The growth of real estate sector in Multan attracts a large number of people to invest or start living in this place ideally. Greatest opportunities are available at this place for the investors and people who are looking for a quality lifestyle. Pace City Multan comes to prominence as a very facilitated and luxurious housing society. This place is ranked as one of the most attractive and beneficial investments and living destination.

Different Marla houses or plots are available in this place where people can have their home of dreams and desires. Buying a property is made very easy and profitable as the payment plan is very convenient and affordable. This place offers anything and everything to people who are interested in the recent modernization plans like Pace City Multan.

Ideally located on a Northern Bypass Multan this place makes one close to many important and advantageous spots. Furthermore, many amenities and features are made part of this project which assures the facilitated and comfortable sort of existence to people. This venture is a desirable place for people with the latest architectural trends and modern amenities.

Project Plan

This wide project has included many property types according to different family needs and demands. Residential as well as commercial plots are available which are equipped with every basic facility and necessity. This place is incredibly ideal to live where 3.5 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 7 Marla and 1 Kanal Residential plots are available while different commercial plots are also there while proposing a golden opportunity to start new business setups. This place is also a desirable destination for those who aim to invest in the best returns.

Pace City Multan Location Map

This project is situated very primarily on Northern Bypass, Multan and this location has increased the attraction and demand of this place. Living at this location is very beneficial and facilitated as it is surrounded by many important spots. The society is easily accessible from all over the city as it is linked with main and vital roads of Multan.

Everything or anything is on your doorsteps including the airport, hospitals, educational institutions, housing societies and transportation spots which add much to the convenience of people. The location of Pace city is secure, facilitated and attractive while ideal for settlement in every way.

Pace City Homes Multan Location Map

Pace City Multan Payment Plan

Despite all the opportunities and facilities, the price of properties in Pace City Multan is very reasonable while offering a gorgeous lifestyle to people. Carrying all the essential features and facilities the payment plan is very reasonable of Pace City Multan. Residential and commercial plots are available in a very low payment plan where people can build houses of their settled vision.

The people will find the prices very attractive of the properties after letting know the opportunities and facilities this project is packed with. Plots can be booked on cash payments or instalment strategies are also introduced for the convenience of people. Here is the payment plan:

Pace City Homes Multan Payment Plan

Facilities and Features

This project is packed with numerous facilities and features which are essential to living a quality and standardized lifestyle. Fully equipped with an ideal location, safe environment and facilities this place offers a residence as one wants to live significantly. The striking amenities and features influence heavily to the dreams of peo0ple about living in an idyllic manner. Here are the details of everything you need to know about this project.

1. Safety and Security

A safe and secure environment is available in the form of Pace City Multan which is highly secure by the electronic security system and high alert security staff. CCTV cameras are fixed everywhere and the monitoring staff monitors everything very carefully. Checking at the entrance point is very strict where irrelevant persons are not allowed to enter the place.

2. Infrastructure

The roads are designed very skillfully according to the advanced modes. Roads are extensive, neat and smooth where walking or driving is a source of comfort and ease. A fantastic infrastructure is developed in this housing society where every plot is connected to the road. The roads are outlined by green belts which give a very pleasant sight. Pace City Multan has one of the most attractive and fine infrastructures.

3. Electricity, Water and Gas Supply

This project assures the supply of basic necessities to the residents in a proper way. Through society’s water filtration plant, clean and pure water is supplied to people in the best possible way. Furthermore, the electrification system is done undergrounded while high-quality wiring is used because of which major breakdowns could be avoided because of weather conditions. Every plot is equipped with proper Sui Gas connection that even in the winter season the Sui gas is supplied on regular basis.

4. Parks and Playgrounds

This place is facilitated as well as beautiful where considerable natural touch is given in form of lush green parks. Much land is allotted for this purpose where small and large parks are available to provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment for people. Walking and sitting in these parks is really a source of pleasure as parks are neat and rich green. Separate playgrounds are also there to provide a best and secure playing experience to children.

5. Mosque

A central mosque is established within the society for the residents. It shows the unity of the Muslim world. The mosque is beautifully designed while has an amazing interior and exterior.

6. Nearby Places

This society is situated in a very prime location where people are surrounded by many important spots. Schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centres and transportation centres are close to this place and living in this place is really beneficial.


For establishing your home of dreams and desires, come and visit Pace City Multan. It grabs the attention of clients because of its flexible payment plan, striking features and an esteemed location. The place is packed with golden opportunities of exclusive lifestyle and investment options. Do not miss out on the land of opportunities, luxuries and facilities and buy your property as soon as possible.


Pace City Multan Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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