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Orchard Scheme Islamabad is a CDA approved real estate project, which offers farmhouse living style while located on prime and attractive location makes the site elegant. It is located between the Twins City Islamabad & Rawalpindi on Main Murree Road. Faizabad interchange is located very next to it.Margalla Town is located very next to it towards Southern side. The basic infrastructure includes roads, Electricity, drinking water, sewerage and drainage system.

If you want to enjoy the farmhouse living style with prime located and ease to move easily between Islamabad, Murree and Rawalpindi, Orchard Scheme is a good choice for that. Files of Orchard Scheme are available for those who are in search of Orchard Scheme Files, while those who want to sale out there land located in Orchard Scheme are welcome to put their files on that Dedicated Page for Orchard Scheme.

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