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Nowadays everyone wants to interact with nature and urban lifestyle. As the cars and the gadgets get hybrid. Most of the developers have taken this initiative of making a new and more developed origin of the country in the womb of nature for making it purer and more desirable. This is the best initiative which plants a whole new scenario of the connectivity between nature and the modern world. If you want a new and evolved lifestyle and you want to shift from the pollution and city life to the natural and pure yet urbanized life, then Murree Oaks Apartments are the best option for you. There is not more to say about these apartments than they are the most beautiful and the imaginably comfortable residential place that Pakistan could ever have.

Murree Oaks Apartments Location Map
Murree Oaks Apartments Payment Plan


A Murree Oaks apartment is a joint venture project of Udaan Marketing (Pvt) Ltd & Al-Qamar Group of Hotels. Al-Qamar is one of top and well reputed Hotel Group of Pakistan and Udaan Marketing is trusted and fast emerging company. They have put their effort together on this project to provide reliable and superior services with outstanding quality of living standard. Both Team are working with a passion for fulfilling its commitment.

Murree Oaks Apartment Lifestyle

The more remarkable point here I would like to discuss with you all is the lifestyle enhancement. Every person likes to evolve with time and the capacity they attain with it. That is the reason why we never stop looking for better opportunities. Murree is the Queen of all the hills and mountains with the all the natural pleasure of earth. This is not it, there are many things which are going to get affiliated and proved to be a plus in pursuing a modern lifestyle in the heart of the beauty, Murree. If you want to have a lavish residence at the top-notch location in Pakistan than you need to choose Murree Oaks apartments for cherishing a luxurious lifestyle while remaining close to nature.

Now lest review the more details about Murree Oaks Apartments.

Murree Oaks Apartments Location Map

Here comes the best of the deal. You are going to view the best location from the window of your room as soon as you open your eyes every morning. The view itself will please you so much that you will get massive positive vibes for starting the day. This is how it works properly. You won't have to drive from your home to Murree and view the beauty when you can live here and enjoy it every day.

  • Now have you heard about Pindi Point? I bet you have heard about that gorgeous place in Murree. You know your Murree Oaks Apartments are right beneath Pindi Point.

  • You can view the beautiful mountains of Kashmir covered in the fairy snow.

  • Your view to Islamabad will also be very clear.

  • Lawrence College is said to be the best college in Pakistan. You can send your children there too because of it just 5 mins away from your residence in Murree Oaks Apartments.

  • GT road is very accessible from your apartment as these apartments are on the prime location of Murree

  • Punjab house, Chairlift, Wildlife Park, Mall road and expressway is as near as you think it should be if you want to live and enjoy this sort of beautiful, peaceful and luxurious lifestyle in Murree.


Project Plan

Murree Oaks is offering Studio, 1, 2, 3, Bedroom Luxury Apartments for sale in the beautiful and healthy atmosphere. Murree Oaks is surrounded by oak-covered mountain, Snowy peaks, mellow autumn days, unique view of sunset and cloud effects. The modern facilities which are part of Murree oaks are Grand Lobby, Drawing and Dining, luxurious lounge, modern sanitary fittings bathrooms, spacious kitchen, Uni-Block RCC Structure with the beams and pillars, earthquake and high speed wind resilient structure, number of good quality certificates from concerned authorities, modern standard electricity and cable infrastructure, underground sewage system and rainwater drainage system, Top quality and building material and Accessories. Murree Oaks is a top housing development with state of the art planning and this project provides you ideal lifestyle close to nature. Surely Murree Oaks is an architectural wonder in the Queen of Hills

Murree Oaks Apartments Payment Plan

Talking about the convenient payment plan, you will be very shocked to see that the prices and the rates are so affordable. If you want a quick enhancement there are so easy instalment plans which are for you.  Before we move forward to the Payment plan let’s have a look on the architecture and the style of the apartment which are available at Murree Oaks Apartments. 

  • There is a master bedroom which is in every apartment

  • Then the newly designed and furnished kitchen, which is made on special international infrastructure.

  • There is a new drawing room and a dining room too

  • A lounge in the centre of the apartment which connects all the rooms and kitchen.

  • Then there is a beautiful hallway lobby which is arranged for the free time you have and you want to ionteract with other residents. Come and enjoy the WIFI as well!

There are 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, according to your need and  availability. You need to choose what is the best for you. You need to pay the confirmation price within 30 days after booking. 10% additional charges for front open apartment. 12% for the corner one and 8% for the view. While 2nd floor apartment will be 3% and 3rd floor apartment will have 5% additional Charge and on 4th floor 7% additional will be added. Where as on top floor 10% extra charges are counted.

Category Sq. ft Processing Fee Booking Confirmation Down Payment Monthly Installments Half Yearly Payments On Possesion Total Price
Studio Cat-B 299 5,000 325,000 325,000 325,000 25,000 80,000 268,000 2,093,000
Studio Cat-A  359  5,000  375,000  375,000  375,000  30,000  110,000  283,000  25,13,000 
One Bed Cat-B  432  10,000  495,000  495,000  495,000  38,000  120,000  316,000  30,24,000 
One Bed Cat-A  540.5  10,000  515,000  515,000  515,000  47,000  180,000  396,500  3,783,500 
Two Bed Cat-B  704  15,000  750,000  750,000  750,000  60,000  215,000  493,000  4,928,000 
Two Bed Cat-A 824  15,000  850,000  850,000  850,000  70,000  260,000 598,000  5,768,000 
Three Bed Cat-B  1235  20,000  1,200,000 1,200,000  1,200,000  115,000  360,000  880,000  8,645,000
Pent House Cat-B 1664  25,000  2,000,000  2,000,000  2,000,000  215,000  775,000  2,000,000 16,540,000 
Pent House Cat-A 4115.5 25,000 5,500,000 5,500,000  5,500,000  600,000 1,500,000  4,055,000  41,155,000 

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Murree Oaks Apartments Features

There are extra ordinary features which are found in the Murree Oaks Apartments. These features are explained below in detail

Departmental store

You can’t imaging that there is a in house departmental store in the building. This departmental store has all what you need and all the other commercial areas are really near the location.

Health aid facility

Talking about the health care facility, there is a remarkable health care unit in the building. This unit provided the first aid in case of emergency.

Fitness facilities

There are separate fitness and health related units for males and females. These are planned after keeping in mind the need of separate need and massive traffic from both genders in mind.

Community center

The community centre is the most beautiful thing right now. It is developed for several work related meeting and the functions. You don’t need to book a hall now for your important events.


High speed and durable elevators are there which provide nonstop 24 hours service to the residents.

Indoor games

Many people want to plan games like badminton, table tennis and other indoor games and they have to join another club but here you can do that very easily. You will have your own indoor gaming section in the building. Here you will be able to meet your competitors in the society.

Lifetime maintenance

The architecture of the apartments are made in such a way that they will require less maintainace. This is the lifetime service, for all the residents. You can avail the facility of maintainace whenever you want and within minutes your issues will be resolved.


There is a separate gymnasium. Here all the fitness freaks can join a and form a separate community. This way fitness will be provoked by style.

Emergency exit

In case of emergency, there is an exit. This door is placed and managed on all the floors. There you can take help in the hour of need. This door leads you straight towards the exit of the building, no matter on which floor you are.


CCTV cameras are there for the monitoring purpose of all the activities. Only residents are allowed to enter without inquiry. Even the guests are required to prove their identity to the security guards.


The lavish parking lot is the area where you can park your car and stay tension free. The parking is developed on the international values and standards.


There is a restaurant which belongs to the building. Here you can enjoy with your family and have the quality time out of your busy schedule.


The prayer area is built for the Muslims to offer prayer five times a day.

Play area

The playing area for the children is to entertain the kids and family with the safety and security within the building.

Café Kahin Bee

Kahin Bee is the best café in town which is present on the rooftop of your home and building in Muree oaks Apartment.

Mini Zoo

There is a mini zoo which has few of the beautiful animals for the knowledge and created a new learing process for children. For adults it a great way of discovering new form of creatures in nature.

Gated Community

Gated community is desired by every person who seeks to live in a perfect atmosphere. This is why even in this building you will get to have the best experience of gated community.

Sitting Area

There is a hall in the center of the building. Here you can sit and interact with other residents in you neighbor. WIFI is also available here.


The most important thing here is that many people who want to get settled in any area for job and other things need to have a safe and secure environment, they cant have their homes here for this purpose Murree oaks Apartments are the best choice for those people as these apartments are secure and specially built after considering need of all types of people who want a luxurious apartment and nature all together. Here on you can view all the detail about prices and availabilty of these apartments and also the best rates. Because your location is our destination!

For Booking Call now:

Click to Call: 03028443859


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