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Zaamin city Housing Scheme Lahore is a place to provide you with incredible living and high potential investment. It is a place which is developed on the new and advanced ideas while offering excellent opportunities to people. Lahore’s real estate has become very remarkable because of advancements and economic growth every year. A lot of people choose different places here to make safe and fruitful investments. For living and investment purposes, Lahore provides the golden options with very reasonable rates and promise of high future returns. Many new projects have been introduced with a unique perspective and high aims. Zaamin city is one of the most influential and top-class projects of Lahore city where the tremendous properties are available for you in at the prime location.

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Facilities and Features

Developed by Zaamin group, this housing scheme has so much to offer you. Here different size residential and commercial plots provide you with a vast chance to live and invest to gain enormous profits in the coming time. Living is also full of delights and comforts as the community is packed with all those essentials which are crucial for a remarkable existence.

zaamin city

The project provides you with a promising living and investment environment, full of luxuries and comforts. People can make their dream home now very easily with Zaamin city as it is offering very reasonably priced for all. Everything here is planned and organized while keeping in view the requirements and affordability of people. The plots for sale in Zaamin city offer the b way to spend our money in the right place to get maximum benefits.

This community is planned according to the modern and advanced ideas of development. It is enjoying a distinctive position in Lahore’s real estate even in the initial phase of its establishment. Built on the ideas of luxuries and high standards at the sought after location, it is the best place you will find to start living unusually.

zaamin city

Surrounded by a peaceful and beneficial environment, the world-class amenities are available to you here. You can gain the lifetime opportunity by booking your plot at this new significant residential development as the current time is most suitable to buy property here. With the guaranteed future growth, you will get the high value of your money. The lifestyle of your desired vision is waiting for you here to own it with much ease. International standards and approach make it the most preferred and mega housing project in Lahore, which assures exclusivity, class, eminence and rewarding future returns. The leisure in your everyday life is guaranteed. 

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LDA Approved 

Zaamin city is a huge residential project which is planned to provide affordably and upgrade living to people. It is under the development community which comes up which will come up with many advancements and exceptional approach for those who will choose it as their living and investment hub.

While choosing your property in any housing scheme, you must consider that either society is legally constructed or not. The LDA approval determines the status of any community that either it is legal or not.

You will be pleased to know that Zaamin City Lahore has gained the approval from the LDA recently. It has gained a very prestigious and prominent position as there is no claim about it and it gets the approval in very less time.

The Director of LDA approved the land on which it is developing, the community plans and other infrastructural strategies within the society. The technical approval of everything determines that the developers are doing everything under the codes of real estate law.

Zaamin city, after the LDA approval, is more passionate to provide the best options and facilities to people. The high aims and global approach make this community very much appealing among so many other developments of Lahore city.

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Zaamin City Lahore Plots for sale

Buying a property here can lead you to many profits in the current as well as incoming time. Zaamin city is established on legal and developed land with the best arrangement in every field. Different sizes of plots are made part of this housing scheme, which all is equipped with the essential utilities. You can make your dream home as you want, start any business and also strong investment possibilities. You will get the enormous investment and living options after buying any property here with attractive rates.

The prices are different according to the plot type, but all your dealings here will lead you to gain enormous profits and value in the future. Plots for sale in Zaamin City Lahore are equipped with all basic as well as advanced utilities, road links and best location within the society. All the plots have proper electricity, Sui gas and water access. The overall management and plans of the community, plot distribution and their links to the town attract a large number of buyers. The higher returns in future are guaranteed with both categories.

Residential Plots for sale

Zaamin City Lahore residential plots are of several types, and they are offered according to the desire of the client and the purpose of purchase. All the plots are priced differently. The sizes of residential plot available are as following

  • 3 Marla Plots are the best choice for those who have small families and want to give them an elevated lifestyle with affordability
  • 5 Marla plots for the best investment and the future development of the small home you want
  • 10 Marla plots for the investors or those who want to build their home which is comprehensive and could entertain the guest also

Commercial Plots for sale

The commercial plots are also approachable with very attractive plans and budget. As soon as the developers sort out the proposal regarding the industrial area, residential plots are yet one of the most adorable projects. The best part is that the Zaamin group being one of the most loyal and trustworthy real estate organization try to wind up the bolting process quickly and efficiently. In this way, all who need to buy a plot on an urgent basis will find a great opportunity. Investors and also welcomed to invest in the safe and secure environment of Zaamin City Lahore. Commercial plots are available in the size of 3,5 and 10 marla facilitated with everything which is essential. 

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Zaamin City Lahore Location Map 

The most important thing before choosing any residential place is to pick up an accurate location, which is prime as well as developed at the same time. Zaamin city fulfils these aspects about an ideal location very well. You will find it located on Ferozpur Road near sabzi Mandi. It is surrounded by all the basic and advanced facilities as well as tranquillity. The natural views around the whole scheme provide people with a chance to remain close to a clean and peaceful environment. In Lahore city, you will find this location the most tactical and appealing for residential, commercial and investment purposes.

The location is a very crucial aspect of determining what type of living or investment you are going to have. Many housing schemes have been developed in Lahore. As Lahore is expanding day by day and mostly the new societies are far away from the city life where living is not as much pleasure because of the inaccessibility to the basic needs of life. To avoid such situation, you have to decide on the location which is perfect from all the perspectives. It must be close to the necessary utilities as well as connected to the main parts of the city so that people can access it without any problem. More the prime location, more it ensures the high values.


zaamin city location  

You have to be careful while choosing the location which assures the profits and desirable outcomes of the money you are going to invest. Zaamin City’s position is worth investing in as it is emerging as the society full of potential and growth because of its strategic address. For beginners, it is the right location to consider and invest to save and secure your future. The surroundings and neighborhood of Zaamin City Lahore are excellent and suitable, which will make your investment and living experience tremendous. It is becoming the most sought after living destination. Its location is the essential factor in increasing its demand and value.

Zaamin City Lahore Payment Plan 

Zaamin city Lahore is the top class project which has planned everything to meet the needs of people. It is one of the most exclusive living places offering various properties with auspicious facilities and reasonable rates.
Prices of the properties are increasing very much as the competition has become very strong with the establishment of many housing schemes. It is crucial to choose the right place with the growing financial value and reasonable payment plan.

Zaamin City Lahore fulfils the growing needs very well and offers a very appealing and flexible payment plan. The market value of this project is high at present. It can be said with the guarantee that it will increase in the coming time. The place because of its high development status and the appealing payment plan is getting a precious position. Modern investors and buyers are very inclined to occupy the place here as soon as possible to gain more profit in the coming time. It is the perfect time to book your property here.

Commercial and residential both types are available in the sizes of 3 Marla, 5 Marla and 10 Marla. You will make an outstanding and advantageous deal after buying a place here. It is the right time to book your place at affordable prices. You can also book your desired property with easy installment policies just by paying the specific amount of down payment at the initial stage. The booking procedure is straightforward and appealing, where you do not need to indulge in ambiguities. You can contact the team of at any time as we are here always to assist you in the best possible way. The detailed payment plan containing all the information and prices is given below for you.  

5 Marla Residential Plot Payment Plan

zaamin city payment plan

10 Marla Residential Plot Payment Plan

Zaamin City 10 Marla Plan

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Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Zaamin City Payment Plan Commercial


Zaamin City Lahore Developers 

It is a project by Zaamin Group, who is the professionals and experts in the real estate field. This company is comprised of excellent and skilled members who contribute significantly to making this one of the biggest names in Pakistan for developing high-class projects. Before Zaamin city, this company has witnessed some remarkable developments which all have something unique to offer their buyers. The innovative ideas, high excellence, professionalism, individuality and reliability are at the core of the work of the developers.

Zaamin city is a new and very well established project by this company to provide suitable living conditions with the promise of top investment options. This project is developed on the modern and exclusive ideas which make it appealing for contemporary investors. Integrity, excellence and high quality are at the core of the developers, and all these are evident in this project.

They work intending to provide a place for people where their dreams change into reality. The professional approach and sincere public concerns have made this society one of the most outstanding developments in the real estate market. High values are delivered to people through this establishment, which is based on contemporary sources and ideas. The exclusive plans and actual work of team members have made it possible to get a place so out-standing and tremendous like Zaamin City Lahore.

Exceptional living standards are introduced to those who want to avail it at the prime location and with a perfect price range. The project has already caught up the attention of many potential buyers and investors because of its enormous demand and appreciation in the first phase of development. Such popularity adds much to the renowned reputation of the developers making their position more vigorous in the market. The aims and mission behind this venture are merely providing the high class and up to date living solutions to people by setting new housing scheme trends. Latest infrastructural ideas are also defined by this company in all the projects of Zaamin group, especially in Zaamin City housing. For society planning, best minds are hired by the developers who have proper skills and knowledge in this field.

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Facilities and Features

Zaamin city is a place which proposes various luxuries, comforts and diversity to its residents. Here the lifestyle will be full of relieve by having everything close to you. The place is perfect to meet the latest and advanced needs of those amenities which are essential to make one’s life remarkable to live. High quality and excellence is not at all compromised while you will find the true meaning of comforts.

It is a place which will make your life easy and convenient while providing the best features and facilities to you. It is not enough to just have a living place for you. The facilities and amenities of a residential place make it truly luxurious and worth living.

Zaamin City Lahore understands this and that is why made available enormous facilities and features to its residents. It is a rich place with a wide range of world-class amenities and services. Your existence here will make sense to you as you will find the existence of significance and wholesomeness.

From the basic to advanced level facilities, this society has all. Everything in this community is planned and organized in a perfect way. The investment as well as living in the vicinity to such options can be proved very beneficial. Here the following facilities are waiting for you to own them by booking your plot in Zamin city right now. You must not miss the chance to choose such an incredible living place for you which aims to facilitate you in every matter of your life. Let’s have a look to make an informed decision to choose the best living and investment place in Lahore.


There is another big issue of security in many regions of Pakistan. This happens when the unknown people are allowed to enter the areas without permission. To stop this there are teams of guards which will allow a stranger to enter Zaamin City Lahore after proper authorization and permission. Even a single requirement is not provided then the person will not be allowed to enter the society.

Gated community

The gated community is the way of living and the most important aspect of Zaamin City that provides the secure and gated community environment to the residents and the client who want to invest will also know that this investment is the best and most valuable one.

Main road

The main road is very wide and it represents a very soothing effect when someone visit's the society for the first time. This makes it more prominent and infrastructure could be observed from the entrance.


All the parameters are decided after looking their effect on the environment and things kept simpler. Even if the purpose is to urbanize the society still this urbanization is been kept very natural and particularly very well balance so that it won't affect nature.


There is another plus point that not only the houses look modern but the infrastructure of the Zaamin City Lahore is over a state of art for the viewers. Everything is so arranged and maintained. The roads are extensive and clean making the overall impact of the community excellent. That is the reason why this society is preferred by the people because of its overall impact.

The international standard of living

If you look at the overall map of the society you will realize that the standard of living is not only different from the rest of the housing scheme, but it is specially built to provide the international standard to the residents and make the worth of the plots, even more, this will increase the demand of such housing standards and this way things will change in the residential sector for good.


Many of the areas in Lahore are very developed but that thing which is not yet fully developed is the supply of electricity and this is the reason why the majority of us face troubles and are unable to find the desired location for our residence. Zaamin City Lahore facilities its residents in the possible ways and the wiring are so strong that there is no ambiguity due to any climatic effect. Load shedding in this area is also very less which makes this the best for residence.


The educational aspect is highly kept in view by the developers in order to provide the best opportunities in this regard. This society enjoys the closeness to many important schools, colleges and universities from where people can send their children to acquire the contemporary knowledge.


 Major hospitals and health care centers are just few minutes away from Zaamin City, because of this most prime location many people settle here leaving their previous locations in Lahore for a better future and more facilities.

Street lights

Street lights are not only provided but they are also maintained because at night it is very important to have street lights on the roads to avoid the accident and to keep the society safe also.

Sewerage system

The sewerage system is made on the modern infrastructure to provide the proper facilities to the consumers and this is the best aspect of this society that all the modernized thing are developed by seeking the clearance from the rules and keeping in mind the demand of nature also.

Parks and Jogging Tracks

There are many people who are very concerned about their fitness and for those people, there is a special park with jogging track where children can plan while mothers and all the fitness freaks of the house can enjoy the taste of fitness through jogging on the proper track.

Golf course 

A golf course with advanced development is also planned to make part of this community so that people can enjoy with their friends and family. Here the residents can spend a quality time full of fun and entertainment.

Ambulance Service

In case of an emergency, Zaamin city is offering its own free ambulance service which will be available all the time for the residents. It will prove very helpful in reaching out to hospital without wasting time. Even in the night time, the residents can call for the ambulance services.


For children, special playgrounds are been developed at all the blocks of the society and these places are also constructed with the international infrastructure with swing and exercise tools and jogging track as well to keep the residents fit and healthy. The children can have a quality time here while being indulged in various activities. They will be able to play in the safe and best environment. 

Commercial areas

There are many commercial areas which are present outside the society but within Zaamin City Lahore there is a plan of several commercial areas which will be present in different sectors of the society. There is a plan to developing the shopping malls as well.


Zaamin City Ferozpur Road Lahore is an exceptional residential development which combines all the luxuries and facilities at one place for you. An aesthetic and efficient living space of high quality and standards is available to you. The amalgamation of ideal location, affordability, high development status and modern amenities make it a genuinely perfect living place. It is an exclusive residential destination which matches the international standards of quality, planning and development. It provides not only the best living conditions but also the best environment and outdoor facilities. You will find this place the most suitable to invest or live while enjoying secure surroundings. This state of the art project has so much to offer potential buyers and investors. People who possess the dream of having a home close to the facilities and peace; they must consider choosing Zaamin city. Contact the expert team of on the given numbers for more information and booking. 

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