Tricon Village Lahore offers a comprehensive way of living style with aim to provide an upscale living style to its residents. Tricon Village offers developed homes of different sizes including 2200 sqft or 8 Marla, 2600 sqft or 10 Marla and 300 sqft or 12 Marla as well. The Mediterranean Architect of Tricon Village attracts the people to be a part of dedicated housing unit as well.


The Tricon Developers are the associated with some of the main developments in Lahore City. The unique experience of Tricon Developers makes the Tricon Village an elegant housing community. The projects of Tricon Developers include Tricon Corporate Center Lahore, Tricon Capital Tower Lahore and Tricon Village Lahore as well. The first two projects offers corporate business places while Tricon Village is a complete and comprehensive residential project which offers comfortable life style to its residents.

Master Community:

The Tricon Village is a gated community which offers a peaceful living environment that suits to those who want to enjoy the modern way of living style in a secure community. All of the living facilities that aid the comfort to life are a part of Tricon Village.


Tricon Village is located between two roads, i.e. one side faces Main Multan road and back side faces Mohlanwal Road as well. Thokar Niaz Baig is located only 8 KM with 10 minutes of drive as well.

House at Tricon Village:

Three types of homes with different home size and style are offered at Tricon Village Lahore which includes Villa Costa of 8 Marla or 2200 sqft, Villa Rosa of 10 Marla or 2600 sqft and Villa Grande of 12 Marla or 3000 sqft as well.

Villa Costa:

Villa Cost is developed on 8 Marla plot with 2200 feet of covered area. It offers 3 bed rooms with attach baths, large family room with an additional family room, drawing room, dining room and a powder room as well. The Villa Costa suits best to smaller family unit.

Villa Rosa:

Villa Rosa comprises of 10 Marla Land with 2600 sqft covered area. It offers two large family rooms, dining room, drawing room, 3 bed rooms with attach baths and a powder room as well. It is an ideal choice for mid size family.

Villa Grande:

Comprises of 12 Marla Land area and covers 3000 sqft area offers a well planed Villa that suits to two families as well. It offers 4 bed rooms, two large family rooms, drawing room, dining room and a a powder room.


Dedicated Parks for residents

Modern developed houses

Underground electric work

Commercial area to offer utilities of life as well

Restaurant to provide a place to foodlers

Playing area for children

Separate Swimming pool for both children and adults

Neat and clean area maintained by society administration

Street lights