Tulip Garden Lahore

Tulip Garden Lahore is an exceptional living community which is offering a remarkable lifestyle to its residents. This place is established away from the noisy environment but enjoys excellent road links, which make it easily accessible. Here the residential plots in 3 and 5 Marla are available to cater to the investment and residential needs of people. It is a place which is designed and developed in an exceptional way offering a wide range of facilities and features.

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Facilities and Features

Lahore is the largest and leading city of Pakistan which has become a hub of economy, business, education and many other fields. With the growth in the population of this city, the residential needs have also become high. The real estate has also gained a massive success while offering large plots in Lahore. The city has the aims to make bring a remarkable change in the lifestyle of people through mega projects and to enhance the modernization. Tulip Garden is one of the best places to buy property in Lahore. 

Tulip garden Lahore

The potential buyers and investors will encounter the enormous success and profits in the present as well as in future time by choosing this place to live or invest. You also will be able to make your dream home here, surrounded by everything essential to lead a luxurious life. It is getting much fame in the market because of its appeal to the modern investors and buyers who want to spend money in the right place.

Located on the best address of Lahore, this housing scheme has the ability to meet various lifestyle needs and demands. Nothing about this housing scheme is ordinary, was the best living environment is waiting for you.

This project is presented to you by the well-known real estate developers where highly innovative living is waiting for you to own it. Exclusive construction ideas are applied to upgrade the living standards and quality of people. Here the urban lifestyle having access to the world-class features is available to you very easily.

tulip garden lahore

The procedure of booking is very simple while you will find enormous profits after buying your desired property here. Tulip Garden is an exclusive destination in Lahore where you can find out the affordable properties that will lead you towards a dream lifestyle full of comforts.

We can help you to buy your desired property in Tulip Garden Lahore. Your budget and requirements will be highly kept in mind by us so that you can gain huge profits from your investment here. Before this, you must be aware of all the crucial aspects related to this housing scheme. We have discussed everything in detail so that you can make an informed decision. 

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LDA Approved

Tulip Garden Lahore is LDA Approved project while the approval number is LDA/DMP-II/543. It is a reliable name in the market having high and lawful values. There are thousands of properties for sale in Lahore. All are developed with different strategies on different laws and regulations. Nowadays, many housing schemes are developing illegally on the land, which is not approved for this purpose. Without any proper permission, some developers start establishing projects and face many problems later. The LDA has started taking serious notice of this issue while occupied many projects which have not sought permission.

Tulip Garden Lahore Payment Plan

Tulip Garden Lahore is the prime located and the desired residential scheme. It is a very appealing place for living and investment purposes. This community is planned exactly according to the needs and demands of people. The developers aim to provide a high sort of living full of comforts and luxuries with much affordability.

That is why; a straightforward and flexible payment plan has been announced. Everything is managed in it while keeping in view that better and remarkable living can be made possible for all. The plots are priced very attractively, where anyone can turn out their dreams of ideal living into reality. Investment potential is also very high as this project has gained a solid market reputation.  You just need to pay 20% down payment at the time of booking that is followed by easy installments. 

You will also get 10% discount on cash payment. The best-planned community is waiting for you to come and own your desired property without any difficulty as the whole booking procedure is very simple. The expert team of wall.pk is available all the time to assist you in each and every matter. You can contact us at any time to be a part of this top-class housing scheme which has so much to offer. The detailed payment plan containing all the details is given below. Have a look!

Tulip Garden payment plan

Tulip Garden Lahore Plots for sale

Buying property in Tulip Garden Lahore gives you a chance to make your dream home or to gain profits in the form of investment. It is a vast, and excellently organized housing society spread over a large area. Here the developers have planned to introduce both the residential and commercial plots for sale in this community. The aim is to cater to both the needs of people in the best possible way. The 3 Marla and 5 Marla residential plots for sale are there while 4 Marla commercial plots for sale are also planned. 2 Marla industrial shops will also be available soon for those who want to achieve fantastic business and investment value.

Currently, the booking of only residential properties is open. The prices of lands for sale here vary according to the property type, location and size. All the plots enjoy the best position in the community while enjoying links with wide roads. You can build modern architecture homes here while all the plots have proper electricity, Sui gas and water connections.

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Development Work

Tulip Garden Lahore is a massive real estate development in Lahore which is going through a development phase at the recent time. The best construction agencies, staff, professionals and engineers are consulted to develop a remarkable community where you can have your dream lifestyle and elevated investment options.

It is a mega project which is divided into different blocks or sectors. Here the advanced infrastructural development is planned in every sector. The work is going on rapidly in every phase of this community. This community has sustainable plans according to which all the work is going on. Because of this approach, the community will remain as valuable and appealing in the future as it is today where the investors can take many profitable opportunities. The work is officially started after the approval from the concerned authorities. New community plans are highly kept in view where the roads, plots and all the other things are organized very well.  

Community Plan

Plots in Tulip Garden Lahore are ready for booking while they have access to all the essential utilities of life. The work on the roads is also carried out at a fast pace while all the roads are wide, neat and carpeted. This housing scheme will be able to cater to all the evolutions and changing of in the real estate market so that people can always be able to gain profits.

 community plan

Each part of the land is appropriately used for useful purposes, while much space is given to greenery and landscapes. Many parks and gardens are planned to be there to make the environment beautiful and hygienic. People will be able to live while surrounded by peace and calm. All the basic and advanced amenities of life are made part of this scheme. The latest infrastructural needs are considered high during the plan formation. It is undoubtedly a master-planned community which will redefine the urbanization after completion. Call now to be a part of this amazing place!

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Tulip Garden Lahore Location Map

While Lahore is the biggest real estate destination where many projects at different locations are established to meet the growing residential and investment demands. It is located a few minutes away from Sue-e-Asal Road. Ring Road is directly linked with this place while the Metro Station Gajumata is just 5 minutes away. The location of this place focuses on high economic aspects so that people can gain advantages in its real sense. It is getting high potential and value with the passage of time.

tulip garden location


The value and demand of your assets here will enlarge over time as many developments are still going on to make it the most excellent location of Lahore city. This place is also surrounded by enormous facilitated spots which will make a living very expedient. The commercial areas are closely connected while the best schools like roots international, Beacon house and LGS are really near just a few minutes’ drive away from the Tulip Garden Location. Transport services are also much easy to access. Medical facilities are also closely available as General Hospital is at the distance of 15 minutes from this housing society.

You will find this area very suitable to invest your money. It is easily accessible from all over the city, and you will find no difficulty while reaching it.  Here the life will be enclosed to enormous conveniences which assure a meaningful existence. It is the right time to buy property here if you want to enjoy grand upcoming benefits.

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Tulip Garden Lahore Developers 

It is a project by Tulip Builders which is a trustworthy and valuable name. Here the living will be a matter of much comforts and delights. High standards, quality, professionalism and excellence are the core to make available something exceptional to people within their budget.

The infrastructure and intense architecture is the aim of this society.  The focus is on the quality and to provide the best in less to the residents of this place. This project is developed to facilitate those people who have to settle in Lahore or who want to settle from other areas of Lahore so that they can find a good job as all the good jobs are on this area of Lahore and also find good educational complexes. This is basically a society which will raise the standard of all the middle-class who here which is excellently developed.

Moreover, the proper project plan is to increase the demand of such homes and provide more urbanization to the clients as this is the demand of today’s world. If people from small areas want to shift in Lahore they can also get facilitated by the Tulip Garden.Because of the higher public concerns, sincere efforts and advanced ideas of developers Tulip garden has become a top-class residential project in Lahore city. 

Features and Facilities

Electricity supply

Most of the people complain that the areas where they live electricity supply are not very much fluent, and the bad weather affects their lives, leaving them without electricity that is because of the wiring issues. To solve this issue, the Tulip Garden Lahore has its electricity connection separately creating the best effect and making the electricity supply to reach out to every house at the scheme, and that is the reason why electricity supply is very fluent and without any issue.

Sui Gas Supply

A lot of areas are still there in Lahore where the Sui Gas supply is not adequately managed, and people face the problem, especially in the winter season. That is the reason why the gas lines are well defined in this community, and this issue was the priority after the plan was composed. There is not even a single house where the supply is interrupted or not provided.

Water Facilities

Lahore  also suffers the unavailability of water but Tulip Garden Lahore has made sure that the shortage doesn’t affect the water supply of the residents and for this purpose there is a separate water supply system which stores the water for use. A separate tubewell is also provided to our society so that the residents won't face the problems in the water supply.

Ultra-modern sanitary and sewerage system

The sanitary and sewerage system is developed in a way that people won't have ambiguity and they can enjoy a clean environment. Even in the rainy season, no blockage or other sanitary issues will be faced by the residents of Tulip Garden.

Commercial Sector

Tulip Garden Lahore is best known for the prime location and the most valuable variety of the markets are very near, but all three blocks have their commercial areas as well. Markets are very near, and the best part of the commercial sector is that you can buy anything at a meagre rate. Unlike other societies, Tulip Garden Lahore focused on the convenience of the residents and also the interest of the shopkeepers for that the standards are decided with mutual understanding and communication between authority and the shopkeepers so that both sides could avail their part.


Trained guards are appointed on each sector and entrance to provide extra secure conditions. CCTV cameras are also fixed on the streets and commercial areas as well as on the gates so that everything could be appropriately monitored. The entry of an unauthorized person is prohibited to avoid unfavorable circumstances.


The roads of the society are made in such a way that these roads =wotn need to get refreshed every day, and the residents won't get in trouble due to that. That is the reason why all the roads are entirely constructed and maintained in an authorized manner, and they are kept clean by the proper team which is responsible for this task.

Street lights

There are massive street lights which are placed on the corner of the street and the roads so that the passenger and the cars won't have any difficulty. These street lights of different shape and have many colors as a décor as well.

Modern infrastructure

Everything is built on the current infrastructure and maintained the shape, you can also create your desired home, or you can choose to have the form which is in the plan and the map. This is the quality of Tulip Garden Lahore that all the things are specially developed to facilitate the clients the way they want to get facilitated.

Gated Community

Gated of the society is built in such a way that they open at your desired destination, and there are more than three gates which open in different areas, making this housing scheme as a centre of all the important regions of Lahore.

Natural and clean environment

The best part of this society is the proper team which is appointed for maintaining the clean environment. For a healthy lifestyle, a clean environment is essential, and for a clean environment, the staff and proper disposal system is organized for providing a high hygiene statement to the residents.

Parking Area

 There is a proper parking area which is provided to the residents so that they can park their vehicles and they don't have to worry about their cars and bikes as the guard are responsible for keeping your transport safe.

Community Center

There is a community centre where all the important events in the society are held, and you can also book it for your event organization. Through this managed way, everyone can celebrate without disturbing the neighbors.

Parks and jogging tracks

There are parks and jogging track at each block for the children and the fitness freaks to enjoy their time in the morning or the evening.


Book your plot in Tulip Garden Lahore which is a gateway to luxuries and exclusivity. This place guarantees highest and quality lifestyle which is a need for current time. With the world-class facilities and renowned location, you will get your desired living. The developers of this project have provided the safest and vibrant place to live for all. The living quality will be improved with this society and people will be able to elevate their lifestyle. Contact us now to be a part of this society which is a best place to buy property in Lahore.

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Tulip Garden Lahore Location Map - Payment Plan
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