Murree is the most visiting and famous hill station which is the very attractive place because of its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The place is developing in the real estate sector in form of many residential and commercial projects established at this place. This place gives one with the best visiting and pleasurable time and now with the progressing real estate, Murree offers to outclass living opportunities to people. Murree Continental Complex is among the most attractive and successful residential projects of this area. This is a flats residence developed according to advanced and global modes.

Murree Continental Complex Location Map
Murree Continental Complex Payment Plan

This venture offers 2 bedroom flats of 400 sq/ft and 3 bedroom flats of 700 sq/ft which are designed luxuriously and stylishly. This place has a very beautiful location provides one with the view of the beautiful scenery and serenely healthy atmosphere. One enjoys living at this amazing place while surrounded by every facility and luxury and having a direct interaction with nature. The project gives one the best opportunity to live in healthy and tranquil surroundings away from the hustle and bustle of cities while also interacting with modern amenities and facilities. This combination of nature and modernity is a source of great attention to people who want this type of existence to live peacefully.

Murree Continental Complex Murree Location Map

The location of any residential place is one of the central features and it affects the decision of the buyers. This project offers a very chief as well as attractive location to the buyers   This project is ideally located among the beautiful mountains of Murree while surrounded by immense beautiful scenery. It is primarily located on Kashmir Road which is also close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This location is very close to many important educational and health institutions, picnic points, food points, and transportation spots. The place is also linked to important roads and easily accessible. The location of this complex is a very attractive aspect for the people.

Murree Continental Complex Murree Location Map

Murree Continental Complex Murree Payment Plan

This project has a very flexible and easy payment plan and one gets the best return of one’s payment. Installment strategy is also available which adds much to the ease of people. According to the opportunities and facilities, the payment plan is very fine. This venture assures the provision of gold standard living by offering relieved and attractive payment policy. The plan is as follows:

Murree Continental Complex Murree Payment Plan


This tremendous project is developed by The Construction Complex who has earned an esteemed and well-reputed name in the real estate sector. Through the successful establishment of different residential and commercial projects, it proves its excellence and reliability. The main concern of the company is to provide people with the best kind of features according to the international level. The proper planning, expert engineers, designers, and qualified marketing team are central to the Construction Complex.

This project is enriched with many striking features and facilities which ensures the comfortable and convenient lifestyle to people. One enjoys the perfect combination of nature with so many features and facilities which are essential for ideal living. Living at this place is like surrounds oneself with the facilitated and peaceful environment. This project is emerging as a very prominent residential place built in accordance with contemporary modes and demands. Following are the significant features of this venture:

  1. Luxurious Apartments

This project includes luxurious apartments equipped with every basic facility and feature. The architectural designing of every part of the flats are done according to new modes and styles. The rooms and other areas are extensive and airy while proposing the best kind of living experience to people among numerous luxuries. All parts of flat including bathrooms, bedrooms, living room and kitchen are designed according to new trends and attract the attention of families to live at this place.

  1. Safety and Security

The project ensures the place where one can live with ease and comfort in a secure environment. The entrance checking is very strict and irrelevant persons are not allowed to enter the place. Security cameras and security staff is very high alert and active works everytime for the protection of people. The management guarantees 24/7 security to provide a terror-free environment where people can live with ease.

  1. Nearby Places

The place is very close to many important places like schools, colleges, hospitals, picnic points, and transportation points. The close proximity to these beneficial spots is really a source of convenience to people as they can avail these services very easily. Living in this place is very advantageous as every facility is very close to people through which they can live comfortably.

  1. Other Facilities

The place is built according to new styles and modes fully equipped with modern amenities and facilities. There is an elevator or lift for the convenience of people. A maintenance staff is also available for the help and guidance of people, who executes work according to a specific procedure and operational schedule of the building. The maintenance staff is very helping and cooperative directs and helps the people in every way.


As convenient and deluxe living is the need of contemporary time and everyone wants to acclimatize the quality lifestyle. Murree Continental complex is a place where people can make fulfilled their dreams about modern, peaceful, luxurious and comfortable sort of existence. This venture is an amalgamation of exclusive features and healthy atmosphere surrounded by serene surroundings. One enjoys both luxuries and soothing environment at the same time. This place offers an advanced settlement to families or people who are in search of golden living in the queen of hills.


Murree Continental Complex Murree Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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