end interiors, exteriors, luxury amenities, and facilities like no other. 

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Fully Serviced Exclusive Apartments for Sale

Parkhouse Apartments Lahore

Parkhouse apartments Lahore offers many options to suit the various residential and investment requirements of investors. You can choose an apartment here as per your family's needs and budget. This project offers Studio 1 Bedroom Apartments for sale that bring world-class features, a luxurious environment, and futuristic infrastructure. 

All the residential spaces here are designed and developed exclusively. State-of-the-art interior, spacious bedroom, modern kitchen, bathrooms, and all the other parts ensure a dream living with desirable luxuries. All the apartments are designed according to global standards while one can choose to live or invest here for amazing future returns. This project, as a whole, is designed to be a combination of luxury and exceptional architectural masterwork. 

  •          Dedicated luxury apartments with spacious rooms 
  •          Well-equipped kitchen and modern-styled bathrooms 
  •          Parking space for residence 
  •          Housekeeping and maintenance services 
  •          State of the art Construction 
  •          The luxurious project, constructed under the strict supervision of experienced engineers and architects. 
  •          International standard construction to ensure a quality way of living with immense safety and security 
  •          Sustainable building design, architecture, elegant interior and exterior 
  •          High-quality finishes and earthquake resistant structure  

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Parkhouse apartments Payment Plan 

If you are looking for an affordable yet smart investment in Lahore, the Parkhouse apartments project is the best choice. Here, you can easily book a studio and 1-bed luxury apartments with an affordable payment plan. Because of the massive infrastructure, upscale development, and ideal location, this place has a great appeal to modern investors.

Parkhouse apartments Lahore payment plan is conveniently designed where the rates of all residential units are affordable. The developers aim to provide modern and comfortable living to people without burdening them. Besides, the booking procedure is simple where you can book your desired property with 20% down payment. This is then followed by a 3-Year easy installment plan. 

Surely, it is a golden opportunity to enjoy desirable living and beneficial investment as the current prices are amazing. In the near future, the demand, as well as property rates, will increase. So, book your apartment now in Parkhouse with affordable pre-launch prices. Here is the detailed payment plan! 

Parkhouse Apartments Lahore Payment Plan

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Why Invest in Parkhouse apartments Lahore?

  •          Located at the central Location of Gulberg Lahore
  •          Availability of all luxurious facilities and features
  •          Direct access from major Lahore areas
  •          Luxurious apartments for sale with an easy 3-Year Installment plan
  •          Best investment option that ensures high returns in future
  •          High rental income guaranteed
  •          Safe, secure, and exclusive living destination 

Parkhouse Apartments Lahore Location Map

Parkhouse is located in Gulberg III near MM Alam Road. When it comes to making the right decision for Investment or living, location is the most considerable factor. A good location with a beneficial Neighborhood not only facilitates you but also ensures high future returns. Despite this, the developers of Parkhouse apartments have chosen an excellent location in Lahore. Hence, this prestigious location is home to some of the top-most educational, commercial, healthcare, and recreational hubs in the city.

Moreover, the Main boulevard of Gulberg and MM Alarm Road. Kalma Chowk, Barkat market, and Lahore Cant are just 1KM away from Parkhouse Apartments’ location. DHA and Liberty market is also closely located making the location more accessible and ideal. You can easily get to this place from Canal Road hence Allama Iqbal International Airport is just 15 minutes’ drive away.

Parkhouse Apartments Location Map

All these factors contribute very well to add more to the worth and demand of this project. Because of such a connected and ideal location in Lahore, Parkhouse apartments is gaining immense popularity among modern investors. The proximity to important roads such as MM Alam Road, Main Boulevard, and liberty make the location more valuable. Hence, one can easily access this place from all the parts of Lahore.

Not only this place is perfect from the living point of view but also you will get a futuristic investment return. Such a developed and well-known location of Lahore with striking features where you can enjoy contemporary conveniences. Also, this area has emerged as a commercial hub in Lahore. Many well-known hotels, famous industries, shopping malls, and restaurants are there that make it an ideal investment locality.

Surely, the property value will continue to increase here. So, book your apartment in Parkhouse apartments Lahore to experience the best lifestyle and promising future returns as this project has an ever-increasing market value.

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Parkhouse apartments Lahore Project Plan 

Parkhouse apartments Lahore is a master-plan development by Salman developers and builders at an ideal location in Lahore. The place offers a chance to lead a smart, relaxed and peaceful living. This is because everything here is developed in an innovative way to provide incredible standards. You can access huge entertainment and lifestyle facilities to make the residence more pleasing. Explore a diverse range of recreational amenities here as this top-notch development is ideal for family settlement. 

The developers have opted for contemporary architecture with exceptional designs. Hence, all the residential units are designed as per the international trends and offer splendid living opportunities. Overall, this project embodies the developer’s intention to craft new-age living spaces that are self-sufficient and sophisticated. 

Parkhouse Apartments Lahore

Parkhouse apartments feature studio & 1 bedroom apartments to cater to the residential needs of families who want affordable yet upscale living. However, the apartments are well-equipped with modernly constructed bedrooms, a kitchen, lounge, bathrooms, and exquisite fixtures. Moreover, the maintenance and housekeeping facilities are accessible by the residents easily.  

Each apartment here is crafted to suit the latest standards, smart interiors coupled with high-end exteriors to ensure an exceptional lifestyle. Each and every space here boosts up modern-day design that will redefine the living of the occupants. Here, life is set with upscale privileges and a neighborhood that makes Parkhouse apartments a good choice to start living ideally. 

Parkhouse Apartments Lahore

What more the residents would desire when they have access to various recreational, entertainment, or daily-use facilities. To lead you towards an active lifestyle, a well-equipped gym, Suana, and Jacuzzi are also made part of this place. As the demand for exclusive apartments is increasing day by day, this new project will surely suit the interests of buyers and investors. 

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Parkhouse apartments Developers: Salman Developers & Builders  

Parkhouse apartments is a project of Salman builders and developers. This group is consisting of professionals, experts, and brilliant people who have succeeded to bring exclusivity and vibrancy into the lives of people. Hence, the developers have shown architectural marvel by giving attention to every detail. Salman group envisions a mark of excellence that would equip all the modern-day amenities and facilities. 

Perfect plans and best architectural ideas are applied and because of their sincere efforts, they have made another great addition to Lahore real estate. Parkhouse apartments Lahore has earned them great appreciation. The futuristic vision and deep insight helped the developers to establish this top-class development to cater to the dynamic needs of customers. Moreover, they introduced superlative quality and exceptional design to provide an enticing experience to the residents. 

After going through various stages of plans and strategies of expert minds, they have succeeded in delivering such auspicious and outstanding residential projects. The hard work and professionalism of developers are evident from each and everything about this place.

Salman Builders and Developers aim to provide benefits and high returns to people. They have earned a strong reputation and admiration in the market because of their sincere public concerns and global approach. From all perspectives, the Parkhouse apartments Lahore is a great residential destination for those who want to upgrade their living standards. 

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Facilities and Features 

Parkhouse apartments Lahore is offering a lifestyle equipped with modern-day features and facilities. You will definitely have an extraordinary living while surrounded by comforts. This new residential project aims to cater to the diverse living needs of modern people.

Everything here is planned and developed as per the international standards to ensure supreme quality in every aspect of life.  You will enjoy extraordinary social, commercial, recreational, and lifestyle amenities here. High-end apartments’ features along with other amenities make it one of the best places to live and invest in Lahore. 

  •          24/7 Security Surveillance 
  •          Car Parking
  •          Gym & Spa 
  •          Lifetime Building Maintenance 
  •          Full Power Backup 
  •          Rooftop Garden 
  •          Deluxe Apartments 
  •          Spectacular architecture 
  •          Prime location 
  •          Chess lounge

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