Comfortable and luxurious living is crucial part of the present day life. One needs a high quality and facilitated lifestyle where one has a well furnished, luxurious and modern house and also good surroundings where one can get other facilities easily. Takbeer Arcade comes up to offer the demanded and needed lifestyle for people and also has remarkable features and facilities. This project not only provides a standard way of living but also an opportunity for those who wants to establish their own business by hiring shops on rent to start earning remarkably.

Takbeer Arcade Lahore

It is an idyllic and most suitable place to live as there are number of opportunities and amenities people wants to live a convenient and good life. This project is starts to provide a platform where people can have their own properly on easy terms and also can start earning by hiring shops on flexible conditions and affordable rents. It has all the basic facilities one needs to survive. It is a fully facilitated commercial area and popular place, which is beneficial for both shopkeepers and residents of flats. It offers the lifestyle and opportunities one deserves.

Takbeer Arcade Lahore Location Map

Location affects very much the living of people and also the earnings of shopkeepers. As Takbeer Arcade plaza is offering place of developed standards for both home seekers and shop seekers, so it is offering an ideal location for its clients. The location is trouble-free to access as it is very popular location in Lahore. It is located on zarrar shaheed road, jorey pull, cantt which is near to airport. This area is very visited by people and has very first-class and safe surroundings.

Takbeer Arcade Lahore Location Map

Takbeer Arcade Lahore Payment Plan

Opportunities and facilities are more and payment plans are very flexible and convenient for buyers. Either you want to have flat or shop, this project offers a reasonably priced plans. Shop payment structure is very convenient for clients as they just have to submit security of 50,000 before renting a shop. Monthly rent of shop is 15,000, very affordable according to the facilitated and commercial place like this. Flat prices are determined according to area size. 3 Marla plots which are 675 square feet are priced 25 million/lakh. 4 Marla plots which are 900 square feet are priced 31 million/lakh.

About Developers

This project is developed by Takbeer developers, which is very well known and reputed name. There are several standards which are clearly defined by them.


This project offers multiple and striking features which attracts the people to live here a peaceful and convenient life and also other people to start shop business here. It fulfills all the basic needs and demands of its customers and offers extra features according to modern time.

Luxurious and Furnished Flats

Takbeer Arcade plaza offers pleasant living to people who are in search of home surrounded by numberless services and features. The top grounded flats are designed and constructed very proficiently and beautifully. Rooms, living room, drawing room and kitchen and bathrooms all are stylishly and perfectly designed according to modern standards. Elevator makes it easy for residents to reach their flats without any trouble. The commercial surroundings are also attractive and beneficial for residents. Top view from terrace or balcony gives the sense of pleasure. Residential quality is set very highly in this advantageous project.

Shops/Business Opportunities

Takbeer arcade plaza gives a golden opportunity to start one’s own      business on easy terms and conditions. One does not need to be worried about heavy advance payments and peak rents. The shops are equipped with all the crucial provisions and are very appropriate place to start a new setup here. These are wide, well furnished and designed according to new demands. Setting new setup here is not intricate here and is beneficial because of its well-known location and commercial surroundings.

Nearby Surroundings

This plaza is surrounded by much facilitated places i.e. standard schools, hospitals, restaurants and wide Family Park. This makes easiness both for the residents and for shopkeepers. For health, learning and entertainment services one does not need to go far away. Shopping malls and Masajids are also around and is a blessing for the inhabitants. This place is surrounded by numbers of things which one needs to live conveniently.

Neat Environment and Roads

The surroundings of this plaza are neat and wide. Roads are very beautiful, spot free and broad. Walking and driving tracks are different and make both drivers and walkers trouble free. The beauty and neatness of entrance roads of this place adds more completeness and attractiveness of this place.

Reasonable Parking Area

Large area is devoted to parking as it is a fundamental requirement of the place. Parking is designed very orderly and is capable to park in itself a number of bikes and cars without making mess.


The place is secure and safe as well as beneficial for its clients and residents. CCTV cameras are set everywhere and the plaza is carefully examined by expert security staff all the time. The equipped security staff is also very active and provides full security to people. The parking area, entrance and exit of people are checked strictly and is always under the attentive eyes of security staff.


Takbeer Arcade is idealistic place in every way of living and earning by setting new setups at this amazing place. It assures the standard way of living and opportunities for people in almost every aspect of life. Accessibility to these facilities and opportunities are not exceedingly priced and are reasonable for people. The striking features of this plaza and nearby surroundings are not less than a blessing for people who are concerned.





Takbeer Arcade Lahore Location Map - Payment Plan - Details
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