Here is your dream home in Paradise Continental Murree which is outstanding in every way. You would fall in love with the ideal location and upscale accommodations this place has to offer. Luxurious cottages and plots are part of this gated community where memorable stays are waiting for you. This project celebrates diversity and exclusiveness to create the best residential environment. Safety, luxury, high-quality facilities and services are promoted here.

Paradise Continental Huts Location Map
Paradise Continental Huts Payment Plan

This project aims to provide a home where you feel safe, belong and connect to others. It supports the idea of excellence and quality lifestyle for the people who choose to live in this place. The serene and beautiful location along with modern amenities and an easy payment plan, this place attracts a number of people to choose this place. Of course, this place could be a desired place for anyone to live among beautiful mountains and lush green landscapes.

The lifestyle quality of people enhanced through this project which is packed with everything to live an upscale existence. It is both need and demand of modern time to evolve the real estate of this side of Pakistan which is not developed remarkably in previous years. Here in Paradise Continental Murree, you would find the bright opportunities to live in the best way. If you want to have a lavish residence at the top-notch location in Murree this project is the best choice in every way.

Project Plan

Do you want to have a readily furnished hut or a plot where you can build according to you settled vision? Both types are available for you at this place. 5 Marla single storey huts and 4 Marla double storey huts are available with spacious and luxurious bedrooms, attached bathrooms, International style Kitchen, TV lounge and terrace. The huts are luxurious which offer a golden standard living to people.

Paradise Continental Murree Location Map

Live close to nature and close to facilities at the same time with the ideal location of this place. You have to come to Patriata New Murree to reach out to this place where you can live according to high standards. It is very closely located to Darbar Baba Shah Lal Qalandar and Sorasi Darbar. The location is chief which is easily accessible from all over the area easily.

The residents of this place have an easy approach to many important schools, hospitals, commercial areas, roads, and transportation spots. Apart from this, a healthy atmosphere is available for people far away from the polluted and noisy atmosphere of cities. You would be interacted with serene beauty along with modernism and this is what attracts the most to people about this place.

Paradise Continental Huts and Plots Murree Location Map

Paradise Continental Murree Payment Plan

Now let’s get informed about the payment policies of this project. Talking about the payments, you would be really pleased to know that how easy and affordable the payment plan is. It is organized exactly according to the convenience of people so that they can turn out their dreams of best residence into reality with ease. Along with the payment plans, the instalment strategies are also highly appealing and attractive to the clients.

The properties of phase 1 are available on cash payment while properties of phase 2 are available on instalments. The possession will be handed over to the customers after 50% of the total amount has been paid. The conditions and terms are very easy and understandable without ambiguities. Here is the payment plan for this project:

Paradise Continental Huts and Plots Murree Payment Plan


Voice of Lal estate has developed this tremendous community where living would be a matter of delight instead of just living. The place is highly developed according to modern trends to advance the living standards of people. Professionalism, brilliancy and trustworthiness are at the core of this company. Paradise Continental is developed while considering the public demands and desires. The contemporary time’s ideas and values are promoted to advanced the real estate of Murree which is progressing rapidly. Their approach is different in every sect where they aim to develop a luxurious and advanced origin to live peacefully and happily in the womb of nature.

Features and Facilities

You would love this place more when you get to know about the modern amenities and striking features this place is enriched with. Here is anything or everything available which is necessary to live comfortably. You can’t say that this place does not catch your attention after visiting or knowing about the features and facilities it offers. It meets all your requirements in the best possible way. The features are described below in details.

Wide Neat Roads

This place has established one of the best infrastructures of Murree where walking and driving is really a source of pleasure. The roads are 16 –ft wide which is constructed very excellently. With the exclusive planning and high-quality construction material, the road networks are designed in an outstanding manner. There is also a jogging track which is beautiful, wide and smooth. The walking and driving tracks are different to avoid the mess or problems of different kinds.


Live securely, Live happily! This is a very true saying where the happy and peaceful living is synonymous to a secure and protected environment. Paradise Continental understands this fact and established one of the best security surveillance to provide the safest living experience to people. The CCTV cameras are there for the monitoring purpose of all the activities. Only residents are allowed to enter without inquiry otherwise irrelevant persons are prohibited or allowed to enter after strict enquiry.

Beautiful surroundings and Parks

Paradise Continental Murree will attract you the most for its serene and breathtaking surroundings. You will live among the stunning mountains and gorgeous landscapes which assures the healthy and peaceful existence. Lush green parks are established within a society where families and children can have a quality and enjoyable time.


There is a central mosque within the community which provides a best and facilitated environment for people who come to offer their prayers. It is equipped will all the amenities and features while shows the unity of Muslims. It is beautifully designed with an amazing interior and exterior.

Electricity and Water Supply

The place assures the continuous supply of these basic necessities in the best possible manner. The electrification system is undergrounded to avoid breakdowns due to climate changes. Pure and clean water is available to people through the filtration plant of this society.


So what do you think of this place? Make this place your residential destination in order to live happily and peacefully in every walk of life. You will be secure, happy and facilitated at the same time during living in Paradise Continental Murree. The combination of nature and modernity will appeal to you to lead a significant lifestyle. Do not miss out this place which is very easy to have because if it’s easy payment plan.


Paradise Continental Huts and Plots Murree Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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