New Lahore city is residencial housing scheme near ring road and Bahria Town Lahore. Plots for sale in New Lahore city on very good location.

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New Lahore City

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New Lahore city is an ideal and most and very vast development which is offering you the best living, investment and commercial opportunities. Developed by the renowned and known name Rafi and Zaitoon group, this housing society has become a landmark for everything it is offering. Advanced ideas and concepts are highly kept in order to provide people with a modern sort of living.

Lahore is the second largest and important city of Pakistan where so many cultures and people exist. The living needs of people have also increased and they want to live in a remarkable way. That is why the developers of real estate are initiating those projects which offer something unique and advanced to people who want to elevate their living standards and style.

New Lahore City

New Lahore City is among those housing schemes which are established with the aim to facilitate its residents in every aspect of life and to enhance the living standards of people. Situated at the top-most and ideal location of Lahore, the place is grabbing the attention of so many people for a beneficial and secure investment. This project is offering golden chances of people to book plots with a good price range and easy installment policies with the promise of amazing returns in future.

This community is designed and developed by giving attention to each and every little detail in order to make a fantastic living place overall. You will find this place very suitable to live and invest for you and your family. Being a huge and vast society, New Lahore City is divided into different sectors and blocks. All the blocks are equally developed and offering plots of different sizes.

The life here will be very pleasant, comfortable and significant as this place is established to fulfill all these purposes and aims. Your dreams about an ideal and exceptional sort of living with very good value of your money will be fulfilled here at this place. Let’s consider other important and crucial details of this project to easily make a decision of booking your plot here! 

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New Lahore City Plots for Sale 

Very amazing living and investment opportunity in New Lahore city are available for those who really want to make a profitable deal in the real estate. With very attractive and affordable rates, you can easily book your plots here.

Modern investors and buyers are very much inclined to capture place here because of the growing value and demand for this housing scheme. Residential as well as commercial plots are available here for you. This vast and top-class residential project is offering various sizes of plots for sale. People can choose according to their family needs. The residential plots of 5 and 10 Marla are here for small families. The commercial plots are available in size of 2 Marla, 5 Marla and 8 Marla.

You can choose any plot for sale according to your family, investment and business need as whatever deal you may make, advantages and golden returns are promised. All the plots here are fully equipped with the basic necessities. They are linked to roads and each one of them enjoys a very good location in society because of the advanced structure of New Lahore City.

This place is offering you a very favorable opportunity in which you can book your plot without going out of your budget as the current rates are very appealing. In the coming time, of course, the demand and rates of all the plots will increase and you will get excellent results and outcomes of your investment at the right time.

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New Lahore City Payment Plan 

It is not necessary to live exceptionally and luxuriously, you always have to pay high rates. It is common thinking that such a great project may have very high rates of properties but this is not so. New Lahore City is offering a very appealing and flexible payment plan for people who want high returns and advantages with affordable investment at the start.

After going through the detailed payment plan for this project, you will get to know that it is also very appealing like the other features of New Lahore City. The properties here provide golden opportunities for people. All are reasonably priced. The future prices of the properties of this project will definitely increase and it is the best time to make a deal to get desired profits. Here the residential and commercial plots in different sizes are available from which the investors or buyers can choose according to their needs.

New Lahore City's payment plan is designed in such a way that everyone from any class can purchase plots in society without any discrimination. The Booking can make by 25% down payment and the rest of the amount can be paid in 42 months installments Plan. 10% discount will be given on full payment. The booking procedure is also very easy where you can book a plot with a certain amount of down payment. Here the detailed payment plan is given below for you!

New Lahore City Developed Plots Payment Plan (2.5 Year)


New Lahore City Payment Plan

Payment Plan Phase 4

New Lahore City

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

New Lahore City Commercial

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New Lahore City LDA Approved 

This housing society is established according to the legal rules and laws. It has been approved by LDA after a short period of its development. The overall plan and propositions of this town have been approved and the booking procedure is open for involved clients.

New Lahore City LDA Approved

It is really important to investigate any housing scheme before buying a plot in it as we know that the fraud rate in this industry has grown so much. Many people face serious issues and law procedures because of buying plot in any project which has no legal standings or approval. The new Lahore city is free from any such fraud of scam as it is fully approved with all the concerned authorities and enjoying a very good reputation in the real estate market.

Development Status 

This place has developed with professionals and experts who are giving serious attention to everything about this place. The work of construction and development has completed very much while some of the work is still left which is going on a rapid basis. The development work is under process and the main Boulevard has been constructed and completed.

The development of linking roads to Main Boulevard is under the process while other development includes sewerage electrification is also included in the ongoing process. The booking procedure is also open in almost all the block. Some parts of society are still under planning. New Lahore city is receiving a very good appreciation and value because of its advanced development approach in all the sectors.

New Lahore City Latest Development Updates Video

Project Plan 

New Lahore City is providing you with golden options of residence and investments. Here the business opportunities are also bright. This best and advanced planned community is offering multiple size commercial and residential plots. Large commercial sectors are also available to provide great opportunities for business and investor minds. Being approved over a large area, this society is divided into different blocks including block A, B, C and premium enclave.

Promising to be a city within a city, it will be the first project of its kind providing world-class infrastructure to people from all walks of life. From affordable plots and housing solutions to hi-end product offerings in the shape of Condominiums, Exclusive Villas and Farm Houses, New Lahore City will have something to suit every lifestyle.

Project Plan

New Lahore City Royal Enclave (Block A)

In Royal Block, you will be surprised to see the lavish stable essentials including wide parking with the grand commercial area. Royal Block or Block A is directly accessible from 150’ wide road of the society. You can own a commercial property with mind-blowing business amenities. Royal Block front location is completely reserved for commercial property.

Commercial property dominate location has an impressive feature to groom your business in the near future. When you cross the commercial area, you will be entered in the residential property of Royal Enclave Block. New City Lahore Royal Enclave is the surely secure area under foolproof security guards and CCTV Cameras.

Each residential plot has closely connected to the entertainment zone in the form of theme parks and sports clubs. At the right end of New City Lahore Royal Block, there is ample open land and public buildings that are under construction. Areas that are under the plan, maybe reserved as commercial property or living areas, What the Surprise? To know the clear surprises you must stay tuned at  

New Lahore City Premium Enclave (Block B)

After crossing society entrance, you can see Premium Block (Block B) at the opposite side of Royal Enclave (Block A). Premium Block basically plotted at the main location of community with 150’ wide road hub. Here in Block B, you can own both commercial and residential plots with distinct sizes.

At the main entrance of New Lahore City premium Block, you can see lavish commercial properties in front of you. ,

On the other hand, if you talk about the residential area, you will indulge in mind-blowing property cutting because each living plot has equal domination in society. All plots are directly accessible from wide strong roads, and you can even enjoy entertainment parks closely connected to each plot.

New Lahore City Pearl Enclave Block (Block C)

Like the other blocks, New Lahore City Pearl Enclave (Block C) is located just right to Block B, with ultimate adorable essentials of residence and commercial property. Here in Pearl Enclave, you can own numerous front location business plots with ample front face parking having the accessibility of 150’ wide road.

When you entered in the New Lahore City pearl Enclave you can see business plots in front of you but suddenly when you cross business property you can observe huge theme park’s that is sure identity of residential property start. On the other hand, New Lahore City developers have arranged mixed living structure in Pearl Enclave Block in the form of numerous small and large size plots. Don’t you think so that it will be a contemporary ideal life when you have a residence near to your business? Definitely, it would be!

Each residential plot is closely connected to entertainment zone, commercial area, private and public property w, with wide 30’ and 50’ feet roads. Well, reputed educational institutes, well-arranged parks, authorized restaurants are closely connected to New Lahore City Pearl Block.

New Lahore City Platinum Enclave (Block D)

New Lahore City Platinum Enclave Block D is one of the most identical sectors located just opposite to Pearl Block. Platinum Enclave composed with the balanced residential and commercial area, it means business and living property is equal in numbers.

Why this block is famous from the commercial aspect? Because of the rich locality from the business aspect, developers have planned mind-blowing distinct sizes of commercial property. Don’t miss to know about front location residential properties because here you can own both wide and small sizes plots with ample parking space.

These plots have mature essentials in its surrounding includes, including shopping centers, grocery stores, public transport availability, educational institutes, and health centers. Your child can play in a safe zone because well-managed parks and playing areas are closely connected to each living.

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New Lahore City Location Map 

New Lahore City is a sophisticated residential and commercial venture triggered by Rafi and Zaitoon Group, in the metropolitan area of Lahore. This community is remarkable to state of the art is mapped at the rich location of Canal Bank Road Lahore, just 15 minutes away from Thokar Niaz Baig. If we talk about New Lahore City surroundings, you will be amazed to see the structure of the strong road, because all main roads have directly access New Lahore City.

Also, there is a Ring Road passing by it, reducing the distances from every key position. The project is in the vicinity of Bahria Town, NFC & Sukh Chain Gardens, each living and business property is surely allocated with legal registration. Contemporary essentials, landmark location and vicinity to important places are amazing attractions towards New Lahore City property.

The location of any place is always a matter of much consideration and importance as it highly determines the value and popularity of it among buyers. If you will invest or live at a popular and tactical location, you will get more profits and better opportunities. By keeping in view this fact, the developers of New Lahore City have chosen a very amazing and sought-after location of Lahore which has so much to offer you.

Surrounded with all the facilities and basic necessities of life you will always feel facilitated. This society not only has beneficial surroundings, but it also enjoys very good road links and connectivity to all over the city. The modern clients, buyers and investors are very attracted towards this community because of its elevated status and auspicious prime location. Either you live here, start a business or invest; you will get a lot of benefits in all these aspects.

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New Lahore City Developers 

New Lahore City is a new age concept in the housing sector and is backed by the biggest construction conglomerates of Pakistan namely, Rafi Group & Zaitoon Group. With 120 large projects under their belt, Rafi Group & Zaitoon Group have now introduced Lahore's single biggest construction project called New Lahore City.

 It has become a very remarkable and auspicious establishment which provides golden opportunities to seekers of good investment and business space. Bing developed by such well-known, reliable and respected groups of real estate, this project is getting a very high reputation in the market. All the members and people who are involved in the establishment and development of this place worked with remarkable and excellence and that is why they have succeeded in giving such a fabulous place to the residents of Lahore.

By working with honesty, hard work and excellence, the developers have become a very reputed and reliable name in the market. To meet the expectations of customers is always their priority in all their projects and same is the case with this project.

The name and fame of the developers are growing more day by day because of their sincerity with their work. A large number of people are attracted towards this place because of its high development standings, raising the financial status and bright future. A lot of people have to buy a place here and more are coming to be a part of this society because of the trustworthy and amazing services of the developers. The intentions and work of developers are honest and that is why they have earned a very good position in the real estate industry of Pakistan.

Facilities and Amenities 

Now, coming to the facilities you will find this place very appealing in this aspect also. No one can deny the importance of facilities to lead a significant and complete life. In the modern time where the requirements of people have so much increased and they want to lead a facilitated life from all the perspectives. No one wants to live at such a place which is away from all the amenities and basic necessities of life.

New Lahore City Facilities

New Lahore City is a place which has kept in view all the needs and desires of modern persons and their approach towards life. This place has an abundance of facilities and amenities which will make your life truly significant and convenient. All the daily life needs, entertainment options, commercial facilities, health and education, all these conveniences are available here for you all the time.

You will find yourself facilitated and comfortable in all the spheres of life. The presence of world-class amenities and essentials has made New Lahore City very worth living. It is offering the following features to the residents of this society. You will be able to lead a very significant and desirable existence by having them all around you. Have a look!

Educational Facilities

New Lahore City has a separate block for educational purposes where renowned schools, colleges and other institutions are available to provide best and advanced education to your children.

Health Facilities

If you are sick and cannot travel a lot, the well-equipped clinics and hospital are established within the community to facilitate you in this regard too. Here the medical staff with all the equipment is available for you all the time.

Advanced Security System

Ensuring a safe and secure living to the residents of any community is a very important thing. New Lahore City understands the importance of this aspect and that is why very trustable and latest security system has installed here. CCTV cameras and alert security staff are always active to make a place protected and peaceful.


Being a very advanced housing scheme, al the infrastructure here is developed excellently. The modern approach is kept in view while the buildings and roads are amazingly established. Roads are wide, neat and carpeted having green belts around. Walking, jogging and driving tracks are different for the convenience of people.

Transportation Facilities

This project has its own transportation facilities and options which residents can avail at any time either in the night or day. It is a very great convenience for people.

Parks and Landscapes

New Lahore City is not only just a facilitated and exclusive project, but it is beautiful also. Here the green and beautiful landscapes, parks and playgrounds provide great peace of mind and relaxation to the residents. Many areas of this project are specified for greenery, parks and landscapes.

Entertainment Facilities

You can get a very good deal of entertainment within the society as here the mini golf course, playing area for kids, swimming pools, Tennis court, squash court and restaurants are available. All these options are a source of much enjoyment for the residents.

Community Center

This society has its own community centre where the people can arrange different functions and events including parties, dinners and marriage functions. It is established very amazingly. A banquet hall is also available within the community.

Electrification, Sewerage and Water

These basic necessities of people are fulfilled in the best possible manner. Through underground electrification, people won’t face unknown breakdowns because of bad weather. Because of the advanced sewerage system, people will not face any drainage issues. Pure and filtered drinking water is also available to residents.


All the sectors of this society have their own mosque. All the mosques here are well-equipped with facilities and have an advanced infrastructure.

Shopping Center

A state-of-the-art shopping mall is established here so that people can go shopping at any time without going out f society.

Other facilities

A lot of other facilities are also here including banks, health club, cinema and much more are available which make it a desirable living place.

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New Lahore City is a perfect and beautiful place to live in. This community is designed in a very where you will celebrate your life while having the best options close to you. Its ideal location, attractive rates, modern amenities, best infrastructure and global approach have made it the perfect choice. Very limited properties are left now and more has been sold out because of the growing appreciation and value of this place. Contact now to book your place here before its too late!

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