Montviro Islamabad is an international style project, full of charms, entertainment, luxuries, and features. Spread over many Kanals, Montviro is a 5-star hotel, shopping mall, and theme park, and all these things are up to the fantasy of people. The architecture of this project is uniquely modish, elegant and beautiful made by expert architectures. Primarily located on Islamabad-Murree Expressway, this place provides the best and global standard entertainment, food, services, and residents.

Montviro Islamabad Location Map
Montviro Islamabad Payment Plan

The place for sure provides the best, hoteling, visiting or residence experience to the people as there are numberless striking features and amenities in this excellent project. This is a very attractive and fantastic place for the vacationers, visitors or for the investment purposes.

Montviro Islamabad

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Project Plan

The Montrivo Islamabad is a very vast project that includes a 5-star hotel, shopping mall, flats, and so many entertainment spots. The 5-star hotel has a 5-storey structure and has a very beautiful architecture and luxurious rooms. The project also features 7-floor shopping mall while one floor is wholly dedicated for Food benches and Marriage Halls. The shops are available for people who want to start a new and successful business in the future. The shopping mall will also offer the facilities of cinema, Adventure City for children, restaurant and light show.  

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Montviro Islamabad Location Map

Like many other attractive features, this project provides a very attractive and prime location of the city of Islamabad. It is ideally located on Islamabad-Murree Express-way which surrounded by serene environment and beautiful mountains. The place is in close proximity to many grand projects and spots.

Montviro Islamabad Location Map

Montviro Islamabad Hotel Payment Plan

The payment plan has been announced for the hotel by the Irtafia group and it is a very conveniently and flexibly organized. The 30 days payment plan is as follows:

Montviro Islamabad Shopping Mall Payment

The payment strategy for shopping mall is also announced by the authorities. This is as follows:

Montviro Islamabad Hotel Payment Plan

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This tremendous and global level project is developed by Irtifa group, which is well-reputed for its excellence in the real estate sector. This company has a unique approach towards achieving the best and up to mark success and brilliance in its projects.

Features and Facilities

This is a place full of luxuries and comforts along with many outclass features and facilities. The place aims to provide the best source of the most excellent shopping, eating, entertainment, residential and vacation stay experience to people. The place offers the following amenities and features:

Beautiful Architecture or Designing

This project has a very fine interior and exterior designing exactly according to the advanced modes. One will find the lobbies, receptions, entrance and other places full of fancy and stylish designing. The rooms, floors shops are the sections are fully furnished according to new stylish ways. The rooms are extremely beautiful and luxurious equipped with high-quality accessories and facilities. The outside view from the windows of the hotel is really eye-catching and pleasant as the hotel is situated among the beautiful mountains of Islamabad.

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The place provides its residents with a fully secure and protected environment so that people could live here with ease and comfort. Smart security system and high alert security staff monitor everything with great care. CCTV cameras are fixed on necessary locations in the inner side of the hotel. This place assures the fully secure and nonviolent surrounding to the people.

Amazing Indoor Resturant

Montviro provides the best food facilities to people. Every kind of food is available with the best customer services. The cave style restaurant and its environment is really unique and fancy. A great deal of care, attention, and services are given to people so that they can enjoy their meal properly.

Best Customer Services

The staff members or the customer service members provide the finest and exceptional services or help to the customers. The queries or problems of people are solved with great care and attention without any delay. The maintenance staff is available 24/7 for the convenience or help of the people.

Shopping Mall

There is one of Pakistan's best and advanced shopping mall in this place. Every shop is fully furnished and well equipped with every facility and feature. The shopping mall is very luxurious and interesting, one enjoys while doing shopping at such an incredible place.

Residential Flats

In this project, the residential opportunity is also available in the form of flats at this excellent spot. The flats are furnished, luxurious and designed in exact accordance to the contemporary traditions and styles. The best residential option is available for the people who do not want to compromise on average and want more than the best. The flats are also available for renting purpose.

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Other Exceptional Facilities

The place has a number of exceptional facilities and entertainment options. One gets the variety of features, entertainment, and amenities all in totally new and unique style at this single place. There is Motviro’s own luxurious gymnasium where people enjoy the best services. This place aims to provide a Theme park, water ride, forest camping, Mountain Safari, and shining gold souk, all this offers a complete package of entertainment to people.


This outstanding project by Irtifa group will be the best tourist and entertaining spot in near future for the people. The place along with all its striking features and offers will magnetize the people from all over Pakistan. Montviro will provide not only the deluxe and up to mark the environment for residence but also the best sort of entertaining and classy features to the visitors.

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Montviro Islamabad Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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