Multi Gardens sector B-17 Islamabad is the vast and high rise real estate hub by MPCHS (Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society). You will find the best properties and projects here packed with hot investment opportunities. This sector has excellent potential for genuine and modern buyers.  It is also known as Multi Gardens Housing Scheme. It is a worth investing place situated in the heart of Islamabad and strategic vision for modern investors.

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Islamabad is the economic and cultural hub of Pakistan where the real estate sector has flourished so much. Because of the growing residential needs of people and to make sure the best investment opportunities, the city has gone very far away in urban planning. MPCHS is the biggest real estate community which has witnessed top-class projects in Islamabad based on the best development concepts. Multi Gardens is the most prominent and top development by MPCHS where maximum attention is given to growth management, best town planning, environment protection and best living or investment prospects. 

Multi Gardens Lahore

The community is developed in an appealing way where it is divided into various blocks. The urbanization concepts and designs are highly kept in view during the development. The meaningful and exceptional development status of B-17 has a huge effect on the growth of Islamabad real estate. Properties and plots for sale in sector B-17 are attracting a large number of investors. You cannot ignore such an alluring land with exclusive present and full of future benefits.

Many projects are part of this sector as it is full of residential and commercial options for you. Here the plots are available in different sizes to cater to various investment and living needs of people. Multi Gardens is developed in such a way which reflects your aspiration and expectations. You will love this place to live and invest for its unique and exclusive approach in all the matters. You will love this place to start a significant living surrounded by the top facilities. It is always the best and most advanced ways which can be done in the best possible manner.

An ultra-luxurious existence which encompasses all the basics of a dream home for the heart to wish and eyes to admire is waiting for you to come and own property here. This well-planned sector with high alert security and modern amenities will transfer you to the world of relaxation and beauty. All this is available to you with reasonable payments so that you can easily acquire your dream living at this top place.

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Main Goals of the Project

Approved by CDA, the Multi Gardens Islamabad has achieved considerable success and appreciation in the real estate sector. It is a significant development which has high aims and approach in all the matters. This internationally developed community is planned to meet the different living, investment, commercial and business needs of people. This top-class place sought to attain the following goals:

  • The adaption and revolutionizing of globalization in the real estate sector which will improve the living standards of people.
  • To meet the economic, cultural and social growth
  • Achievement of foster and advanced lifestyle and to lessen the pressure of rapid urban growth
  • Help Pakistan’s real estate to gain a high status and standings to attract foreign investors
  • To promote urbanization and high-quality living standards
  • Introduce the potential investment prospects leading towards the beneficial growth in future
  • Assure the safety, quality and affordability to people compatible with the advancement

Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad Master Plan

Spread over almost 12,000 kanals, Multi Gardens Sector B-17 encompasses luxury and high standards. It is a very well-planned community which meets all the latest development needs. It is changing the face of the whole region. Symbolic quality and status are attached to this place within a frame of urbanization. Sector B-17 master plan is created according to urban planning. Many well-known planners, engineers and architectures are consulted for this vast development. 

The place is offering not only the residential but also great Commerical opportunities. It is a great project where a considerable area is allocated for green space. Divided into seven blocks, it meets all the standards of the latest town planning. The amalgamation of modernity and serenity makes this place truly amazing. Here the secure environment and all the facilities are available to the residents of B-17. All the roads and other spaces are wide while strategies are made to meet the risks of overpopulation. 

 society map

B-17 Islamabad Blocks Division

Being a large project, it is spread over an extensive area, and the authorities have divided it into different blocks. All the parts of sector B-17 Islamabad are offering you bright investment and living opportunities. Various size commercial and residential plots are made part of each block while advanced community plans are applied everywhere. Those who have business minds and aims can take advantage of commercial sectors available in almost all the blocks. The development and other work are going on at a fast pace while some blocks are entirely developed according to the current demands. Each block is crafted on advancement and uniqueness, while the prices of the plots are different. All the social and living facilities are included so that a remarkable sort of life can be provided to all. The infrastructure is built on the latest trends while each block has something to suit the needs and desires of everyone. 

Multi Gardens Sector B-17 Block A

Block A is a highly developed and extensive part of sector B-17 which is the hub of many commercial and residential opportunities. The construction of roads and other infrastructural development has almost 97% completed. It is the largest block which contains all the basic and advanced facilities of life. Margalla hills are closely connected to sector b-17 block A. Here 40 ft, 50 ft and 60 ft wide carpeted roads are available while schools, colleges, parks, lake, mosques and commercial sectors are also there to make give a complete sense of community living. Many commercial and residential plots of different sizes are available which you can own through easy installment as well as a cash payment. It assures the best investment chances for everyone.

Multi Gardens Sector B-17 Block B

The most expensive and developed part of sector b-17 is block B which is designed and developed on exclusive standards. It is connected to block A while the whole part is lavishly planned at the top location of Islamabad. It is enriched with best investment and living opportunities while the prices of properties are higher than some other blocks of b-17. 30, 40, 50 and 60 ft road links are spread throughout the block B while all the plots are easily accessible. University, schools, mosques, commercial area, parks and all the other facilities are also available. The high quality, safe and advanced living experience is attainable in sector b-17 block B. Almost the development is complete while the remaining work is going on rapidly, which will be completed soon.

Multi Gardens Sector B-17 Block C

Block C is one of the developed and remarkable parts of Multi Gardens, which is offering multiple size plots to its residents. The construction and many other works have been completed here while you can buy your desired property easily here. It enjoys the best location while all the parts of this block are designed appealingly. An extensive area is allotted to greenery to keep the environment peaceful and healthy. Sector B-17 Block C has its central mosque, school, college, five-star Hotel, lake and many features like this. It is the best place to provide you with a dream lifestyle while packed with recreational and fundamental facilities. The plots can be booked here with easy installment and payment plans. Commercial and residential both types are available here.

Multi Gardens Sector B-17 Block D 

It is an identical part of B-17 where the best community plans are applied everywhere. You will find it a suitable investment because of its excellent approach. Much work has been done including the sewerage, underground wiring and gas lines. We cannot say the Block D fully developed part of Multi Gardens as MPCHS is facing land acquisition issues regarding this. Due to this problem, much area is unpopulated with limited developments. Still, it is a good investment hub because of its idyllic position and bright future after the land issue will resolve. Educational, health and all the other facilities are available in this block. You can book your plot here with attractive prices at the current time as the value in the future will definitely increase to give you high investment profits.

Multi Gardens Sector B-17 Block E

Block E is also the same as Block D in term of development status. Though there is no land issue with this block, still the work is not completed here. Different size commercial and residential plots are part of this block, and the infrastructural work is going on. Wide and carpeted roads spread everywhere with green belts. A peaceful and facilitated sort of living environment is available to people while exceptional investment opportunities are also there. You will find the current prices of different plots very reasonable at the time which will grow in the future.

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Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad Latest News

After the successful establishment of block A, B, C, D, E and F, Multi Gardens is going to launch Block G. The authorities have planned this block in such a way that it will be a symbol of advancement, development and energy. Location map of Block G has also come to the surface, and it is enjoying the strategic location like the other blocks of B-17. It will enjoy the best location of Motorway interchange M-1 which has already got approval for construction. Buying property in Block G will prove the best real estate investment in Islamabad.

The value and demand will increase here remarkably because of its ideal address and high development standards. The master plan has not yet issued of this new block, but it is expected to be announced soon. According to the current updates, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, and1 Kanal residential plots are available which can be booked with affordable rates. The booking is open while easy installment policies and discounts are also there for the potential buyers. On the full payment, the buyers will get a 20% discount which is a great benefit. 

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Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad Location Map

This project shares a very ideal and beneficial location which attracts the people greatly towards it. The project is situated at the most strategic location of Islamabad on Margalla Hills. You can approach it directly from the main GT road while the construction of Margalla road is also going on. After its completion, this society will become more accessible and connected with the whole city. It is a vast project which is spread over a wide area and enjoys the adjacency to all the main parts of Islamabad.

You are available with a chance to come and live a desirable lifestyle with the most exciting and outclass location of Islamabad. This project is located on the most recognized location, which is enjoying high potential and growth. It is easily approachable and understandable without any confusion. 

Many famous housing schemes and commercial projects are closely situated to the address of this project. It is very easily accessible because of its connection to many important roads. Best schools, food courts, malls, transportation spots and hospitals are also very near. 

multi gardens B-17 Location Map

You will get all kind of facilities at your doorsteps. Many development works are going on around this project which will increase its value and demand in the near future. The location is highly appealing to modern investors as such renowned and hot location is really beneficial in all the ways. Enjoy the most desirable and advantageous address of Islamabad with Multi Gardens. 

Sector B-17 includes variety of potential projects 

Sector B-17 Islamabad is offering the top investment opportunities to potential buyers and clients. More than a hundred projects are available in B-17, including the residential and commercial. The best apartments for sale, Plots for sale and commercial property for sale in Islamabad are available.

Some of them are completed and ready to provide people with enormous profits while others are under construction. You will find all these properties suitable to invest in because of their top development status and growing future value. The ideas Tower, Aimal Tower and some other projects are the prominent developments in B-17 which can give you the desirable return of your money.

B-17 Islamabad Commercial Plots For sale

There are two types of plots, but here commercial plots are available right now for the most significant investment of your life. They are available in different marlas and available for booking. You can book for the investment or for starting the new business in the hub of development in Multi Gardens B-17. 

B-17 Islamabad Residential Plots for sale

B-17 Islamabad is spread over vast area where this land is offering enormous living and investment opportunities. All the blocks offer remarkable properties in various sizes to construct your dream homes. The promising development status, strategic location and exclusive approach make this place ideal to buy residential plots. This is the best time to book your plot to gain higher future returns

B-17 Islamabad Apartments for Sale 

To give you a dream lifestyle full of class, comfort and style there are many apartment projects which are developed in different blocks of B-17. Many remarkable developments have been completed in this regard while some are going on at a fast pace. All the flats for sale in sector B-17 Islamabad will prove the best investment while assuring excellent living to you. 

B-17 Islamabad Houses for Sale 

Constructed houses are also available in sector B-17 for those who want to shift their lifestyle quickly. All the developments have done while keeping in view the latest construction trends and best architectural plans. Best living quality is available at the attractive prices through these houses which are available in various sizes. 

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B-17 Islamabad Payment Plan

B-17 Islamabad Payment plan is very easy and it especially designed and organized in such a way that every single person no matter what he is from middle class or upper class can avail the residential, commercial and investment facilities. There are various sizes of the residential and commercial plots, while all the plots have several installment programs as well. The sizes vary in all the blocks while the prices are very affordable. The facilities have been arranging in such order that no matter the person desired to build a small house of a huge one, they avail the proper facilities accordingly.

There are many blocks where you can book plot. Some blocks are expensive than the other because of their development status. You can choose the plot according to your budget and requirements. Here we have mentioned the prices of plots in Sector B-17 Islamabad for you. Have a look!

B-17 Islamabad Payment Plan

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Multi Gardens is a project by MPCHS Islamabad 

MPCHS (Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Scheme) is a great real estate institution who develop high standard real estate projects. Many sectors in Islamabad has been initiated under this icon. Many well known and exclusive projects which are offering considerable benefits to their dealers. B-17 is one of the most iconic projects developed by MPCHS. It is fulfilling higher living and investment standards. It is the most significant development in Islamabad, which is a gateway to urbanization and high standards.

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Sector B-17 Islamabad Features and Facilities

Advanced Infrastructure 

Modern Style Homes

Ideal Location

Wide Carpeted Roads

Innovative Architecture 

Proper Sewerage 

Underground Electrifications



High Alert Security 

Beautiful Surroundings 

Pure Water 

Sui Gas Supply 

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MPCHS Multi Gardens B-17 Islamabad - Payment Plan - Details
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