Lahore is the centre of remarkable development and progress in many fields. The real estate sector of this city has developed very much while developing more and more with the passage of time. Many well-known residential projects are established by different organizations to improve the quality of residence. United City Lahore is among the most excellent residential projects of Lahore. This project is built according to advanced trends and modes.

United City Lahore Location Map
United City Lahore Payment Plan

It is highly developed to provide a secure and facilitated sort of living to people in every way. One can enjoy the best and ideal sort of residence at this place in an affordable payment or in easy instalments. Basically, this project aims to give a quality and standardized sort of lifestyle to the people of meagre resources. The numerous facilities and an ideal location along with low prices are no more than a blessing for people who choose to live at this place.

The project is featured on modern amenities while contemporary time’s needs and demands are kept in view. Luxurious, safe, facilitated and convenient lifestyle is no more a dream for people of the middle class after the establishment of United City Lahore.

Project Plan

This is a very vast project which is spread over a considerable land. Numerous residential plots are available according to different family’s needs. This place offers 3 Marla, 5 Marla and 10 Marla residential plots. The opportunity is also available for people who want to set up new business as commercial plots are also there. United City Lahore offers 4 Marla commercial plots for different business purposes. The plots are equipped with basic necessities thus provides an ideal place to build a house of one’s desired vision.

United City Lahore Location Map

This project is situated on a very prime and ideal location of Lahore. It is located on Ariah Morh, Raiwind Road, Lahore which is the very well-known place. The Lake City is very closely situated to this project while it is also surrounded by many facilitated spots. Many schools, hospitals, universities, shopping centres and transportation spots are in a very close proximity to this place.

United City Lahore Location Map

United City Lahore Payment Plan

The payment plan for this project is highly affordable and flexible. This is organized according to the needs and demands of average people who cannot afford much. This project facilitates people as well as provides them with a luxurious lifestyle in a very convenient payment plan. The plot can be booked on cash payment while easy instalment policies are also available for people. Here is the payment plan for this project:

United City Lahore Payment Plan

Features and Facilities

This project is enriched with many facilities and features which are essential to living a happy and comfortable lifestyle. United City, Lahore aims to provide a remarkable and deluxe sort of existence to people in a very affordable range. Following are the features and facilities the place offers to its residents:


This is a completely secure and safe community which assures a peaceful environment to its residents. All the sectors are monitored through CCTV cameras and security guards with great care. It is a fully gated community with boundary walls while checking at the entrance point is very strict. Irrelevant persons are prohibited to enter the place.

Commercial Areas and Shopping Centers

A very prominent aspect of this place is that this project is surrounded by commercial area and shopping centres. This is very attractive for those who love shopping. Grocery stores are also available within the society where people can take the things of daily routine without going out to society.

Community Center

There is a community centre which is developed so that the residents could manage the functions which are not allowed to be held inside the house. This is the reason why community centres and halls are developed so that you can arrange things properly and enjoy as well.

Parks and Playgrounds

The parks and playgrounds are very important in different housing societies for the relaxation and pleasant view.  For this reason, there are various lush green parks where walking and sitting is a source of great pleasure. Different playgrounds are also there at this place where children can play in a safe and clean environment.

Central Mosque

There is a central mosque which is equipped with numerous facilities and features. This mosque is for all the residents to pray five times a day. This is to be evidence the unity and harmony of the Muslim society.

Electricity Supply

Load shedding is a very major problem of Pakistan in present time. This place assures the proper supply of electricity as the electrification system is undergrounded through which the electrical supply is not affected due to weather conditions. Through the proper supply of electricity, many problems could be avoided which rise in the result of load shedding or breakdowns.

Water Supply and Sewerage System

The provision of clean and pure water is not easily available to the people. Water supply is very poor in many areas where people have to wait hours and hours for the water. United City, Lahore assures the supply of clean as well as pure water to their resident which is really a blessing for people in present time.

Sui Gas Supply

Then comes the Sui gas supply. There is a proper pipeline system which has been placed underground so that there is not even a single home where Sui gas supply is not proper. Even in the winter season, the place assures the proper supply of Sui gas.


There are many reasons which will force you to join this residential scheme and be a part of it. The biggest reason is that there are very fewer amounts of frauds as it is approved properly. Now facilitated and luxurious living is no more a dream for the people of middle-class status. The place provides a complete package of comfort and convenience to people in an affordable range. So book your plot now to start living ideally and happily.


United City Lahore Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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