Pick up the best residency with Orchard Home Faisalabad where unforgettable stays happened. This project is developed on such trends where people can have the best living experience in a luxurious and facilitated environment. Located on the most family-friendly locations of Faisalabad this project offers a plethora of safe and secure residential options for families to choose from.

Orchard Homes Faisalabad Location Map
Orchard Homes Faisalabad Payment Plan

There are several obvious factors to consider before deciding on your dream home, including features, work commutes, space and budget. Keeping all of these in mind we at Orchard Home put together some of the best amenities to live so you can find the perfect place to make those precious memories!

Orchard Homes Faisalabad

It is a well planned and best organized residential community which is ideal for families wanting space and privacy. Because of its world-class offers this place is known for the proactive community with a selection of family-friendly environment. It has become one of the best residential places of Faisalabad. Various property types are available where you can choose the suited one with the best of facilities and services.

Just visit this place once and you will fall in love with this land of opportunity and dreams. Turn out your dreams into reality now with Orchard Homes Faisalabad where you can have a quality lifestyle within your budget.

Project Aim

Don’t you want to upscale your living standards? If yes then there is no better option than this housing society. You are welcome at this place which aims to update your living standards at large. Your dream home is waiting for you to start living in an idyllic way. This project is developed very highly and remarkably to fulfil its aim to provide a presentable and splendid lifestyle.

Property Types

Various property types are part of this venture where you can choose according to your requirements. The investment options are also bright as the value and price of this land is increasing day by day. All the properties are fully equipped with every kind of basic necessities. The project offers the following size properties:

  • 5 Marla

  • 7 Marla

  • 10 Marla

  • 15 Marla

  • 20 Marla

Orchard Homes Faisalabad Location Map

Your location is your destination that’s why everyone wants to enjoy the best and well-known location. The location of Orchard Homes Faisalabad is really very ideal as it is located on the Main Satiana Road Faisalabad. You would find this location highly appealing to all the requirements and factors of prime and an ideal location. Come and surround yourself with luxuries and facilities at this best site.

Orchard Homes Faisalabad Location Map

Connected to many important roads, you can access the place with much ease and convenience. The address of this place is highly understandable where you can reach with much ease and comfort. Enjoy also the proximity to many important schools, hospitals, transportation spots, shopping malls and commercial sector. You are welcome to live in the womb of benefits and comforts with the best location of this residential place.

Orchard Homes Faisalabad Payment Plan

The dream of standardized and international style existence is going to be true through Orchard Home. With the highly convenient and affordable payment strategies, the dream of ideal living is no more a dream. It is not un-accessible for those who cannot afford much thus greatly wish for the upscale and better lifestyle where they can enjoy the contemporary time’s amenities.

The prices of plots are very flexible and appealing to clients. You can avail the opportunity to become part of this project with the best prices. Plots can be booked on cash payment while instalment policies are also organized flexibly. 25% down payment is liable at the initial stage. The detailed payment information is given below:

Orchard Homes Faisalabad Payment Plan


This splendid and exclusive residential project is developed by Orchard Developers which is a name of trust and excellence. In the real estate sector, they have earned a very reputed and esteemed name for their high standards and professional planning.

It is developed while considering the special public concerns and modern time needs and demands of a perfect living. With state of the art planning, striking features and top-class amenities, it grabs the heart and attention of numerous people. The high standards and ideas are the foundation of this project which is not something to be missed.

Features and Facilities

Packed with everything, this place offers you more than enough facilities to its residents. It assures the provision of all those things which are essential to lead a perfect and remarkable life. Let’s have a look in detail what this project has to offer:

Gated Community

You are more than welcome to join and be a part of this gated community. This society shows that there is a room of development and urbanization in every sector of Pakitan and every class of our community is considered while planning development.


There is going to be a central hospital where the doctors will be available for all the people. This hospital will have all the facilities which will enable every resident to choose this central hospital.


There are many famous schools which are really close to the residence. There is a plan of affiliating and developing a new school in society as well.


There is a CCTV camera which is placed on all the streets. These are operated by the trained staff. The best part is that there are guards which also revolve in the society and keep a check. No stranger is allowed to enter society without permission.


There is a park with lush green ambience and these parks are open for families and childer. There are jogging tracks in the parks for facilitating the people who like to maintain their physique.

Commercial Area

There are shops and grocery stores in every sector. This makes this location the best and this makes it convenient for all the residents to manage their lives more easily.

Central Mosque

At the centre of the society, there is a central Mosque. This Mosque is developed specially for facilitating Muslim Community and for showing unity in every sect of Islam.

Wide Roads

There are wide roads in the streets too. Not only the main road is wide and fully constructed but the roads in front of homes are also complete and constructed properly.


For developing your home and for purchasing the best residence urgently, you need to have a look at Orchard Home Faisalabad. This will not only provide you with a good and healthy residential atmosphere but all those essentials which are crucial to living in the best ways. You cannot say that this place does not appeal you after visiting or knowing all about it. Of course it does and attracts the people to start living in the best possible way. Do not miss out on this place and book your plot now easily at the hottest location of Faisalabad.


Orchard Homes Faisalabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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