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Murree Expressway

Murree Expressway Islamabad is a 4-way express road from Islamabad to Murree. It starts from Faizabad Stop where I.J.P Road and Murree Road meet each other. Murree Road passes from the back side of Kashmir Road which is located on the southern side. At Jinnah Driving Range, both Kashmir Road and Murree Road meet each other on their way while Kashmir Road move towards the Abbottabad and Murree Islamabad Expressway move forward towards the Murree as well. The Road in Islamabad has a series of natural and beautiful landscapes that attract the people for its hill views and lush green views that’s why families love to have a home around the Murree Islamabad Expressway.   

These hill views of Margalla Hills around the Murree Islamabad Expressway in the vicinity of Islamabad adds beautification to living style and offers a pollution free environment to its residents. Rawal Lake is also located in the way of Expressway as well. The attraction of hill views results in several residential housing units and housing schemes. The point of interest around Murree Expressway includes Lower Topa Hills Resorts which is a well planned and a 5 star resort around main highway and located on elevation as well. The housing units around the Murree Islamabad Expressway have due value and people who are found of tourisms are very keen to have a home around the Highway as well.

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